Denny Hamlin’s Homestead (Location)

In the world of car racing, Denny Hamlin is no doubt one of the most prominent names, topping the list of NASCAR drivers. Hamlin is a racing car driver who competes in the NASCAR Cup Series.

He has many accolades to his name and also co-owns 23XI Racing, a NASCAR Cup Series racing team, with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Hamlin’s success has enabled him to build a gorgeous house on a Peninsula on Norman Lake, which is a 1300-acre lake situated in Cornelius, North Carolina. The house is splendid, built in accordance with the times of today as well as to Hamlin’s taste.

The house is a living manifestation of Hamlin’s unparalleled success and serves as a place for him to relax and wind down after a thrilling day of adrenaline rushes.

Let’s have a look at the magnificent property!

Denny Hamlin's Mansion from the front.
Denny Hamlin’s House (Front View).

Who is Denny Hamlin?

Born James Dennis Allan Hamlin, James prefers to refer to himself by his popular name, “Denny.” He was born on November 18, 1980, to parents Dennis Hamlin and Mary Lou Clark in Tampa, Florida. When he was two years old, his family moved to Virginia in the US.

He spent a large portion of his childhood in Chesterfield, Virginia, and was the youngest of five children.

Hamlin’s father worked as a service manager for the Great Dane Trailers, while his mother was a devoted housewife. In 1996, his father launched his own Chesterfield Trailer and Hitch Shop, where they used to repair and sell trailers.

In his early childhood, Hamlin attended Chesterfield County School and later graduated from Manchester High School in Florida. During his college tenure, he used to work for his dad, where Hamlin would work on welding and electronics.

Apparently, Hamlin had a special liking for automobiles and racing from a very young age, as he began his unprofessional racing career at the age of 7 when he used to participate in go-kart races. In 1998, Hamlin competed in the Grand Stock Class and ultimately began his professional career in 2000, when he began racing Model Stock Cars.

Professional Career

Four years later, in 2004, the aspiring car racer had completed 36 races with a whopping 25 wins to his credit. Seeing his very evident skills and expertise, Joe Gibbs Racing eventually signed Denny Hamlin a few months later, launching what would be Hamlin’s NASCAR career.

Hamlin’s NASCAR career commenced when he competed in five Craftsmen Truck Series races and, in 2005, won his first NASCAR Cup Series race at the Pocono 500. In 2007, he scored his third victory in the NASCAR Cup Series when he raced at the Lenox Industrial Tools 300.

At his first Daytona 500, he placed 43rd. After racing for almost six more years, Hamlin finally won the season finale at Homestead in 2013, beating Dale Earnhardt Sr. in the last 30 laps.

2015 proved to be the year when Hamlin achieved his biggest victory as he won the Sprint All-Star Race. Later that year, he achieved fourth place at his second Daytona 500. His hard work and consistency paid off the following year when he got his first win at Daytona International Speedway, subduing Martin Truex by a small margin.

Perhaps the most fruitful year for Hamlin was 2020, when he recorded a third win at the Daytona 500 as well as multiple victories at Pocono, Kansas, Homestead, and Darlington. In 2021, he recorded his third victory in the Southern 500 and another one in Las Vegas.


Here is a summary of all the accolades that Denny Hamlin has achieved so far.

AchievementsYear/number of wins
NASCAR Cup Series wins48
Daytona 500 wins3 (2016, 2019, 2020)
Coca-Cola 600 wins1 (2022)
NASCAR Cup Series runner-up2 (2010, 2015)
NASCAR Xfinity Series Champion2007
NASCAR truck series win2
NASCAR All-Star Race wins2 (2010, 2017)
NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award2 (2010, 2016)
All the achievements of Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin’s House

Denny Hamlin's house (Aerial shot).
Denny Hamlin’s Mansion (Aerial view).

In 2014, Hamlin bought a 2.8-acre plot of land for $1.375 million with the intention of constructing a state-of-the-art house. He then hired builder Ted Thompson, architect JJ Barja, and the esteemed designer Scott Carpenter to construct a house according to his taste.

