Charli D’Amelio’s House (Location)

In the technologically advanced times of today, social media has gained immense significance in our lives. Being on social media means you’re connected to millions of people all around the world with just a tap on your phone.

One of the most widely used and accepted social media platforms around the world is TikTok, and if you are a member, knowing Charli D’Amelio is a must.

Charli D’Amelio is one of the most famous TikTok personalities, ranking second position in the list of TikTok stars in 2019. Her incredible dancing skills are what enabled her to amass a large following on TikTok, reportedly having a whopping 143.5 million followers on the video-sharing app.

Apart from TikTok, she has also got a massive fanbase on other social media apps, including 48.8 million followers on Instagram, 9.55 million on YouTube, and 5.4 million followers on Twitter. She’s also quite popular on Facebook, having over 3 million followers on the app.

Gaining so much recognition and acceptance worldwide, it was inevitable that Charli would go on to earn a lot through these social media platforms, and that is exactly what happened. Below are details of Charli’s net earnings and her consequent investments in different areas.

About the Star

Charli D’Amelio was born on 1st May’2004 to parents Marc D’Amelio and Heidi D’Amelio. In 2023, she turned 19 years old.

The only sibling Charli has is an elder sister named Dixie. She and Chase Hudson had a well-known romance that lasted from late 2019 to April 2020. In 2022, she started dating Landon Barker.

Before becoming famous, she attended King School in Stamford, Connecticut, but then switched to virtual school when she broke records on TikTok.

She first became active on Instagram in 2016 and often shared pictures of her sister and herself. She began her TikTok channel in 2019 and uploaded videos of herself dancing and lip-syncing to viral audio on the app.

As is commonly known, this is the main thing for which TikTok is famous, but Charli was able to stand out from everyone else because of her consistency and remarkable dancing skills.

Charli began dancing at the age of three, and that is why, till 2019, she had over ten years of dancing experience, which enabled her to stand in the spotlight in contrast to others.

Charli is about 5ft 5 inches (or, on some websites, 5ft 3 inches) tall, in contrast to her sister who is 5ft 6 inches. Charli and her sister Dixie were previously also part of the “Hype House”, which is a group of famous TikTok influencers who live together in a mansion in Los Angeles that allows them to create and share content.

When Charli rose to fame, it wasn’t surprising that she was immediately asked to join the group. She and her sister joined the group and remained part of it until 2020 when they left to pursue their careers independently. In the same year, she signed with the talent agency UTA.

Charli has collaborated with several other famous TikTok personalities, such as Addison Rae. She was also able to fulfill her dream when she got the opportunity to dance with her inspiration, Jennifer Lopez, for a Super Bowel Challenge TikTok video.

She also had an appearance in the music videos for the songs “Baby, I’m Jealous” by Bebe Rexha featuring Doja Cat and “Pa’ Ti + Lonely” by Jennifer Lopez and Maluma later in 2020. She also won “Dancing with the Stars” in 2022.

She has another secondary TikTok account under the alias “Barley D’Amelio”, where she posted additional videos of herself lip-syncing and dancing.


She attended her first meet-and-greet in Norwalk, Connecticut, in November 2019. In the 2020 movie StarDog and TurboCat, she provides the voice of the character Tinker.

She and her sister Dixie started a podcast called Charli and Dixie: 2 CHIX in October 2020. In 2021, she was included in Time magazine’s Time100 Next list.

She was the Lifestyle 2022 Streamy winner. On October 26, 2022, she released “If You Ask Me To,” her debut song.

Charli now has a podcast, a cosmetics brand, and a line of nail polish. In addition, The D’Amelio has a TV program of their own on HULU.

Charli’s Brief Biography

Full name Charli Grace D’Amelio
Date of Birth1st May’2004
Age (as of 2023)19 years
Star sign Taurus
Parents Marc D’Amelio & Heidi D’Amelio
Relationship(s) Chase Hudson (2019-20)
Landon Barker (2022)
Sibling(s)Dixie D’Amelio (elder sister)
FollowersTikTok-143.5 M, Instagram-48.8 M
YouTube-9.55M, Twitter-5.5M, Facebook-3M+
Houses ownedMansion in Hidden Hills, LA.
All about Charli D’Amelio.

