Billie Eilish’s House

In a realm captivated by the lives of the renowned, there exists an ineffable allure enveloping the abodes they inhabit. Among these luminaries, we encounter the enigmatic pop icon, Billie Eilish.

Her ascent to stardom akin to a blazing comet has not only resonated through her music but also left devotees and admirers yearning for more.

Beneath the glare of the stage lights and the flurry of paparazzi flashes, a haven of refuge, imagination, and authenticity takes form – her residence. Billie Eilish’s selection of abodes, ensconced at 154 Allen Ave, Glendale, CA 91201, USA, echoes volumes in itself.

As we embark on a voyage into the enthralling universe of Billie Eilish’s dwelling, we venture beyond the confines of architectural grandeur and interior aesthetics.

Beyond the boundaries of mortar and brick, her dwelling becomes a reflection of her essence, an extension of her artistic essence, and a sanctuary amid the tempest of fame.

Location of the House

Billie Eilish's house on google earth
Billie Eilish’s House

Billie Eilish’s selection of abodes, ensconced at 154 Allen Ave, Glendale, CA 91201, USA, echoes volumes in itself. Glendale, a bustling city just on the outskirts of Los Angeles, presents an artful fusion of proximity to the entertainment sphere while preserving a degree of seclusion.

This equilibrium holds paramount significance for luminaries such as Billie, individuals who yearn for solace in their intimate spaces while maintaining a connection to the world they influence. Integral to the dwelling’s locale is its adjacency to significant landmarks that enrich the neighborhood’s allure.

Griffith Observatory

In close proximity to the residence rests the iconic Griffith Park, an expansive sanctuary housing the Griffith Observatory. This observatory is more than an astronomical hub; it stands as a cultural cornerstone, offering vistas of the city that captivate the soul while doubling as a backdrop for an array of cinematic productions.

The mere 15-minute drive between the observatory and Billie’s Haven suggests a potential affinity for stargazing or an inclination to draw inspiration from the celestial panorama.


Augmenting the neighborhood’s appeal is the vibrant city of Burbank, renowned for its connections to the entertainment domain. With Billie’s home lying just a short drive away, Burbank houses esteemed studios such as Warner Bros. Studio and Walt Disney Studios.

This geographic proximity is poised to not only facilitate her professional endeavors but also infuse the environs with an ambiance of inventiveness and ingenuity.

Norton Simon Museum

For those in pursuit of cultural refinement and leisure, the Norton Simon Museum celebrated for its collection of European art and sculptures, is reachable within a mere 20-minute drive.

This cultural gem serves not only as a wellspring of inspiration but also a testament to the multifarious offerings that reside beyond Billie Eilish’s threshold.

As we cast our gaze upon the landscape enfolding Billie’s residence, it becomes unmistakable that her choice of locale is a meticulously orchestrated symphony between her yearning for seclusion and her obligation to remain linked to the industry that catapulted her into the limelight.

Places to VisitDescription
Griffith ObservatoryExplore astronomical wonders, catch celestial shows, and enjoy panoramic city views.
Burbank Entertainment DistrictImmerse yourself in the history of film and television by visiting renowned studios.
Places to Visit

Reaching the House

google earth
Street View

Approaching Billie Eilish’s residence is an experience that varies depending on one’s starting point. The journey to her abode can be undertaken from various places, each offering a distinct route and flavor of the surrounding landscape.

Whether you’re arriving from downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or Burbank, the path you choose provides a glimpse into the diverse fabric of Southern California.

From Downtown Los Angeles

Starting your journey from downtown Los Angeles, you’ll set forth on a drive that covers approximately 10 miles and takes around 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

  • Start by heading northwest on the CA-110 North until you merge onto the CA-2 North, also known as the Glendale Freeway.
  • Upon crossing into Glendale, take the exit onto Mountain Street, followed by a left onto Allen Avenue.
  • Soon, you’ll find yourself in the proximity of Billie Eilish’s retreat.

From Hollywood

Embarking on the journey from the iconic neighborhood of Hollywood unveils a route that spans approximately 9 miles and takes around 25 minutes, allowing for traffic considerations.

  • Begin your expedition by heading north on the US-101 North, also known as the Hollywood Freeway.
  • Exit onto the CA-2 North/Glendale Freeway and continue onward.
  • Exit onto Mountain Street in Glendale and turn left onto Allen Avenue to find your way to the destination.

From Burbank

For those approaching from the entertainment hub of Burbank, the voyage covers about 4 miles and takes around 15 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

  • Start your journey by heading south on North Hollywood Way. This road will guide you through the heart of Burbank.
  • As you enter Glendale, turn right onto West Doran Street, followed by another right onto San Fernando Road.
  • Proceed until you turn left onto West Chevy Chase Drive and then right onto North Glendale Avenue.
  • Lastly, turn left onto East Wilson Avenue, which leads to Allen Avenue, the gateway to Billie Eilish’s dwelling.

Whichever direction you arrive from, the journey to Billie Eilish’s residence is a testament to the diverse landscapes that shape Southern California.

From the urban energy of downtown Los Angeles to the allure of Hollywood’s boulevards and the creative enclave of Burbank, each path is a gateway to the allure of Glendale’s vibrant vicinity.

