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Abandoned city Thule

This is the origin city of Thule in Greenland. 1953 132 inuit hunters were relocated by force by the danish government because it had given the are at the US authorities to build Dundas AFB. They had 4 days to move away to a new place 140 km up north to Qaanaaq, a place with lesser possibilities for hunting and fishing.

The displaced Thule hunters and their descendants has for years run a case against the Danish government for the injustices they suffered.

The Danish state, with successive governments, has placed obstacles Thule hunters, so the case was removed.

In 1999 the hunters were at last granted a modest compensation in land law to paltry 1.7 million kroner (322 thousand USD).

Hunters’ claims was 235 million DKK (44,5 million USD) for the loss of catch and hunting rights.

The Supreme Court sentenced Friday 28th November 2008 in favor of the Danish state and upheld the High Court modest compensation.

Please turn on Panoramio and see photos of tha area.