Cooper Manning’s House (Deep Dive)

Cooper Manning is the oldest of the 3 brothers, primarily known for their involvement in American football. However, Cooper went his own way. He instead gained recognition for his work in the business sector.

Moreover, Cooper Manning is also renowned for his appearances in diverse media outlets. He has also hosted programs which include “The Manning Hour.”

Cooper is currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana (LA), US. Cooper’s father Archie Manning moved to New Orleans from Mississippi with his family. Ever since then, they have been the residents of New Orleans.

According to the People, where my brothers grew up, which is in the Garden District has become one of the popular places to visit. The fence never has a sign saying “Champion” on it.

Back in 1982, Elisha Archibald Manning III, the New Orleans Saints and father of Eli and Peyton, bought the residence for $450,000.

People come from all over the world to visit the Manning House, as reported by Dave Roberts of Historic New Orleans Tours.

Cooper was the first Manning brother to play football. However, as he started suffering from numbness in his hand and fingers, he had to leave playing football.

How Big Is Cooper Manning’s House?

2D view of Cooper Manning's House
Every celebrity house always has one thing in common, which is a swimming pool.

The Manning house in New Orleans was built in 1900, it’s a French Colonial home which is located in the Garden District, which is one of the historic neighborhoods.

The house was purchased by her wife in 2010 for $7.5 million. It sits on 10,000 square feet and features 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a cigar room, a wine cellar, a home office, a gym, and a movie theatre according to NWC.

Besides that, the house also features floor-to-ceiling windows on both of the floor levels at the front, which provides a sense of openness to the house and allows for lots of natural sunlight.

The household’s historic significance is why people have come from all over the world to see it.

As for the neighbourhood, the Garden District consists of many beautiful mansions, tree-lined streets, and gardens that are maintained weekly.

However, if we consider all these factors, I believe that the Manning house is selling itself short.

What Is The Worth Of Cooper Manning House In New Orleans?

The Manning house is 74 years old, it’s owned by Archie Manning, who is the father of the three brothers.

According to the Velvet Ropes, the house was sold to Manning in 1982 for 0.45M. As of today, it’s valued at 2.1M, with an estimated mortgage of 10k.

The value of the house has certainly increased quite a lot, perhaps because of the historical significance of the house and the neighborhood.

Besides that, the architectural elements of the neighbourhood as well as the Manning house are also two of the major aspects that contribute to the high value.

Even after so many years, the design elements of the neighborhood and the mansions in it have been well-preserved which can sometimes command higher prices.

Furthermore, the location of the properties is one of the major aspects that can increase or decrease the value. However, the Manning house is situated in New Orleans, which is itself a city that has a rich cultural heritage and prestigious neighbourhoods.

Is Garden District A Good Neighborhood To Live In?

2D view of Cooper Manning house
Before you buy a house in the Garden District just because Cooper Manning lives there, I recommend you to have a look around and see if it fits the list of your preferences.

The Garden District in New Orleans is renowned for being a great place to live in. The neighbourhood has many things to offer including historic charm, beautiful architecture, and well-maintained greenery.

If it’s good enough for Cooper Manning and his family, then I believe it’s good enough for you too.

However, the residence of the Manning isn’t the only reason, Garden District can be a good place for you to live in, but it has several other reasons.

While the neighbourhood is distinct and has a character to it with grand mansions, it’s also one of the quietest residential areas compared to other neighborhoods.

Nevertheless, even though there is tranquillity, it doesn’t mean that you have to drive miles to enjoy or explore the amenities like restaurants.

Every restaurant, grocery store, or any other many is in proximity to the neighbourhood.

Can Anyone Visit The Manning House?

Well, I understand that the Manning house holds historical significance. However, it certainly doesn’t mean that you can bring a picnic basket and pretend it’s a public park.

Yes, you can walk by and admire the architectural beauty of the house, but I wouldn’t suggest you go up to the door and knock as it wouldn’t be polite.

The Manning family, just like any other family also deserves some privacy.

2D view of Cooper Manning house
Even though they are public figures, I’m sure they want their private space to be respected.


Who Are The Manning Family?

The Manning family is known for its participation in football. It’s said that Football runs in the Manning family.

Archie and Olivia Manning are parents of 3 brothers named Peyton, Eli, and Cooper. Cooper is the oldest Manning son, and he is the only Manning who didn’t pursue a football career.

However, the boys took up football at their local high school, and as Cooper later suffered from a medical condition he had to drop out.

Peyton was recruited by the Indianapolis Colts in the year 1998 before he was recruited by the Denver Broncos.

Whereas Eli was recruited in 2204 and played for the New York Giants. Both of the brothers have been retired. Nevertheless, it’s said that they didn’t leave football behind completely.

Cooper, on the other hand, took up a business career, and according to the Town and Country, he is a foodie and enjoys food from restaurants which include Clancy’s, Irene’s Cuisine, Caribbean Room, and Domilise’s Po-boys.

Check out this video to see Cooper Manning talk about his life with his brothers and father:

Get to know the history of the Manning family

Did Cooper Ever Played Football Professionally?

Cooper was actually on his way to Ole Miss to play football at the age of 18. However, due to his medical condition, he couldn’t pursue the football career path.

Copper was certainly disappointed that he couldn’t play football anymore, her told USA Today “When they took football away from me, I never took it out on the game,” he added “I never had any bitterness.

BornMarch 6, 1974
Birth NameCooper Archibald Manning
ResidenceNew Orleans, Louisiana
ProfessionAmerican entrepreneur and television personality hosted Manning Hour for Fox Sports
BrotherPeyton Manning and Eli Manning
ParentsArchie Manning and Ovilia Manning
Information about Cooper Manning


  • Cooper Manning lives in a neighborhood called Garden District in New Orleans. Moreover, Archie Manning, who is the father of Cooper Manning bought the house in 1988 at 0.45M.
  • As of today, the worth of the house is 2.1M. Moreover, the house sits on 5,446 square feet and has 2 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms.
  • The Manning family has a history of playing football. Archie himself and his two sons Peyton and Eli have played football professionally. However, Copper couldn’t play as he suffered from a medical condition.
  • The Manning house has a historical significance as well as the neighborhood itself. Garden District is well known for its rich cultural and architectural history.

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