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David Letterman is a celebrity who was an American host, comedian, and writer, as well as a producer. He has hosted a couple of shows for 33 years, including Late Night with David Letterman on NBC, and Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, in total he hosted 6,080 episodes.

According to reports, his net worth is $400 million.

He resides in North Salem, NY. His house is situated on 108 acres of land that he bought in two phases. 88 acres of land was purchased in 1994 for $5 million, whereas the remaining acre of 108 acres of land was bought in 2007 for another $5 million.

The architecture of the house is a blend of classical and contemporary design. It consists of 6 bedrooms, 6 fireplaces, beautiful gardens and several amenities.

The town where David Letterman lives has a rich history and culture. It has been attracting celebrities who seek tranquillity from the limelight.

While he spent $10 million in the purchase of the property, its worth is certainly much higher.

David Letterman’s property worth is rather valuable in the real estate market due to its size and historical significance, and now certainly along with the celebrity ownership.

How Big Is David Letterman’s North Salem House?

3D view of David Letterman's house
David Letterman’s property in North Salem covers 108 acres of land.

The huge property in North Salem bought by David Letterman covers 108 acres of land.

Since the purchase of this property, it has undergone a huge transformation. The architectural identity was once rather different than it is now.

David Letterman’s property was shaped into a reflection of his vision following the purchase of this huge property.

The house is nestled amidst the greenery of Salem; the house itself is more than just a property; it’s said to be a statuary.

The gardens, architecture of the building, and the interior were planned and executed quite meticulously, and every corner is said to have a story to tell.

Every architectural and interior feature of the mansion is a chef’s kiss from the grand entrance, a double-height foyer, and massive windows.

Apart from the building itself, the surrounding landscape also has a significant role in making it a haven of calm and tranquillity.

The gardens are given serene ponds, home to a plethora of aquatic life. Moreover, the walking trails crisscross the property, which allows one to take in its vastness and the beauty of the property.

Certainly, no luxury place, especially if it’s a celebrity property, is complete without special features like a swimming pool. A wine cellar, a gym, a spa, and a private cinema.

Check out this video to see the house of David Letterman in North Salem, NY:

The mansion is a marvel in itself.

Why North Salem Is A Celebrity’s Favorite Place?

North Salem has been a sought-after destination for many celebrities for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the town provides just a perfect escape from the limelight and the pressures of fame that every celebrity has to suffer from.

Moreover, the community of North Salem has also been quite respectful of their high-profile residents’ privacy.

Now, if we put all this together, the respectful community, spacious property, and natural beauty, who wouldn’t want to reside there?

Celebrities like David Letterman have been the victim of the invasion of their privacy, which forced him to find a place to live where he and his family can be safe, evidently, he did, as he is now a resident of Salem.

Does David Letterman Have A House in Montana?

David Lettermen's house in Google Earth
Besides the beautiful mansion in North Salem, David Letterman has also resided in Montana.

The legendary comedian known as the host of the Late Show With David Letterman on CBS since the year 1993 owns a couple of properties including a ranch in Montana.

The ranch is located in Saypo, Montana, US, which is just 35 miles west of Choteau. The property goes by the name Deep Creek Ranch and covers 2700 acres of land.

The house consists of 3 bedrooms, three bathrooms and a garage. If you haven’t been living in the cave, you must be aware of the interesting stories, however horrifying for Letterman have come up.

For instance, in 2003, the ranch was broken into by a bear, while in 2005, a man is still in prison for plotting to have Letterman’s son and the many kidnapped.

While he still owns this ranch, his main residence is in North Salem.

Why Is David Letterman So Popular?

David Letterman has certainly come a long way. He had a successful career as a comedian on the Late-Night Talk show, which went on for 3 decades.

Furthermore, Letterman was also the host of another show called Late Night with David Letterman, which was broadcast on NBS from the year 1982 to 1993.

The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS started in the year 1993 and ended in 2015.

David Letterman spent a big chunk of his life as a comedian, which is what made him successful.

Letterman was quite popular for his distinctive and irreverent style of comedy, he was known to have sarcastic humour and self-deprecating wit, which helped him engage in edgy and influential interviews.

Apart from that, Letterman also did segments, which certainly made him a favorite among the people.

“Top Ten List” and “Stupid Pet Tricks” evidently brought a unique and entertaining element to his show.

Having a confrontational approach is one of the aspects that made his show rather memorable. He hosted many interviews with people from several different professions, including celebrities and politicians.

And, what we still love to see is some reliable humour, which Letterman certainly had. The audience loved his ways of addressing specific day-to-day issues as well as his mocking of the absurdities of life.

To sum up, the popularity of David Letterman can be attributed to his unique comedic style, fun segments, and iconic guests.

David Letterman
Birth NameDavid Michael Letterman
ShowsLate Night with David Letterman on NBC
Late Show with David Letterman on CBS
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman on Netflix
ResidenceNorth Salem, NY
Some information about David Letterman


3D view of David Letterman's house
After buying the land, David spent millions on rebuilding the mansion.

Does David Letterman still live in North Salem?

While Letterman has a few properties, he is currently living in North Salem in his house, built on 108 acres of land.

David has spent most of his years in Salem with his family, however, he has also lived in Montana, but due to privacy and safety reasons, he chose to live in North Salem.

Moreover, David’s mansion in Salem is renowned as the true embodiment of architectural excellence.

How many guests did David Letterman have?

David Letterman hosted two of the most popular shows, called Late Night with David Letterman and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Collectively, he has hosted 6,080 episodes of Late Show and Late Night show and had 19,932 guest appearances.


  • David Letterman owns a 108-acre mansion in North Salem. He bought this property in two phases.
  • He bought 88 acres for $5 million, and the remaining was also bought for $5 million, which means it was an investment of $10 million.
  • The mansion is designed in a classical and contemporary style. It contains 6 bedrooms, 6 fireplaces, a swimming pool, a wine cellar, and many other amenities.
  • David Letterman also has a house in Montana. However, due to some unfortunate happenings, he has become a permanent resident of North Salem.
  • David is one of the most popular comedian hosts, and he has hosted 6,080 episodes and 19,932 guests.

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