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$5 Million Waterfront Home in Jacksonville, Florida: A Dream Come True!

$5 Million Waterfront Home in Jacksonville, Florida: A Dream Come True!

Step into a world of luxury as we explore the enchanting 13897 Bella Riva Lane, situated in the prestigious Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida.

Guided by the expertise of Paula Gibson from EXIT Real Estate Gallery, this Mediterranean-style waterfront home isn’t just a residence; it’s a work of art that seamlessly weaves together sophistication, spaciousness, and captivating outdoor beauty.

Join us in unraveling the story of this remarkable property, as we delve into its architectural grace, intricate interior features, and the irresistible charm of its sprawling 1.1-acre landscape.

Get ready for a journey into the heart of opulence, where every facet of 13897 Bella Riva Lane tells a tale of luxurious living.

Property Details

The property at 13897 Bella Riva Lane in Jacksonville, Florida, is an exquisite Mediterranean-style waterfront home with impressive features. Here’s a breakdown of the key details:

  • Listing Agent: Paula Gibson of EXIT Real Estate Gallery
  • Location: 13897 Bella Riva Lane, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Square Footage: Approximately 7,185 sq ft
  • Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 5 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms
  • Price: $5,000,000

Property Features:

  • Land Area: 1.1 acres
  • Year Built: 2007
  • Interior Features: Foyer with staircase, 2-story great room, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, family room, office, media room
  • Garage: 5-car garage
  • Outdoor Features: Motor court, covered balconies, covered/uncovered patios, kitchen/BBQ, fireplace, swimming pool with spa, boat dock

This property offers a luxurious and spacious living environment, with attention to both interior and exterior details.

The waterfront location and amenities like a swimming pool, spa, and boat dock add to the appeal, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an upscale lifestyle in the Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club area. Interested buyers can contact Paula Gibson for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Location and Overview

Bella Riva Lane, Jacksonville, Florida.
Bella Riva Lane, Jacksonville, Florida.

Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club: An Exclusive Retreat

Perched within the exclusive confines of Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida, 13897 Bella Riva Lane exudes an aura of luxury seamlessly integrated with natural beauty. Situated in this prestigious community, residents are granted exclusive access to the amenities of the yacht club and a world-class golf course.

The property sprawls over 1.1 acres, providing an idyllic retreat while remaining in close proximity to essential conveniences. The Mediterranean-style architecture complements the lush surroundings, creating a visually striking residence.

Residents savor waterfront tranquility while enjoying easy access to local grocery stores, pristine beaches just a few miles away, and the bustling St. Johns Town Center.

This location not only caters to a lavish lifestyle within the gated community but also serves as a convenient hub to explore the diverse attractions of Jacksonville and its surroundings.

Architectural Marvel: Mediterranean Elegance

Exterior of the house.
Exterior of the house

Design and Construction

Built in 2007, this Mediterranean-style home exudes timeless elegance and architectural sophistication. The exterior showcases characteristic features of Mediterranean design, including stucco finishes, arched doorways, and wrought-iron accents.

The property’s aesthetic seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious visual appeal.

Living Space: A Grandeur of 7,185 Square Feet

Step inside, and you are greeted by approximately 7,185 square feet of meticulously designed living space.

The interior reflects a perfect balance between opulence and functionality. With 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, each space within the home is crafted with an eye for detail, offering both comfort and style.

Interior Highlights

Foyer with Staircase: A Grand Entrance

The journey into luxury begins in the foyer, where a majestic staircase sets the tone for the entire residence.

The attention to detail is evident in the intricate molding, creating an immediate sense of grandeur upon entering.

2-Story Great Room: A Space for Entertaining

The heart of the home, the 2-story great room, is a captivating space that seamlessly integrates with the outdoors.

Large windows allow natural light to flood the room, accentuating the architectural details and providing breathtaking views of the waterfront.

Formal Dining Room: A Culinary Experience

For those who appreciate fine dining, the formal dining room offers a sophisticated setting. Whether hosting intimate dinners or grand celebrations, this space is designed to accommodate the most exquisite culinary experiences.

Gourmet Kitchen: Culinary Mastery Unleashed

The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s dream, featuring top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry, and expansive countertops.

The layout is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it a central hub for culinary creativity and social gatherings.

Breakfast Room and Family Room: Casual Comfort

Adjacent to the kitchen, the breakfast room and family room provide a more casual and comfortable setting.

Ideal for everyday family moments, these spaces overlook the outdoor patios, connecting the interior with the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Office: Productivity in Tranquility

For those who require a dedicated workspace, the office is a haven of tranquility. With views of the lush landscape, it offers an inspiring setting for focused work or creative endeavors.

Media Room: Entertainment Retreat

Entertainment takes center stage in the media room. Whether it’s movie nights with the family or hosting friends for a sports event, this space is designed for immersive viewing experiences.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Extravagant Extras

5-Car Garage: A Haven for Automobile Enthusiasts

Car aficionados will appreciate the expansive 5-car garage, providing ample space for a prized collection. This feature adds both practicality and luxury to the property.

Outdoor Oasis

Motor Court and Covered Balconies: A Grand Entrance

Approaching the property, the motor court makes a statement, offering a grand entrance to residents and guests alike. Covered balconies add an extra layer of charm, providing a space to enjoy the outdoor ambiance in comfort.

Covered/Uncovered Patios: Al Fresco Living

The outdoor living spaces at 13897 Bella Riva Lane are designed for al fresco living. Covered and uncovered patios offer versatility, whether you seek shade on a warm day or wish to bask in the Florida sun.

Kitchen/BBQ and Fireplace: Outdoor Culinary Delights

Outdoor entertaining is taken to a new level with the kitchen/BBQ area and fireplace. This space is perfect for hosting gatherings, from casual barbecues to elegant soirées, against the backdrop of the waterfront.

Swimming Pool with Spa: Resort-Style Relaxation

The swimming pool and spa provide a resort-style retreat within the property. Surrounded by lush landscaping, this area is a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation, offering a refreshing escape just steps away from the home.

Boat Dock: Nautical Adventures at Your Doorstep

Boating enthusiasts will delight in the private boat dock, allowing direct access to the water. Whether setting sail for a sunset cruise or enjoying a day of fishing, the boat dock adds a layer of convenience and recreation.

Nearby Places

Here’s a data table outlining nearby places and their distances from 13897 Bella Riva Lane in Jacksonville, Florida:

Nearby PlacesDistance (Approx.)
Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club0.8 kilometers
Local Grocery Store1.6 kilometers
Beach Access4.8 kilometers
St. Johns Town Center11.3 kilometers
Jacksonville Downtown24.1 kilometers
Jacksonville International Airport32.2 kilometers
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville35.4 kilometers
TPC Sawgrass Golf Course40.2 kilometers
Nearby Places
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Can you provide details on the outdoor amenities?

Certainly, the property includes a motor court, covered balconies, covered/uncovered patios, an outdoor kitchen/BBQ area, a fireplace, a swimming pool with a spa, and a boat dock.

Are there notable features within the interior of the home?

Yes, the interior boasts a 2-story great room, a formal dining room, a gourmet kitchen, a breakfast room, a family room, an office, and a media room.

Can you provide information on nearby places and distances?

Certainly, nearby places include Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club, a local grocery store, beach access, St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville Downtown, Jacksonville International Airport, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and TPC Sawgrass Golf Course.

What kind of views does the property offer?

The property being a waterfront home provides scenic views, including the possibility of enjoying serene water vistas, especially given its location in the Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club.

Key Takeaways

  • In conclusion, 13897 Bella Riva Lane epitomizes a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle, set against the backdrop of the exclusive Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • With Paula Gibson of EXIT Real Estate Gallery guiding the way, this Mediterranean-style waterfront residence transcends the ordinary, offering an exquisite blend of architectural excellence, expansive living spaces, and captivating outdoor amenities.
  • The property’s 1.1-acre landscape creates a tranquil retreat, while its proximity to local conveniences and notable attractions provides a perfect balance of seclusion and accessibility.
  • From the grandeur of its 2-story great room to the convenience of a private boat dock, every aspect of 13897 Bella Riva Lane is a testament to opulence.
  • Whether seeking a serene waterfront escape or a showcase of architectural brilliance, this residence stands as an invitation to indulge in a lifestyle where luxury knows no bounds.
  • For those yearning for a home that seamlessly merges elegance with comfort, 13897 Bella Riva Lane beckons as an extraordinary haven, promising a life of timeless sophistication and unparalleled beauty.

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