Chris Evans’ House (Everything You Need to Know)

Do you ever wonder where your favorite film star lives? We’re sure all the Captain America fan also wonder about where Chris Evans live. Well, his house isn’t situated in an unexpected place because he lives in the famous Los Angeles city near the famous places known by many.

He owns an expensive mansion showcasing luxury, located in a beautiful green area. The exterior of the house has a beautiful swimming pool, and gardens.

The interior of the house isn’t an exception to this beautiful construction. Though you can’t view the interior of the house through Google Earth you can definitely see the exterior of the house!

If you want to know more about it, keep going on if you want to see the exact location of your favorite movie star and his luxurious lifestyle.

Chris Evans’ House-Located in the iconic Laurel Canyon on the West Coast.
-Purchased for $3.5 million, spanning 4,600 sq. ft. on a 0.76-acre plot.
-Originally bought for $1.9 million, underwent extensive renovations.
The interior features luxurious elements, including a master bathroom with limestone and Calcutta marble. The exterior boasts a swimming pool and green space.
Chris Evans’ Location-Near the Universal City Overlook in Los Angeles, 0.4 miles away.
-Coordinates: 34°07’45″N, 118°22’19″W.
-Proximity to Hollywood and Universal Studios adds glamour.
-Offers breathtaking views and cultural proximity.
Is Chris Evans’ House Expensive?-Chris Evans has a net worth of $110 million.
-Owns several million-dollar assets.
-$3.5 million Laurel Canyon estate reflects his luxurious investment.
Nearby Tourist LocationsUniversal Studios Hollywood: Close to home, feels like a movie adventure.
Santa Monica Pier: Short drive to an iconic Californian spot with an amusement park and ocean views.
Griffith Observatory: Northward escape for stunning city views.
The Getty Center: Houses beautiful European art, photos, and sculptures from different eras.
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Why is Chris Evans so famous?

Born on June 13, 1981, in Boston, Chris Evans is a highly accomplished American actor renowned for his versatile roles, notably in superhero blockbusters like “Captain America.” Evans has captivated audiences beyond his mainstream success with diverse portrayals.

Since his 2011 debut as Captain America, he has been a main character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Additionally, Evans showcased his directorial skills in “Before We Go” (2014). These contributions highlight his recognizable influence in the entertainment landscape.

Chris Evans’ House

Chris Evans’ residence in the iconic Laurel Canyon on the West Coast is a renovated property, reflecting sophistication and comfort. The actor bought the property for a noteworthy $3.5 million.

Spanning an expansive 4,600 square feet and sitting on a 0.76-acre plot of land, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion is nothing but a pure embodiment of luxury.

Originally purchased for just over $1.9 million by previous owners, the estate underwent a massive transformation, including new appliances, countertops, flooring, and paint. After eight months, it re-entered the market at $3.5 million, and Evans bought it with an additional $20,000.

Chris Evans' House
Chris Evans’ $3.5M Laurel Canyon mansion, a luxury mansion.

Interior of the House

The interior showcases a sense of luxury and richness, featuring a master bathroom crafted from limestone and Calcutta marble, complete with a steam shower and a free-standing tub.

Moreover, a beautiful gourmet chef’s kitchen has everything luxurious, such as a beautiful Wolf range, full wine fridge, marble countertops, and a built-in Miele coffee maker.

The rooms of the houses are nothing less praiseworthy as they showcase a rich beige and cream color scheme, furnished with a wooden fireplace and several abstract paintings, adding an elite touch.

Exterior of the House

The residence’s exterior is equally impressive, with a beautiful swimming pool, unique style, and abundant green space, and as it’s on the hillside, it shows a beautiful view of the city. Chris Evans’ Los Angeles residence is evidence of his marvelous taste.

Chris Evans’ Location

Chris Evans resides near the Universal City Overlook in Los Angeles, California, with the house situated just 0.4 miles away. This prime location places him in the heart of the entertainment hub, known for its closeness to Hollywood and the iconic Universal Studios.

