Ace Family’s House (Location)

The Ace Family is one of the most popular and influential families on YouTube, known for their engaging vlogs, pranks, and heartwarming content.

Comprising Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their adorable children, Elle and Alaïa, the Ace Family has amassed millions of dedicated fans worldwide. With their skyrocketing fame, many wonder where this famous family lives.

Before diving into their current location, it’s essential to understand who the Ace Family is and how they achieved their massive online following.

Austin McBroom, a former basketball player, and Catherine Paiz, a Canadian model, started their YouTube journey in 2016. Their content mainly revolves around family vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos.

The Ace Family’s Early Years

Their YouTube venture began with simple yet heartwarming videos, which quickly gained traction within the online community.

They gradually built their brand around positivity, family values, and entertaining content, attracting a growing audience.

Initially, Austin and Catherine shared their daily life experiences, capturing precious moments with their young daughter, Elle.

Their authentic and relatable approach resonated with viewers, fostering a strong connection with their audience.

As their subscriber count soared, the Ace Family started exploring various content styles. They introduced pranks, travel vlogs, and charity initiatives, further enhancing their appeal to a broad demographic.

The Ace Family’s YouTube Success

With dedicated consistency and captivating storytelling, the Ace Family’s channel witnessed exponential growth, crossing several milestones.

Their content quickly went viral, gaining millions of views within hours of uploading.

The family’s popularity soared as they became a part of many people’s daily lives. Fans eagerly awaited their next uploads, and their subscriber count skyrocketed.

The Ace Family’s ability to stay genuine and share their vulnerabilities played a pivotal role in their success.

They made their viewers feel like part of their extended family, fostering a deep sense of connection and loyalty.

Moving to A Bigger House

As their success expanded, the Ace Family made a significant decision to move into a more spacious and lavish home.

The move sparked curiosity among their fans, who were eager to catch a glimpse of their new residence.

The move was primarily driven by the need for more privacy, as their previous residence became a target for overzealous fans and paparazzi.

While the family prioritizes privacy, they occasionally share glimpses of their new house in vlogs. The luxurious property boasts stunning architecture, a sprawling backyard, and various amenities suitable for their growing family.

Address and Location of the Ace Family’s House

The Ace Family has been discreet about revealing their exact address and location. This decision is rooted in concerns over privacy and security, given their massive online presence.

Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, various speculations and rumors circulate regarding their home’s location.

Some fans try to deduce their address through clues provided in videos or social media posts, but the family continues to protect their privacy.

Google Earth Location

View the Ace Family’s new home via Google Earth below. Both a 3D and a 2D version are available for viewing. Check out the link down below.

Upper Side View Of The Ace Family's New House
Upper Side View Of The Ace Family’s New House

Address: 4838 Calderon Rd

The Ace Family’s Impact on Social Media

The Ace Family’s influence extends beyond YouTube, as they maintain a significant presence on other social media platforms.

Positive influence on fans

The family’s positive approach to life and strong family bond has inspired countless individuals across the globe. They use their platform to spread messages of love, kindness, and philanthropy.

Controversies and challenges

However, fame often attracts controversies. The Ace Family has faced their share of challenges, dealing with negative press and online criticism. Yet, they strive to maintain their authenticity and focus on their true supporters.

Side View Of The Ace Family's New House
Side View Of The Ace Family’s New House

Balancing Privacy and Fame

Managing privacy while living in the public eye can be a daunting task. The Ace Family has adopted strategies to safeguard their personal lives while staying connected with their fans.

Strategies for protecting their privacy

They refrain from revealing sensitive details about their family and maintain strict control over what they share online.

Sharing their lives with fans

Despite prioritizing privacy, the Ace Family believes in sharing significant milestones and cherished moments with their supporters. This openness fosters a deeper bond between the family and their fans.

Back Side View Of Ace Family's New Home
Back Side View Of Ace Family’s New Home

The Ace Family’s Other Ventures

Beyond YouTube, the Ace Family has ventured into various business endeavors. They have launched their merchandise line, featuring clothing, accessories, and lifestyle products. The brand’s popularity has contributed to its commercial success.

The family actively engages in charitable activities, using their influence for meaningful causes. They have organized fundraisers and collaborated with charitable organizations to make a positive impact on society.

Media Appearances and Collaborations

As their popularity continues to rise, the Ace Family has collaborated with other YouTubers and participated in various media projects.

They often team up with fellow content creators, resulting in engaging and entertaining videos for their audiences.

Moreover, the Ace Family has appeared as guests on television shows and events, further expanding their reach and impact.

Maintaining a Strong Family Bond

Amidst their whirlwind of success, the Ace Family remains dedicated to nurturing their family bond.

They prioritize spending quality time together, emphasizing the importance of family unity. The pressures of fame and fortune can be challenging, but the Ace Family supports each other through life’s ups and downs.

The Ace Family’s Future Plans

As they continue to grow their brand, the Ace Family has ambitious plans for the future. They aspire to explore new ventures and expand their business and media presence.

The family has set personal and professional goals, aiming to make a positive impact on their fans and the world.

Property TypeLocationFeatures and HighlightsPrivacy Measures
New HouseLocation not disclosed– More spacious and lavish
– Offers more privacy
– Luxurious architecture and amenities
Address not disclosed
Previous ResidenceLocation not disclosed– First family home on YouTube
– Heartwarming videos and moments
Address not disclosed
Ace Family’s properties


How did the Ace Family become famous?

The Ace Family’s fame grew rapidly through their heartwarming family vlogs and engaging content on YouTube.

Do the Ace Family members engage in charity work?

Yes, the Ace Family actively participates in charity work and philanthropy, using their platform to support meaningful causes.

What sets the Ace Family’s content apart from others on YouTube?

The Ace Family’s authenticity, positive approach, and strong family bond have endeared them to millions of viewers.



  • In the YouTube community, the Ace Family is well-known for their entertaining vlogs, hilarious pranks, and positive messages.
  • Millions of people throughout the world are admirers of the family unit that consists of Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their daughters Elle and Alaa.
  • Their story begins in 2016 when they set out to create a brand based on the importance of family, genuineness, and heartwarming content.
  • They began with straightforward films of everyday life with their daughter Elle and expanded to more complex formats over time.
  • The Ace Family’s approach was constant and genuine, thus their videos quickly went viral and amassed millions of views.
  • Due to the increased paparazzi and media attention that came with their success, they decided to relocate to a more discreet and spacious residence.
  • They protect their anonymity by being cautious online and by not publicly disclosing their physical address.
  • The Ace Family has found a way to maintain their family values, charitable efforts, and upbeat messaging despite their widespread celebrity.
  • They’ve expanded into products, charity work, and collaborations while still keeping their close-knit family dynamic.
  • The Ace Family wants to grow their business, do new things, and keep making a difference.

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