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Tallest Building in Every Country 2019

I’ve updated my original file to reflect the current year, 2019. I have fanatically spent the last year thoroughly studying EVERY COUNTRY in the world to find the correct building. I’ve used every resource available on the internet to find and verify the tallest building in every country, with the most accurate height available. These are all buildings, NOT observation towers. I chose the CTBUH definition of a building as a structure in which 50% of the height can be occupied. This would exclude mosques, domed buildings, and cathedrals, but I included them anyhow, along with the tallest office/hotel/apartment style building for that country. The buildings in this list are completed or very close to completion. I also included buildings that have broken ground and will be completed in the near future. I used the list of sovereign countries on Wikipedia. I did allow the UK to be treated as four countries, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Enjoy this labor of love! It took a lot of dedication and time to get it right.