He wanted the house to be entertaining as well as relaxing. The planning and construction began in 2014 and took almost two years to complete.

Keeping in consideration the location of the house on the verge of the lake, the group decided that the house had to be, in the words of Carpenter, “a little more modern—more West Coast.”

Seeking to build a “timeless” design, in the words of Thompson, the team agreed on constructing the facade using large, white bricks, siphoning Malibu feels into Cornelius.

The racer’s nuanced vision is observable throughout the house as the team amalgamates Hamlin’s need for texture with their own expertise. Some of the walls of the house are carpeted with Grass cloth, while others are covered with slate and subway tiles.

The dark walnut floors are exquisitely herringboned, and the wood, contrasted with glass, marble, and metal, looks aesthetically pleasing and gives off a warm, welcoming feel, although Carpenter took special care not to give off a cigar-lounge vibe. Hence, the house is devoid of overstuffed leather chairs.

The Glass Elevator

Perhaps one of the most breathtaking features of the house is the glass elevator that is encompassed by swirling walnut stairs. This was a tricky design to build because, according to the builder, Thompson, “You just don’t see that in residential construction projects.”

Hence, commercial experts helped with the design, and the complete look with the stairs winding around the glass elevator comes off as something entirely ethereal.

It is reported that Hamlin wanted his house to be “masculine but not cold,” and to fulfill this aspect, Carpenter balanced the more masculine color themes, such as dark walnut, with a combination of glass and tile.

The Kitchen

For the kitchen, Carpenter sprung innovation by designing two triangular-shaped marble counters instead of one large rectangular one.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was built with large, expansive windows, keeping in focus the glorious views of the lake that allowed Hamlin and his wife to drink in the beautiful panorama in front of them.

The room is purposefully kept bare of furniture because the view is the primary focus, and the emptiness of the room helps emphasize the airy ambiance, which was the intended purpose.

The bed is constructed on a raised platform, another innovative idea brought to life from the mind of the designer. There are two gender-specific mini-bathrooms on either side of the room that connect to one main marble master bathroom via walk-in closets.

It boasts a glass-walled walk-in shower and a soaking tub separated by a cozy fireplace that—figuratively and literally—keeps the room warm.

The entire look of the bathroom is topped with a gold-leaf light fixture shrouding the tub.

Other Amenities

As if this art wasn’t enough, the rest of the mansion contains some crazy amenities. They include:

  • The media room is a massive room with a media wall consisting of five screens featuring five different channels at once.
  • App-controlled lighting system, an integrated technology system installed by ELAN.
  • An indoor basketball court also contains an electronic scoreboard and a spectator platform.
  • Indoor bowling alley is a two-lane bowling alley that also accompanies the area, accommodating Hamlin’s trophies and other memorable ornaments.
  • A Glass garage houses Hamlin’s trophy cars.
  • An expansive outdoor pool.

In total, the ultra-modern mansion covers an area of 30,000 square feet.

Location of the Mansion from Stokas Cove.
The mansion is located 0.79 miles Southwest of the Stokas Cove.
Here, you can have a look at Denny Hamlin’s house.

Famous Tourist Spots to Visit in the Vicinity

  • Bin110.
  • Lake Town Tavern.
  • Jetton Park.
  • Memory Lane Museum.
  • Irish Cue.
  • Cornelius Draft House.


  • Denny Hamlin is one of the most successful NASCAR racers of all time.
  • What began as go-kart races transitioned into one of the most popular success stories around the world.
  • Hamlin’s prosperity has enabled him to invest wisely, consequently leading to the construction of one of the most intriguing yet modern and welcoming residences.
  • Hamlin’s mansion is a contemporary building housing insane amenities like a glass elevator, an indoor basketball court, a proper media room, and much more.
  • Denny Hamlin is definitely a luminary whose life depicts that dedication and consistency leave no room for failure in life!

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