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U.S.S. LST 393 tank landing ship

One of only two surviving LST’s (Landing Ship Tank) from World War II. A total of 1,151 LSTs were built all over the U.S. for the war.
The Landing Ship Tank is an ocean going ship capable of shore to shore delivery of tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, and troops. The LST program was developed in response to a need for armored infantry divisions in invasions by sea. England’s failed invasion at Dunkirk prompted Prime Minister Winston Churchill to request that the United States design a ship that was large enough to traverse an ocean, but with provisions to quickly and efficiently unload armored vehicles and personnel on an unimproved beach. The resulting ship design proved to be among the most successful in the history of the Navy.

From the website of LST 393:
The USS LST 393 was launched in Newport News, Virginia on November 11, 1942. Immediately after sea trials, she went to work in the defense of her country in Europe. Over nine thousand soldiers made their way to the front aboard LST 393, as well as 3, 248 vehicles. She also carried over five thousand prisoners and, during her service, logged 51, 817 nautical miles. The LST 393 made 75 voyages to foreign shores on three continents, including 30 round trips to the beaches of Normandy. She won battle stars for her service in the occupation of Sicily, the invasion of Salerno, and the D-day invasion at Normandy and was decommissioned in 1946.