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23,000 Sq Ft Atlanta Mansion (Classic & Contemporary Styles)

23,000 Sq Ft Atlanta Mansion (Classic & Contemporary Styles)

Imagine stepping into a sprawling 23,000-square-foot mansion in Atlanta. It’s not just any home, it’s a testament to luxury living, boasting an indoor pool that takes opulence to a new level.

This architectural marvel is a sight to behold. Its grandeur is not just in its size, but also in its intricate details and design.

This home is a dream come true for those with a penchant for the finer things in life. As you explore more about this mansion, you’ll uncover what makes it a standout in the realm of luxury real estate.

So, get ready to dive into the world of lavish living like never before.

2883 W Roxboro Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia23,973 sqft5 bedrooms & 12 bathrooms$9,500,000
Overview of the house

Exquisite Design Details of the 23,000 Square-Foot Atlanta Mansion

As you step inside this mega-mansion, you’re instantly captivated by its thoughtfully designed interior. Bold artwork and unique furnishings add character. Meanwhile, handcrafted millwork and custom-made light fixtures illustrate meticulous craftsmanship.

23,000 Square Foot Atlanta Home With Indoor Pool
House location

The mansion boasts an elaborate spiral staircase connecting the levels. Sculptural elegance is blended with practical purpose, offering a feast for your eyes and effortless access to the upper floors. Now, let’s dwell a little deeper into its grandeur.

Dining Room
Indigo walls set the mood in the formal dining room, making it the perfect place for your gourmet dinner parties. The 12-seater, cherry wood table stands as a majestic centerpiece, complemented by crystal chandeliers that add sparkle to your feasts.

For the culinary enthusiast in you, the main kitchen comes equipped with professional-grade appliances and spacious countertops. Whether you’re whipping up a quick snack or creating a gourmet masterpiece, prep work here is a pleasure. And, there’s a separate butler pantry for all your additional storage needs.

Living Room
The expansive living area allows for generous seating with tall windows inviting ample sunlight. A double-sided fireplace betwixt the space adds comfort and coziness.

Make your way to the indoor pool, the crown jewel of this home. This space echoes an extravagant resort vibe. Full-length windows surround the pool, providing picturesque views of the manicured outdoors.

The details of this mansion speak of nothing but splendor. Each aspect, from the vaulted ceilings to the polished hardwood floors, accentuates the home’s unapologetic luxury. The grand scale of this mansion reminds you that it’s more than a home, it’s your palace.

Luxurious Indoor Pool: A Jewel in the Crown

Your journey to unveiling the spectacular features of this Atlanta mansion continues as we unfurl the brilliance of its indoor pool. Whatever your imagination of luxury led you to, this indoor pool surpasses it with an elaborate, almost regal design.

23,000 Square Foot Atlanta Home With Indoor Pool
Front view of the house

Swimming in the vibe of exquisite design, the pool transforms the mansion into a swanky retreat. Here, elegance has no boundaries. The full-length windows that enclose the pool area present an invitation to be serenaded by captivating views.

Accented with custom-made light fixtures, this indoor space turns magical in the evenings. As night falls, the dance between shadows and lights creates an enchanting spectacle.

You’ll find the attention to detail meticulous, creating a synergy between this space and the rest of the mansion. The pool, surrounded by comfortable lounging chairs and sunbeds, sets the stage for perfect relaxation and entertainment.

Emphasizing the mansion’s grander theme, the indoor pool area boasts polished hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. Each architectural element here collaboratively perpetuates the opulent narrative of this personal palace.

The process of crafting this spectacular indoor pool involved a team of expert designers and craftsmen. Through every stroke, they’ve breathed life into the lore of luxury and relaxation that defines this mansion. Living in such opulence, where comfort meets extravagance, isn’t just a dream anymore.

It’s a tangible, liveable reality that this Atlanta mansion embodies in every inch of its 23,000-square-foot area.

Ahead in our exploration is the elegant dining room where indigo walls and a cherry wood table set a new standard for impassioned dining.

