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Dike Kokaral. hope for the future

Situated in the former USSR republic of Kazakhstan.
Dike Kokaral,is a (concrete and sand) dike across a narrow stretch of the Aral sea, splitting off the North Aral sea from the much larger South Aral sea. The work was completed in August 2005.
Actually, the result is so positive, that the authorities of Kazakhstan, thanks with the help of the World bank is building an higher dike who will be ended in 2010.
On the satelite view, the photo of the left show us the first dike, built in the early 90s, and destroyed by a flood. On the right, is a part of the actual dike.
To understand what is the ecologic tragedy of the Aral sea, his history and what can represent this dike for the future of the country, I highly recommend this link: