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Explore Serenity: Luxurious 35-Acre Florida Estate with Workshop & Pond

Explore Serenity: Luxurious 35-Acre Florida Estate with Workshop & Pond

Imagine owning a sprawling 35-acre estate in Kissimmee Florida, complete with a workshop and a tranquil pond. This isn’t just any ordinary property, it’s a home that screams luxury and comfort. You’ll find yourself lost in its grandeur and elegance.

From the beautifully manicured lawns to the tastefully designed interiors, every corner of this estate is a testament to exquisite living. And let’s not forget the workshop. It’s not just a space, it’s an opportunity for you to explore your creative side.

And then there’s the pond, a serene spot offering a peaceful retreat from the world. It’s like having your own private oasis. This Florida estate is more than just a home, it’s a lifestyle. Get ready to dive into the details, you’re in for a treat.


LocationSquare FootageBedroomsBathroomsPrice
4421 Reaves Road, Kissimmee, FL5,044 sq ft56 (5 full, 1 half)$2,200,000
This table gives a clear and concise summary of the property’s key details


As you step into the world of luxury living, you’ll encounter a majestic entrance flanked by imposing gates. These gates swing open gracefully, inviting you into a realm where opulence and tranquility merge seamlessly. Framed by lush, meticulously landscaped gardens, this entrance isn’t just a gateway—it’s the threshold to a lifestyle of unparalleled refinement and serenity.

A gated entrance leading to the expansive estate.
Gated entrance leads to the expansive estate.

Exterior Features

Beyond the exquisite interiors of this splendid estate, you’ll discover an array of extraordinary outdoor amenities that transform it into a haven of leisure and luxury. Let’s begin by exploring the heart of the property – the workshop.

While you may initially underestimate the workshop’s allure, it’s far from ordinary. Here, you’re invited to unleash your creativity or indulge in your cherished hobbies. Whether you’re passionate about sculpting, painting, or woodworking, this workshop provides the perfect sanctuary. With ample tools and space at your disposal, your creative endeavors are just beginning.

Step outside, and you’ll immediately be captivated by the expansive, serene pond. It’s akin to having your own private oasis. Picture yourself enjoying your morning coffee as you’re serenaded by the gentle murmur of the pond, enveloped in its tranquil ambiance.

Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll encounter meticulously manicured gardens that frame the majestic residence. These gardens possess a charm of their own. From intricate flower beds to towering, ancient trees, every element of flora contributes to the enchanting, Eden-like atmosphere of the estate.

The majestic house surrounded by lush greenery.
Exterior view of the majestic house surrounded by lush greenery.

Whether you’re soaking up the warm Florida sun, pursuing your favorite pastime in the splendid workshop, or finding solace by the tranquil pond, this luxurious estate offers a plethora of experiences. As befitting a property of such grandeur, it promises a lifestyle like no other.

Traversing through this estate transcends a mere walk; it’s an odyssey into the unparalleled luxuries that await within its grounds.

Interior Design

As you step into the interior of this expansive 35-acre estate, you’re greeted with a sense of stepping into the pages of a luxury lifestyle magazine. Each room is meticulously designed, balancing functionality with style in perfect harmony.

As you explore further, you’ll notice a seamless fusion of contemporary flair and timeless elegance. This harmony is achieved through careful selection of colors, furniture, and accents. Natural light floods the living spaces, accentuating the intricate woodwork and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

This estate boasts a variety of rooms, each catering to different needs and desires. From the gourmet kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art appliances to the formal dining room ideal for hosting lavish dinner parties, every space exudes elegance and sophistication.

The bedrooms are plush and inviting, offering the epitome of comfort and luxury. The primary suite features a grand en-suite bathroom and a private terrace, providing a tranquil retreat after a long day.

Even the workshop’s interior design is awe-inspiring, offering ample space and tools for creative pursuits.

Immerse yourself in the stunning interior design of this Florida estate and envision it as your own. This remarkable space is meticulously crafted to deliver luxury, comfort, and functionality, making it the perfect home for those seeking an exceptional lifestyle experience.

Workshop Space

Continuing our journey through this Florida estate, let’s now explore the workshop space, a unique addition that truly sets this property apart. Far more than just a place for hobby projects or storage, the workshop is a sanctuary for creativity, designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as the rest of the property.

A spacious workshop equipped with tools and amenities for creative pursuits.

The workshop offers ample square footage and amenities, fully equipped to accommodate a wide range of crafts and projects. Whether you’re honing your carpentry skills or delving into painting or sculpture, this space provides the perfect environment for your creative endeavors.

Lighting is carefully considered in the workshop’s design. Natural light floods in through large windows, illuminating the space for detailed work. And when daylight fades, high-quality overhead lighting ensures clarity and brightness, allowing you to work at any hour.

But versatility is the hallmark of this space. With its lofty ceilings and open floor plan, the workshop can easily be transformed into an additional living area, studio, or even a personal gym. The possibilities for this space are limited only by your imagination.

