Bohemian Grove (California)

Step into the heart of mystery at Bohemian Grove, an exclusive place hidden amidst the ancient redwoods of Monte Rio, California. It’s a community of influencers, artists, and visionaries who converge in mid-July for a unique gathering shrouded in secrecy.

What awaits you within this exclusive gathering? Several rituals, traditions, and controversies that define Bohemian Grove await this place. The place is only open for members and is located just 0.39 miles from Monte Rio Public Beach.

If you want to know more about this mysterious place, scroll below to embark on a journey into Bohemian Grove’s mystique. Uncover the extraordinary traditions and stories that have fueled speculation for decades. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Bohemian Grove ClubReceive multiple invitations, pay a $25,000 initiation fee, and yearly dues. The invitation-only process reflects exclusivity. The process ensures personal connections with existing members. Financial commitment underlines the club’s select nature.
How to Become a MemberRestricted to members and guests. Exclusive membership includes influential individuals. Limited guest numbers during events. Adds to the club’s mysterious and private atmosphere.
Who Can Visit Bohemian GroveRestricted to members and invited guests. Exclusive membership includes influential individuals. Limited guest numbers during events. Adds to the club’s mysterious and private atmosphere.
Nearby Locations1. Monte Rio Public Beach: Tranquil retreat, 0.39 miles from Bohemian Grove. Coordinates: 38°28’02″N, 123°00’34″W. Shared space for community enjoyment.
2. California School of Herbal Studies: Located 3.41 miles from Bohemian Grove. Offers comprehensive herbal education with a focus on sustainability.
Article Summary

The Bohemian Grove Club

Bohemian Grove is a special 2,700-acre spot in redwood forests, Monte Rio, California, owned by a private club called the Bohemian Club.

Every mid-July, it turns into an exclusive camp where some really important men from around the world gather for over two weeks.

These guys, part of the all-male Bohemian Club, include artists, musicians, big-shot business leaders, government officials, ex-U.S. presidents, and media bigwigs. They can bring guests for events like the “Spring Jinks” in June or the main July encampment.

Bohemian Grove is known for its annual meetings, where influential members convene for a week of rituals, entertainment, and discussions.

One striking rule of the Grove is “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,” emphasizing that real-world deals should not be made during the camp. However, history tells us exceptions, like the groundbreaking Manhattan Project in 1942, have occurred.

The Grove isn’t just about serious discussions; it’s also a stage for theatrical productions. From the playful “Low Jinks” to the more profound “High Jinks,” members engage in creative performances that range from humorous skits to explorations of historical and cultural themes.

At the heart of the Bohemian Grove tradition is “The Cremation of Care.” This ceremony involves a procession of men in red robes carrying a symbolic coffin named Care.

As they reach a lakeside watched over by a cement owl, the participants, in a symbolic gesture, cast away their worldly concerns, marking the beginning of a week filled with festivities. There are many such rituals.

Bohemian Grove
Bohemian Grove is an exclusive 2,700-acre redwood area and men-only club famous for rituals, performances, and controversies.

Bohemian Grove’s gender policies became controversial in 1986 when the club attempted to argue that being male was a job requirement. However, this argument did not hold, and the club was compelled to open some positions to female employees, albeit with certain restrictions.

While the Grove’s manicured grounds host Lakeside Talks by influential figures, allegations of illegal logging in the surrounding redwood forests have sparked controversy.

Former members claim to have witnessed logging activities that go beyond the guidelines of responsible forest management.


Bohemian Grove is situated just 0.39 miles from Monte Rio Public Beach, creating a proximity that adds to its charm. The coordinates pinpoint this exclusive retreat at 38°27’58″N latitude and 122°59’58″W longitude.

Located on Bohemian Avenue in Monte Rio, California, USA, the Grove is a mysterious and private area.

The close distance to the public beach juxtaposes the secluded nature of Bohemian Grove, emphasizing its discreet yet intriguing presence.