Exploring the Neighborhood

google earth
Distance from Los Angeles Equestrian Center

Stepping beyond the borders of Billie Eilish’s haven, the encompassing Glendale neighborhood and its surroundings open up a world of diverse activities suited to every inclination.

Whether your interests lean towards cultural enrichment, outdoor exploits, or indulging your taste buds, this pocket of Southern California unfailingly delivers.

Unveiling the Wonders of Griffith Observatory and Park

Just a brief jaunt from Billie Eilish’s abode, the renowned Griffith Observatory, and sprawling Griffith Park beckon.

Embark on a journey through astronomical marvels at the observatory, experience celestial spectacles at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, and relish panoramic vistas of the city from its elevated perspective.

The park itself invites exploration with its network of hiking trails, inviting picnic spots, and a tranquil respite amidst the urban milieu.

Engaging With Burbank’s Entertainment Haven

For enthusiasts of the arts, the neighboring hub of Burbank stands as an emporium of entertainment. Immerse yourself in the history of cinema and television by touring esteemed studios such as Warner Bros. Studio and Walt Disney Studios.

Guided tours offer a behind-the-scenes glance into the magic underpinning your beloved shows and films.

Indulging in the Norton Simon Museum

Satisfy your artistic sensibilities with an excursion to the Norton Simon Museum, conveniently located just a short drive away. The museum boasts an impressive collection of European art that spans centuries, encompassing revered masterpieces.

Stroll through galleries adorned with creations by luminaries like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Picasso.

Savoring Culinary Delights

Glendale unfolds as a culinary crossroads, boasting an eclectic range of dining experiences. From chic cafes to upscale dining establishments, the choices are boundless.

Relish an assortment of global flavors, treat yourself to gourmet pleasures, and explore local eateries catering to a spectrum of taste preferences.

Imbibing Nature’s Beauty at Brand Park and Japanese Friendship Garden

Embrace nature’s tranquility at Brand Park, an oasis of greenery boasting meandering pathways, a serene pond, and captivating gardens.

Within the park, the Japanese Friendship Garden offers a serene sanctuary to immerse yourself in the elegance of Japanese aesthetics.

Embarking on a Retail Odyssey

Glendale takes pride in its vibrant shopping scene, exemplified by the Glendale Galleria and The Americana at Brand.

Traverse a spectrum of stores, ranging from high-end boutiques to familiar brands. Revel in the open-air ambiance of The Americana, replete with fountains, entertainment, and an array of dining choices.

Celebrating Local Culture through Events and Festivals

Stay attuned to the pulse of the neighborhood with a watchful eye on local events and festivals. These occasions infuse the area with cultural vitality.

Engage with art exhibitions, savor live music performances, and partake in community gatherings that foster connections with both the local populace and the artistic essence of the vicinity.

Whether you’re drawn to nature’s wonders, captivated by the arts, enticed by culinary indulgence, or curious about urban treasures, Glendale’s offerings cater to your preferences.

As you venture beyond the boundaries of Billie’s domicile, the neighborhood unfurls as a tapestry of experiences, eagerly waiting to be uncovered and relished.

Inside Billie Eilish’s Home


Has Billie Eilish’s Address Been Publicly Confirmed?

While the address 154 Allen Ave, Glendale, CA 91201, USA, has been associated with Billie Eilish’s residence, it’s important to note that celebrities often prioritize their privacy.

Confirming such details directly can be challenging due to security concerns.

Can Visitors Tour Billie Eilish’s House?

As of our knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, there have been no official reports or public statements suggesting that Billie Eilish’s house is open for tours.

Celebrities often prioritize their privacy, so it’s unlikely that private residences are open to the public.

What Security Measures Are in Place Around Billie Eilish’s Residence?

Specific security details are generally not disclosed to the public to ensure the safety and privacy of celebrities.

High-profile individuals like Billie Eilish often employ a range of security measures, including surveillance systems, alarm systems, and trained personnel.

Does Billie Eilish Interact With Her Neighbors?

Details about personal interactions between celebrities and their neighbors are rarely confirmed.

Like many individuals, celebrities may choose to engage with their neighbors as part of building a sense of community and fostering positive relationships.

Is Billie Eilish Frequently Seen in Her Neighborhood?

Billie Eilish’s public appearances are often documented by the media and fans.

While she may occasionally be spotted in her neighborhood, her level of visibility depends on her schedule and commitments.


  • Billie Eilish’s selection of abodes, ensconced at 154 Allen Ave, Glendale, CA 91201, USA, echoes volumes in itself.
  • The allure of Griffith Observatory, the cinematic allure of Burbank, the artistic sanctuary of the Norton Simon Museum, and the culinary delights that abound – each thread in this tapestry contributes to the unique charm of the neighborhood.
  • While we may be captivated by the prospect of catching a glimpse of the life that exists behind those closed doors, it’s essential to respect the boundaries that individuals like Billie Eilish establish. 
  • The delicate equilibrium they navigate between public persona and private retreat shapes not only their own lives but also the narratives woven around them.
  • The neighborhood, the activities, the questions – all converge to paint a portrait that illuminates the multi-dimensional journey undertaken by an artist like Billie Eilish. 
  • It’s a reminder that amidst the glitz and glamour, a quest for authenticity and sanctuary remains at the heart of it all.

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