D’amelio’s Residence

In Norwalk, Connecticut, Charli had resided before the summer of 2020.

Charli made nearly $8 million from the well-known video-sharing site alone after having a breakthrough year as a TikTok content producer and rising to the top of the platform’s list of most followed content creators.

This money allowed her to move her entire family from Connecticut to Los Angeles.

Aerial view of Charli D'Amelio's LA house.
The aerial view of Charli D’Amelio’s LA house.

Around October 2020, the D’Amelio moved into their present Hidden Hills residence in Los Angeles. The 9,267 square feet house reportedly cost Dixie and Charli a cool $14 million. The home frequently serves as the setting for her enduringly renowned dance videos.

A YouTube video on the interior view of Charli D’Amelio’s Mansion.
Location of D'Amelio's house from Universal Studios Hollywood.
The D’Amelio mansion is located 2.12 miles from Universal Studios, Hollywood.

The $14 million house is located in Los Angeles County, California. The home is set on roughly a quarter acre (0.26 acres) of land with an appealing backyard space. The house was constructed in 2019 and has been on the market ever since, with listing prices reaching as high as $14.5 million.


Lease Date: November 2020.
Monthly Lease Cost: $55,000.
Tax Avoidance: Leased to avoid ownership-related taxes.
Bedrooms: Four bedrooms.
Bathrooms: Six bathrooms.
Total Area: 9,267 square feet.
Living Space: 9,267 square feet.

Living Space

As you make your way in through the front door, you open up into the first living space off to the left, with a gas fireplace facing the backyard space. The walls are lined with pocket sliding glass doors that tuck away to provide a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

To the right is the staircase that leads to the basement as well as to the second floor of the house.

But you may also recognize it as the new backdrop for the “Dixie D’Amelio” show. Deeper into the house is where you will find the main living space, which represents an open floor plan with the kitchen and dining room as well as the main living room all into one.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen, you have dark wood cabinets with a light-tanned stone countertop. The kitchen has a sleek modern design with high-tech appliances which helps it to fit in with the overall design of the home.

The Sitting Area

Off the kitchen is another small sitting area with a gas fireplace adjacent to the main dining room with a wall of wine bottles. This arrangement may not be entirely functional for wine storage, but it does prove to be a cool art feature for the home.

To the side of the kitchen is a small den area with sliding doors to a small backyard deck tucked behind the house.

The Backyard

Quickly stepping outside to the main outdoor area, there is plenty of patio space for outdoor relaxation. Along with that is a decent-sized swimming pool with an attached hot tub for enjoying the summer days in the California weather.

The backyard offers gorgeous views of the Los Angeles horizon while also keeping that sense of privacy with the lush plant life that borders the property.

The Lower Floor

Taking the stairs down to the lower floor is where you will find a 5-car garage as well as a home theatre with a full-service bar. Going the stairs up to the second floor is where you will find the four bedrooms, including the master suite.

The Upper Floor

As you enter the master suite, you have a living room area off to the right, which offers a perfect space for the parents to have some private time to themselves.

The master bathroom is located down the hall and features “his and hers” vanities. A walking shower is located on one side, and a huge bathtub with views of the pool below is located in the front and center. A sizable walk-in closet is located around the corner.

A little farther down the hall is the main bedroom, which has a gas fireplace off to the side, with the bed placed in the center of the room facing the splendid view. There is a wall containing sliding glass doors that open up to a private balcony that overlooks the backyard space.

On the other side of the stairs is where you will find the rest of the bedrooms that have their bathrooms.

Charli’s Bedroom

Charli’s room is located at the front of the home and features her private balcony facing the view.

Aerial shot of the house from another angle.
An aerial shot of the house from another angle.


  • Charli D’Amelio is one of the most popular and most famous TikTok personalities, only 2nd to Khaby Lame.
  • Her parents are Marc and Heidi D’Amelio, and her elder sister is Dixie D’Amelio.
  • After blasting TikTok, Charli went on to accomplish many more large-scale projects, such as winning the “Dancing with Stars” as well as making her own cosmetics brand and nail polish line.
  • Owing to the large sum of money she earned through social media apps, she purchased her very own house in Hidden Hills, LA, in 2020.
  • The house is constructed as a contemporary structure with a modernly designed sleek kitchen and a charming backyard space.

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