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Emma Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills Abode (Google Earth View)

Emma Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills Abode (Google Earth View)

Emma Chamberlain is a 21-year-old social media star, YouTuber, podcaster, businesswoman, and model from the United States. She is admired for her genuine and approachable nature, as well as her distinct sense of style.

Chamberlain acquired a $4.3 million Beverly Hills home in May 2021. Chamberlain’s home has a “chill, laid-back vibe” with luxury in mind, according to her. With a huge gate and high walls, the home is also quite secluded.

Chamberlain likes her privacy and wants to be free to relax and be herself at home. Her house reflects her particular flair and preference.

Let’s take a look at her residence and some insight into her lifestyle!

Aerial shot of the house (Image Credit" Google Earth)
Aerial Shot of Chamberlain’s residence

Who is Emma Chamberlain?

Early Life

Emma Frances Chamberlain was born in San Bruno, California on May 22, 2001. Her parents split when she was five years old, leaving her as the sole kid. Chamberlain has stated that she had a tough upbringing and suffered from anxiety and despair.

Beginning of her career

Chamberlain began her YouTube career in 2017. She immediately rose to prominence due to her sincere and welcoming nature and her distinct sense of style. Her films frequently show her talking about her life, problems, and opinions on numerous issues.

Her career

Chamberlain’s career has skyrocketed in recent years. She has received various honors, including the 2018 Streamy Award for Breakout Creator.

She has also started her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, and collaborated with companies like Louis Vuitton and Lancome. In addition to her YouTube work, Chamberlain presents a podcast called “Anything Goes,” in which she discusses topics ranging from her personal life to current issues.

She is also a passionate champion for mental health awareness and has talked openly about her personal anxiety difficulties.


Chamberlain has accomplished a lot in her brief career. With over 11.8 million subscribers, she is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

She is both a model and a successful entrepreneur. In 2019, she was included in Time magazine’s Time 100 Next list as well as its list of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Personal life

Chamberlain keeps her personal life very quiet. She has, however, said that she is now dating someone. She also has a close relationship with her family and friends.

Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills Residence

front shot of the mansion (Image Credit: Google Earth)
Front view of the house

The house owned by Chamberlain in Beverly Hills is a luxurious residence, serving as a symbol of her success and affluence.

Location, Size, and price

Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills home is in a serene neighborhood away from the city’s noise and bustle. She paid $4.3 million for the mid-century modern property in May 2021.

The Exterior

The house has a mid-century modern design with a big gate and high privacy walls. It also boasts a pool, which is ideal for taking advantage of the warm California weather.

The Interior

The interior of the house exudes an open and inviting atmosphere. It features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Luxury finishes, striking chandeliers, and artwork by Emma’s father complete the look.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is huge and open, with stainless steel equipment, granite countertops, and seating at an island. It is ideal for cooking and entertaining visitors.

The Living Area

With high ceilings, huge windows that let in lots of natural light, a fireplace, and a dramatic chandelier, the living area is open and airy. It’s the ideal spot to unwind with friends and family.

The Drawing room

The drawing room is a formal space where guests can be entertained. It features a huge fireplace as well as a chandelier. It is ideal for hosting a dinner party or other special event.

The Bedroom

Location of Chamberlain's Residence from Coldwater Canyon Open Space (Image Credit: Google Earth)
Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills residence is located 1.16 miles Southeast of Coldwater Canyon Open Space

Emma Chamberlain’s residence reflects her particular style, which is a blend of mid-century modern and eclectic elements. The room is bright and big, with plenty of natural light. The walls are painted white, while the floor is made of light wood.

The bed is the room’s major focal point. The bed is a four-poster with a white frame and black velvet headboard. White sheets cover the bed, which is bordered by two nightstands and a dresser.

Emma Chamberlain’s other bedrooms are equally done in a combination of mid-century modern and eclectic styles. The walls are painted white, and the flooring is made of light wood.

The furniture is created from a combination of wood and metal. Personal touches, such as artwork, carpets, and plants, are also used to embellish the bedrooms.

There is a soaking tub, two sinks, and a walk-in shower in the master bathroom. The other bathrooms include contemporary fixtures and finishes.

Other fascinating amenities

Other cool features in the home include:

  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Patio with BBQ area
  • Home theater
  • Gym

Other Properties Owned Social Media Sensation

Other than the Beverly Hills house, Chamberlain owns one more property, whose specifications are as follows:

West Hollywood mansionWest Hollywood, CaliforniaMansion$3.9 million
The table displays features of the property owned by Chamberlain other than the Beverly Hills house
The YouTube video shows Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills Abode

Tourist locations to visit in the neighborhood

Here are a few tourist spots to visit in the vicinity of Chamberlain’s Beverly Hills Residence, with their distances from her house mentioned in brackets:

  • Rodeo Drive (2.5 miles): Rodeo Drive is a world-renowned retail district in Beverly Hills, California. It is well-known for its upscale shops and luxury businesses, as well as celebrity sightings. The famed Rodeo Drive Walk of Fame, which has stars honoring some of the world’s most famous celebrities, is also located on Rodeo Drive.
  • Beverly Hills Hotel (1.5 miles): The Beverly Hills Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, California. It is well-known for its pink stucco front, celebrity visitors, and Polo Lounge restaurant. The hotel has been in countless films and television shows and is regarded as one of the most iconic in the world.
  • Greystone Mansion (2 miles): Greystone home in Beverly Hills, California is a Tudor Gothic Revival home. It was built in 1928 and was intended for Edward L. Doheny Jr., the son of oil magnate Edward L. Doheny Sr. The home has been in a number of films and television series and is now a public museum.
  • Runyon Canyon Park (4 miles): Runyon Canyon Park is a famous hiking destination in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills. It’s famous for its breathtaking views of the city and the Hollywood Sign. Celebrity sightings are prevalent at the park.
  • Santa Monica Pier (10 miles): Santa Monica Pier is a pier amusement park in Santa Monica, California. It is famous for its distinctive Ferris wheel, amusement park rides, and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The pier is also a popular fishing and riding destination.
  • Venice Beach (11 miles): Venice Beach is a beachside community in Venice, Los Angeles, California. It is well-known for its diverse population, street entertainers, and stores and restaurants. Rollerblading and skateboarding are also popular in Venice Beach.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (5 miles): The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a concrete pavement in Hollywood, California, with over 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars placed in it. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has a comprehensive list of recipients on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With an estimated 10 million visits each year, the Walk of Fame is recognized as one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions.
  • Griffith Observatory (9.8 miles): This observatory in the Hollywood Hills provides breathtaking views of the city and the Hollywood Sign. It serves as an amazing location for stargazing.


  • Emma Chamberlain is a successful entrepreneur and social media celebrity.
  • In May 2021, she acquired a $4.3 million Beverly Hills home.
  • The residence features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a big pool.
  • The interior design is a combination of mid-century modern and eclectic elements.
  • Chamberlain’s unique style and taste are reflected throughout the residence.

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