Distance of Universal City Overlook from Chris Evan's house
Chris Evans lives 0.4 miles from Universal City Overlook, the heart of entertainment.

The coordinates pinpoint his home at 34°07’45″N latitude and 118°22’19″W longitude, capturing the essence of his residence’s specific geographical location. Living in this area offers breathtaking views and places Evans amid the vibrant cultural scene and the thriving film industry.

The strategic proximity to Universal City adds a touch of glamour to his property, aligning with the actor’s stature in the world of cinema and reflecting the charm of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Is Chris Evans’ House Expensive?

Chris Evans, the famous American actor and director, has a net worth of around $110 million. With such a huge amount of money, it’s no surprise that he owns several houses worth millions. His success in acting and directing has made him a star and a smart investor in fancy homes.

One of his properties, the $3.5 million Laurel Canyon estate, is an expensive property, which shows how he spends his money on luxurious houses.

His net worth, which means all the money and things he owns, is a big achievement and proves that Chris Evans is a talented actor and a wise investor in Hollywood.

Nearby Tourist Locations

Following are some attractive tourist locations near the house of Chris Evans:

Universal Studios Hollywood

Chris Evans lives near cool places like Universal Studios Hollywood, which is super close to his home. If you’ve visited the place, you might know that it feels like stepping into a movie with fun rides and movie sets. Living there must be like having an adventure right in your neighborhood!

Santa Monica Pier

A short drive west from Chris Evans’ home takes you to the iconic Santa Monica Pier. This Californian gem features an amusement park, aquarium, and breathtaking ocean views.

Situated at the foot of Colorado Avenue, it’s part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, offering a blend of entertainment and natural beauty.

Griffith Observatory

Heading north from Chris Evans’ residence leads to the Griffith Observatory on Mount Hollywood. This Los Angeles landmark provides stunning city views.

Located on the south-facing slope, it offers a breathtaking sight of the Los Angeles Basin, Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean. The Griffith Observatory is a heavenly escape.

Griffith Observatory on Google Earth
North of Chris Evans’ home, Griffith Observatory offers breathtaking city views.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center is special because it has lots of amazing things. Inside, you can see beautiful paintings, drawings, and art from Europe before the 20th century.

They also have pictures from when cameras were first made until now, collected from around the world. And there are sculptures from Europe and America, starting from a really long time ago, like the late 12th century, up to now.

Check it out!


Does Chris Evans have a house in England?

Certainly! Chris Evans owns a house in England, situated in Ascot, Berkshire. This residence has been transformed into a luxury apartment now and it’s in a peaceful place as liked by the actor.

Where does Chris Evans live in Berkshire?

Chris Evans lives in Ascot, Berkshire. He turned his home into fancy apartments. Ascot is a quiet and pretty place. It’s in Berkshire, and Chris likes the peaceful life there. His house is not just a house; it’s now a luxury apartment. Living in Ascot lets him enjoy a calm life in a beautiful area.

Does Chris Evans still live in LA?

Recent indications suggest that Chris Evans may have changed his residence from Los Angeles. His mansion in LA is not in use nowadays and propose that he now mainly lives in his Boston apartment in Massachusetts.


  • Chris Evans has gained acclaim for his versatile roles, notably as Captain America in blockbuster superhero films.
  • Since debuting as Captain America in 2011, Evans has become a central figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, demonstrating his acting prowess.
  • Going beyond acting, Evans showcased his directing skills in “Before We Go” (2014), leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.
  • Evans’ $3.5 million estate in Laurel Canyon, covering 4,600 sq. ft., reflects sophistication and opulence, a testament to his refined taste.
  • Located near Universal City, Evans’ home offers proximity to Hollywood and Universal Studios, featuring breathtaking views that capture the essence of Los Angeles living.
  • Having a net worth of $110 million, Evans’ ownership of million-dollar properties highlights his acting talent and smart investment choices.
  • Living in close proximity to attractions like Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, and The Getty Center adds an exhilarating dimension to Evans’ residential lifestyle.

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