Castle-Like Stone & Brick Home (Southlake Castle)

Southlake, a beautiful city in Texas, is like a fancy neighborhood with big houses. People here enjoy parks and fun places. It’s a mix of pretty homes, nature spots, and happy times, making it a cool spot to live.

Not only are there some fancy neighborhoods and parks, but this city also features castle-like houses. This takes us straight to the era of kings and queens; the only difference is that this castle is fused with a modern appearance.

If you want to take a peek inside this beautiful castle-like house made of stones and bricks, then let’s get with us on this Google Earth ride!

Location3716 N White Chapel Boulevard, Southlake, Texas
Property19,673 sq ft on a 1.5-acre estate, 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms
Interior HighlightsGrand foyer, library with wall fireplace and chandeliers, vintage charm, splendid dining area, breakfast/family room with consistent white theme, bricked kitchen with harmonized colors, luxury master bedroom with coffee/tea corner, grand master bathroom, lush walk-in closet
Entertainment SpacesLuxury theatre, spacious bonus room, game room, billiards room with wet bar
Overall LifestyleLifestyle steeped in luxury and sophistication, each room contributes to the narrative of a residence that goes beyond being a house
Nearby Famous Locations1. Bicentennial Park: Expansive green spaces and winding trails for nature lovers.
2. Grapevine Botanical Garden at Heritage Park: A botanical masterpiece.
3. Meadowmere Park: Lakeside charm for picnics and outdoor activities.
4. Dove Park: Community bonding with playgrounds and open spaces.
5. Escape Room Centre: Intellectual challenges and teamwork.
6. Capp Smith Park: Simplicity and serenity with well-maintained greenery.
Article Overview

Location and About the House

Located on the prestigious 3716 N White Chapel Boulevard in Southlake, Texas, this architectural masterpiece sprawls across 19,673 square feet on a sprawling 1.5-acre estate.

With a regal presence, the residence has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, designed in a well-thought-out manner for both luxury and functionality. Crafted in 2007 by the esteemed J Lambert Custom Homes, every corner of this residence reflects a commitment to luxury living.

The expansive property welcomes residents with a fusion of timeless elegance and modern comfort. From the grandeur of the bedrooms to the lavish bathrooms, each space is a work of craftsmanship.

This Southlake castle is a testament to a life of grandeur and sophistication, encapsulating the essence of architectural excellence in every detail.

Southlake estate
Prestigious Southlake castle has 8 beds, 12 baths, 19,673 sq ft, timeless elegance, and architectural excellence.

Interior of the Southlake Castle

Located in the heart of Southlake, Texas, this captivating stone and brick castle-like home stands as proof of luxury and elegance.

As you step into this house, a grand foyer welcomes you, setting the tone for the luxury that awaits you. The detailed design of this residence is evident as you traverse through its enchanting spaces.

The tour begins in a beautiful library area adorned with a wall fireplace and exquisite chandeliers. The wooden walls show a vintage charm, complemented by the presence of large vintage windows that invite natural light to dance across the room.

The library goes into a staircase, guiding you to a splendid dining area. This luxurious space is graced by dazzling chandeliers, a pristine white dining set, and an adjoining great room with inviting white sofas.

A captivating feature of this residence is the Breakfast/Family Room. The consistent theme of white tables and chairs creates a balanced atmosphere, highlighted by a beautiful brown fur carpet that adds a touch of warmth.

Adjacent to the kitchen, this room embodies the fusion of functionality and aesthetics, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

Speaking of the kitchen, its bricked appearance reinforces the notion that this residence is more than just a home; it’s indeed a castle. The brown wooden accents harmonize with light colors such as cream, fawn, and white, establishing a cohesive design palette that runs throughout the house.

The master bedroom, the epitome of luxury, offers a place of tranquility. With elegant and thoughtfully curated furniture, the room shows sophistication without overwhelming the senses.

A cozy coffee or tea corner by the window adds a personal touch, providing a serene space for moments of reflection. The grand master bathroom and lush walk-in closet complete this haven of indulgence.

Entertainment takes center stage in this Southlake house, with a luxury theatre, spacious bonus room, and a game room designed for leisure enthusiasts. The billiards room, complete with a wet bar, adds a touch of sociability to the mix, making it an ideal space for social gatherings.