How do you become a Member of Bohemian Grove?

Becoming a member of Bohemian Grove, an exclusive and private club, involves a unique and somewhat secretive process. Generally, individuals cannot simply apply for membership; instead, they must receive multiple invitations from existing club members.

These invitations are a crucial step in the selection process, indicating that potential members are usually personally known or connected to current Bohemian Club members.

Once invited and deemed suitable for membership, individuals face the financial commitment of a $25,000 initiation fee. This substantial upfront cost is a hallmark of Bohemian Grove’s exclusivity. In addition to the initiation fee, members must pay yearly dues to maintain their affiliation with the club.

The club’s emphasis on invitation-only access and the required financial investment reinforces its exclusive nature. The secretive atmosphere and limited information about Bohemian Grove available to the public add an element of intrigue, making it a subject of curiosity and speculation.

Ultimately, membership in Bohemian Grove is not easily attained, and the process reflects the club’s commitment to maintaining a select and private community.

Monte Rio Public Beach
Bohemian Grove, near Monte Rio Public Beach, is an exclusive, mysterious place.

Who can people visit Bohemian Grove?

Visiting Bohemian Grove is restricted to its members and their guests only. This private club, known for its exclusive and secretive nature, doesn’t allow the general public to visit.

The membership primarily consists of influential individuals such as artists, musicians, business leaders, government officials, and even former U.S. presidents.

During special events, like the midsummer encampment, the number of guests is carefully limited due to the relatively small size of the facilities.

Guests who get the chance to visit Bohemian Grove may include politicians and notable figures, sometimes even from other countries. This exclusivity adds to the club’s mysteriousness and maintains a private atmosphere during their gatherings.

Essentially, Bohemian Grove remains a reserved and secluded space, accessible only to its privileged members and those fortunate enough to be invited by them.

Nearby Location

Following are some famous spots near Bohemian Grove:

California School of Herbal Studies

The California School of Herbal Studies is a renowned institution focusing on herbal education. Located just 3.41 miles from Bohemian Grove, this herbal studies hub offers comprehensive courses in herbalism, emphasizing sustainable practices and holistic health.

With a commitment to botanical education, the school is a notable resource for individuals seeking knowledge in herbal medicine. Its proximity to Bohemian Grove highlights the diverse offerings in the Monte Rio area.

California School of Herbal Studies,
California School of Herbal Studies, 3.41 miles from Bohemian Grove, offers comprehensive herbalism courses.

Monte Rio Public Beach

Located along the Russian River, Monte Rio Public Beach offers a picturesque retreat just 0.39 miles from Bohemian Grove. With coordinates 38°28’02″N latitude and 123°00’34″W longitude, this scenic beach provides a tranquil escape.

Visitors can relax on the sandy shores, partake in water activities, or enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the natural beauty.

The proximity to Bohemian Grove, a mere 0.39 miles away, presents a unique blend of exclusive retreat and public recreational space. The beach welcomes locals and visitors, so it’s a shared place for community enjoyment.

To know more, check the video below:

Bohemian Grove and Members


  • The secretive Bohemian Club owns Bohemian Grove, a unique 2,700-acre place in Monte Rio, California. Its exclusive nature transforms it into an elite camp for influential men worldwide each mid-July.
  • The all-male Bohemian Club includes artists, musicians, business leaders, and even ex-U.S. presidents, fostering a dynamic environment for discussions, rituals, and entertainment.
  • The Grove faced controversy in 1986 over gender policies but eventually opened some positions to female employees. Allegations of illegal logging added a layer of scrutiny.
  • Becoming a member involves receiving exclusive invitations, a testament to personal connections, a substantial financial commitment, a $25,000 initiation fee, and yearly dues.
  • Visiting Bohemian Grove is strictly limited to members and their guests, maintaining an air of mystery and exclusivity. Its proximity to Monte Rio Public Beach and the California School of Herbal Studies adds to the area’s unique charm.

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