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Aerosur Animal Airplanes At Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Aerosur is the greatest airline from Bolivia and it’s planes are know worldwide because of their beautiful and curios paintings of animals.
In Santa Cruz de la Sierra airport (VVI), they were almost all catch by the image
The planes at the airport are:
737-200adv CP-2561 – “Bufeo” with a purple “Boto” That’s a typical dolphin from the amazon
737-300 CP-2640 – “Potro”, with a purple horse
737-300 CP-2656 – “Sicurí” with a purple and green Anaconda
737-400 CP 2653 – Puma wih a purple puma
767-200 CP-2659 – Sharko with a purple Shark
747-400 CP-2603 – Super Toríssimo with a gold Bull, that’s one of the Aerosur’s flagships, and the pride of the fleet.

The only Animal airplane that is not at the airport is the 737-300 CP-2595 Yacare, witha green aligator