Exterior of the Southlake Castle

The outdoor features of this residence are equally impressive, with covered and uncovered balconies and patios creating charming space. A fireplace, kitchen/BBQ area, and a stunning swimming pool with a rock waterfall grotto and spa enhance the allure of the expansive outdoor space.

This Southlake, Texas, castle-like stone and brick home goes beyond the ordinary, offering a lifestyle steeped in luxury and sophistication. Each room has its importance to this house, contributing to the overall narrative of a residence that goes beyond being a house.

Southlake's luxury home
Southlake’s luxury home has a grand foyer, a vintage library, themed rooms, and impressive outdoor spaces.

Nearby Famous Locations

Following are some famous nearby landmarks to the Southlake Castle:

1. Bicentennial Park:

You can discover the serene beauty of Bicentennial Park in Southlake, Texas. With its expansive green spaces and winding trails, this recreational park invites nature lovers to engage themselves in the calm surroundings.

2. Grapevine Botanical Garden at Heritage Park:

Adjacent to Southlake, the Grapevine Botanical Garden at Heritage Park unfolds as a botanical masterpiece.

You can take yourself on a sensory journey as these curated landscapes showcase a diverse array of plant species. This park offers a serene experience where nature’s vibrant palette takes center stage, creating a place for contemplation and appreciation.

3. Bob Jones Park

Bob Jones Park, Southlake’s largest and most diverse park, spans nearly 500 acres, predominantly native Cross Timbers habitat. It’s located 0.43 miles from Southlake Castle-like house.

It offers a rich natural experience, with expansive greenery, walking trails, and a lake, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Bob Jones Park
Bob Jones Park is located at a distance of 0.43 miles from Southlake Castle.

4. Dove Park:

Dove Park is a community bonding and family-friendly recreation in Southlake. Equipped with playgrounds, sports facilities, and open spaces, it serves as a communal hub where residents come together for shared moments and joyous activities.

The laughter of children and the camaraderie of families make Dove Park a heartwarming destination in the heart of the city.

5. Escape Room Centre:

For those craving intellectual challenges and an adrenaline rush, Southlake’s Escape Room Centre awaits. This experience combines wit and teamwork as participants unravel mysteries and solve puzzles in a race against time. It’s a thrilling adventure that captivates the mind and fosters camaraderie among participants.

6. Capp Smith Park:

Capp Smith Park, another jewel in Southlake’s crown, offers simplicity and serenity. With well-maintained greenery and an inviting ambiance, the park is an ideal spot for leisurely walks, contemplation, and embracing the outdoors.

Capp Smith Park embodies the essence of Southlake’s commitment to providing diverse and peaceful spaces for residents and visitors alike.

7. Meadowmere Park:

Located along the shores of Grapevine Lake, Meadowmere Park captivates with its panoramic views and scenic charm. It’s a perfect destination for picnics, strolls, and water-based activities.

Whether you’re enjoying lakeside serenity or going on outdoor adventures, Meadowmere Park promises a delightful escape.

Moreover, you can check out the castle video below:

Luxurious Southlake Castle!


  • Situated at 3716 N White Chapel Boulevard in Southlake, Texas, this 19,673-square-foot residence is a true architectural masterpiece, having 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.
  • The house’s interior showcases detailed design, from the grand foyer to the vintage charm of the library and the exquisite dining area with dazzling chandeliers. The consistent theme of white and brown accents creates a balanced, pleasing atmosphere throughout.
  • The kitchen, with its bricked appearance and cohesive design palette of brown, cream, fawn, and white, transforms the residence into a castle.
  • The residence features a luxury theatre, spacious bonus room, and game room for leisure enthusiasts. The billiards room, equipped with a wet bar, adds a sociable touch, making it an ideal space for entertaining guests and hosting social gatherings.
  • The outdoor space features covered and uncovered balconies, patios, a fireplace, a kitchen/BBQ area, and a stunning swimming pool with a rock waterfall grotto and spa.
  • Nearby famous locations like Bicentennial Park, Grapevine Botanical Garden at Heritage Park, Meadowmere Park, and Dove Park offer residents opportunities to engage with nature, providing serene escapes and recreational activities. Additionally, the Escape Room Centre and Capp Smith Park add intellectual challenges and simplicity to the diverse experiences Southlake has to offer.

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