Unveiling the Opulent Living Spaces

Intriguing design and rich, tasteful aesthetics adorn every corner. The unique personality of each room beckons you to take a stroll and soak in the elegance.

An expansive open-plan living area with towering ceilings and grandeur fireplaces sets the tone for leisurely afternoons. Miles of polished hardwood floors amplify the beauty of this space, and large sky-high windows fill the room with lashings of natural light.

A little evening ambiance? Bring it on! Expertly curated, custom-made light fixtures add a distinctive touch, casting off a soft, warm glow as the sun dips below.

Bold, opulent touches continue in the kitchen – a culinary enthusiast’s dream. Top-of-the-line appliances, generous counter spaces, and rich wooden cabinetry offer both style and function. The kitchen effortlessly merges aesthetics and utility.

And the opulence doesn’t stop there. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room, a room that could almost compete with fine-dining restaurants. Imagine fine china sprawling across the cherry wood table and indigo walls reflecting the dancing flames of a cozy fireplace while you feast on delicacies.

But why reveal everything at once? There’s much to explore in the heart of the mansion. Next, we dive deeper into the tantalizing details of the mansion’s private quarters, where comfort meets luxury in a divine fusion. After all, it’s in the details that luxury lies.

Captivating Exterior Features

As you step outside this 23,000-square-foot mansion, you’re greeted by a symphony of exquisite exterior spaces that augment its luxurious appeal. One could easily be mesmerized by the meticulously manicured grounds which serve as the perfect backdrop for this palatial oasis.

23,000 Square Foot Atlanta Home With Indoor Pool
Side view of the house

To your left, you’ll see the stunning outdoor pool. It’s not just a simple pool—it’s an inviting aqua retreat spread across a generous expanse, of crystal-clear water that dares you to dive in.

Adjacent to the pool, the sun-kissed deck area provides ample space for you to soak up the warm Atlanta sunshine. Pool parties here must be spectacular!

Moving on, you’ll find an impeccable courtyard graced with an exuberant display of local flora. Going beyond aesthetics, this verdant canvas infuses a dose of tranquility into the opulent setting.

However, the outdoor experience doesn’t stop here. The sprawling patio, topped with a bespoke pergola, beckons enjoyment of sultry summer nights, intimate gatherings, or solitary cups of coffee.

Additionally, the mansion’s architectural prowess is made apparent through its exterior design. The distinct facades feature a blend of classic and contemporary styles while tying in tastefully with the interiors of the home.


What is the size of the Atlanta mansion?

The Atlanta mansion is significantly large, spanning over an area of approximately 23,000 square feet.

What are some of the exterior features of the mansion?

The mansion boasts meticulously manicured grounds, an outdoor swimming pool, a sun-kissed deck, a lush courtyard, and a sprawling patio with a custom-made pergola.

What about the architecture of the mansion?

The mansion’s architectural prowess is evident in its tasteful blend of classic and contemporary styles in its exterior design, harmonizing seamlessly with the grandeur of the interiors.

Are there more features to be revealed about the mansion?

Yes, the article promises that further sections will reveal even more captivating aspects of this luxurious Atlanta mansion.

Check out the video of the house

Concluding Thoughts

  • You’ve journeyed through the stunning 23,000-square-foot Atlanta mansion and marveled at its luxurious exterior features.
  • You’ve experienced the allure of its meticulously manicured grounds and sun-kissed deck.
  • You’ve envisioned yourself in the verdant courtyard and sprawling patio, under the shade of a bespoke pergola.
  • The architectural blend of classic and contemporary styles has left an unforgettable impression.
  • There’s no denying the opulence of this Atlanta abode.
  • It’s a testament to luxury living, a perfect blend of comfort and grandeur.
  • Every corner of this property is a visual treat, promising a lifestyle that’s nothing short of extraordinary.
  • This mansion truly stands as a symbol of Atlanta’s finest luxury homes.

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