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Coventry Ordnance Works WW1

Found this while doing research onto my Great Grandmother who was an Ordnance worker here for the duration WW1. Teh Coventry Ordnance Works was formed in 1905. During WW1 it produced mainly naval artillery rounds and from late 1918 it became the English Electric Company works site producing electricity-generating machinery and heavy machine tools closing in 1925 from effects of the recession. The site was re-commissioned in 1936 making gun mountings until the end of WW2. After the war they continued to build naval guns into the late 60s, building the “standard” 4.5″ turrets for the County class destroyer. In 1969 the works was sold to Albion Motors, whose main factory had been situated on the opposite side of South Street. This factory had some of the largest machine tools in the UK. One, a vertical boring mill had a turntable 36′ in diameter, used for turning the turret gear rings. The building had three tiers of overhead cranes and could together lift several hundred tons. The building still continues to manufacture automotive parts under the ownership of Albion, now a subsidiary of American Axle.