Intricate details further enhance the workshop’s aesthetic appeal, from its clean lines to practical storage solutions. Every element contributes to an organized and well-structured workspace, reflecting the same uniformity and harmony evident throughout the entire 35-acre property.

As you pass through the wooden door that connects the workshop to the main estate, you’ll catch a glimpse of the property’s design scheme, showcasing the seamless integration and thoughtful attention to detail that defines this exceptional estate.

Serene Pond

Moving on from the vibrant energy of the workshop, a serene sanctuary beckons: the tranquil pond. Situated within the expansive grounds of the estate, this pond is a true gem, embodying a sense of tranquility and peace. It’s a visual delight that adds a touch of serenity to the luxurious property.

A tranquil pond surrounded by vibrant foliage, offering a serene retreat.

Surrounded by lush foliage, the pond seamlessly integrates into its natural surroundings. It’s more than just a water feature; it contributes to the overall ambiance of the estate, forging a harmonious connection between man-made luxury and the beauty of nature.

Picture this: imagine yourself seated by the water’s edge, immersed in a captivating book or lost in a sketchpad, drawing inspiration from the serene beauty that surrounds you. Alternatively, envision starting your mornings with a rejuvenating yoga session by the pond, with the gentle sounds of nature providing the perfect backdrop. The pond offers endless opportunities for relaxation and introspection, serving as your own private oasis.

Moreover, the pond enhances the visual allure of the estate, reflecting its grandeur and embodying the energy of its surroundings. Taking a leisurely stroll around the pond isn’t just exercise; it’s a sensory experience, with the sights, sounds, and scents of nature coming together to create a truly immersive journey.

Considering all these aspects, it’s clear how the pond adds an extra layer of uniqueness to the property. Complementing the inspirational workshop, it serves as a tranquil haven—a seamless blend of relaxation and aesthetic charm within an already remarkable estate.

Lifestyle Amenities

Imagine immersing yourself in a life of opulence within the expansive confines of a 35-acre estate tailored to cater to your refined tastes. Nestled in the heart of Florida, this estate offers a myriad of amenities designed to ensure your utmost comfort and relaxation. It transcends the mere concept of a home; it’s your personal sanctuary.

At the core of this haven lies the magnificent pond, radiating tranquility throughout the estate. Here, amidst the serene waters, you’ll discover a peaceful haven where you can partake in activities like yoga, meditation, or simply unwind with a good book. The picturesque vista enhances the sensory experience, elevating your leisurely pursuits to new heights of gratification.

Transitioning from the serene ambiance of the pond, you’ll encounter the vibrant energy of the workshop space. Designed to ignite your creativity, this dynamic environment provides a dedicated space for indulging in crafts and hobbies. Here, you can immerse yourself in projects or passions without interruption, offering a much-needed escape from the demands of daily life.

Moreover, the estate boasts an array of luxury amenities, including a state-of-the-art gym, a private cinema room, an extensive wine cellar, and a spacious swimming pool. Each amenity is meticulously crafted to meet the expectations of a discerning connoisseur, further enriching your lifestyle experience.

Remember, investing in this 35-acre estate transcends mere property acquisition—it’s an investment in a lifestyle characterized by serenity, productivity, and sophistication. Every facet of the estate seamlessly blends relaxation and creativity, ensuring an indulgent experience for all who reside within its confines.

Embrace the opportunity to live your best life amidst the splendor of this remarkable estate, where each moment promises to be a celebration of luxury and fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where is the estate located?

The estate is located in beautiful Kissimmee Florida.

Q2: How big is the estate?

The estate sprawls across an expansive land mass of 35 acres, providing ample space for luxurious living.

Q3: What amenities does the estate offer for fitness enthusiasts?

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the estate’s well-equipped gym and also enjoy tranquil yoga sessions by the serene onsite pond.

Q4: What facilities does the estate offer for entertainment?

The estate boasts of a private cinema room for movie buffs, complemented by a well-stocked wine cellar.

Q5: Does the estate have a workspace?

Yes, the estate has a dedicated and energetic workspace designed to boost creativity and focus.

Q6: Is there a swimming pool present in the estate?

Absolutely. This estate features a swimming pool for relaxation, exercise, or simply enjoying the Florida sun.

Q7: How does this estate cater to a sophisticated living experience?

This estate caters to a sophisticated living experience through its blend of amenities that promote both relaxation, such as the tranquil pond and swimming pool, and productivity, such as the onsite gym and workspace.

Q8: Can the residents engage in meditation?

Yes, residents can use the serene and tranquil pond as a retreat for activities such as yoga and meditation.


  • The estate offers a lifestyle of luxury and comfort, with its sprawling grounds and meticulously designed interiors.
  • From the tranquil pond to the vibrant workshop space, every feature adds a unique charm to the property.
  • The seamless integration of nature and architecture creates a harmonious environment for relaxation and creativity.
  • With its array of amenities and serene surroundings, this estate promises a fulfilling lifestyle experience for its residents.
  • Investing in this remarkable property is not just acquiring real estate but embracing a lifestyle defined by serenity, productivity, and sophistication.

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