Inside the $165 Million House Jeff Bezos Built

His Beverly Hills mansion is a sprawling complex covering nine acres, with every luxury you can imagine. When you first pull up the half-mile-long private driveway, passing by the gatehouse and security checkpoint, your jaw will drop at the sheer scale of the place. There’s a tennis court, swimming pool, and manicured gardens, of course. But the real highlights are inside the main house.

With nine bedrooms and a whopping 25 bathrooms, you’ll never be far from a place to freshen up. The walls are covered in priceless artworks, while marble and gold accents adorn nearly every surface. For those looking to escape the daily grind, the ultimate home theater and private bar provide entertainment.

Though for a cool $165 million, this house is likely out of your budget, an inside look at how the ultra-rich live can be fascinating. Get ready to explore Jeff Bezos’ over-the-top Beverly Hills mansion.

Introducing Jeff Bezos’s Massive $165 Million Estate

Jeff Bezos, the founder and former CEO of Amazon, spared no expense when building his massive estate in Medina, Washington. The property spans 5.3 acres of prime real estate on Lake Washington and includes a 25,000-square-foot mansion, two smaller homes, a boathouse, and acres of lush gardens.

Image showcasing Jeff Bezos' expansive estate in Medina, Washington, featuring a 25,000 square foot mansion, smaller homes, a boathouse, and lush gardens on 5.3 acres of prime Lake Washington real estate.
Jeff Bezos’ sprawling estate in Medina, Washington: A testament to opulence and luxury, spanning 5.3 acres on Lake Washington

The centerpiece of the estate is the extravagant mansion designed in a retro-modern style. It has 5 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms and features soaring ceilings, curving walls of glass, and an open floor plan with expansive indoor-outdoor spaces to take in the views. The home uses a sophisticated automation system to control everything from the lighting and temperature to the home theater.

Outside, the grounds include an infinity pool, a sunken tennis court, manicured gardens, and 200 feet of private shoreline along Lake Washington. The estate even has its separate recreation center, which likely includes an indoor pool, gym, and other luxury amenities for residents and guests.

With an estimated value of $165 million, Bezos spared no expense to create his private retreat just a 30-minute drive from downtown Seattle and Amazon’s headquarters. The lavish yet tasteful estate is a suitable abode for the world’s richest man and a historic example of 21st-century residential architecture and landscape design. Bezos’s vision brought to life a home that flawlessly blends the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a modern aesthetic worthy of its iconic owner.

The Property: A Secluded Compound in Beverly Hills

Jeff Bezos’s Beverly Hills compound is a secluded oasis in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods. The massive estate spans nine acres with every luxury you’d expect for the world’s richest man.

Sprawling Main HouseSeven-bedroom, seven-bath mansion spanning 25,000 sq ft, featuring soaring ceilings and intricate stonework. Includes a home theater, wine cellar, and guest house.
Lavish GroundsGated property boasting a tennis court, swimming pool, and well-manicured lawns. Mature trees ensure privacy for social gatherings or relaxation. Property taxes exceed $1 million annually.
Garage and SecurityFour-car garage, guard gate, and 24/7 security monitoring ensure safety and protection for vehicles and residents. Trespassers are swiftly removed from the premises.
A table summarizing the features of Jeff Bezos’ estate:

For the man who has everything, this Beverly Hills estate is the ultimate prize. A sprawling yet stylish sanctuary in the heart of luxury, it’s the perfect blend of extravagance, comfort, and solitude for the world’s richest person. No wonder Bezos calls this place home.

Key Features of the Luxurious Mansion

Jeff Bezos spared no expense when building his mansion in Medina, Washington. At over 25,000 square feet with seven bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s a lavish palace fit for the richest man in the world.

State-of-the-art technology

The home is decked out with the latest smart home gadgets, from lighting and temperature controls to a high-tech security system.

Rumor has it there are even robots to help with chores and tasks. Given Bezos founded Amazon, the Everything store, his house is likely filled with the newest Alexa-enabled devices for a seamless automated experience.

Luxurious details

No luxury was overlooked in the design and construction. The mansion reportedly features details like mahogany ceilings, marble fireplaces, an oak staircase, and teak floors.

The bathrooms are said to have radiant heat floors, towel warmers, and bidets. A chef-grade kitchen, wine cellar, and cigar lounge provide spaces for indulgent culinary creations, refined wine pairings, and leisurely moments of relaxation.

Resort-like amenities

The property has all the amenities of a five-star resort. A spa, tennis court, swimming pool, and private hiking trails on the 13.5-acre estate offer relaxation and recreation.

For guests, there are reportedly two private guest houses, each with luxurious details and amenities.

Prime location

The secluded property is located in the suburb of Medina, overlooking Lake Washington and just 30 minutes from Seattle. Neighbors include other tech billionaires like Bill Gates. The natural surroundings, views, and privacy the location affords are ideal for a high-profile resident wanting refuge from the spotlight.

While the details of Bezos’s mega-mansion are still largely a mystery, one thing is certain no expense or luxury was spared in building a high-tech palace fit for the king of e-commerce. The secluded estate is ideal for someone with everything money can buy and who values privacy as much as lavish living.

Jeff Bezo's house on Google Earth
Jeff Bezos’s house on Google Earth

Interesting Facts About the House’s Construction

The house that Jeff Bezos built is an architectural and technological marvel. Here are some interesting facts about its construction:

All-Natural and Sustainable Materials

Bezos wanted his house to have a minimal environmental impact. Almost all building materials are natural and sustainable, like weathered steel, reclaimed wood, and stone.

The home uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling, and solar panels provide most of its electricity.

Advanced Smart Home Technology

As you’d expect from the founder of Amazon, Bezos’s house is a smart home on steroids. Everything in the house can be controlled remotely through an app, from the lighting and temperature to the home theater and security system.

The house has an advanced network infrastructure with super-fast internet speeds throughout. There are touchscreen control panels in most rooms.

Artificial Mountain and Water Features

In the backyard, there is an artificial mountain made of steel and stone, complete with a waterfall and hiking trails.

There are several ponds, streams, and waterfalls surrounding the house, with a total water volume of over 1 million gallons. The water is all recycled and filtered on-site using the latest technology.

Garages for Multiple Vehicles

The house has six garages to accommodate Bezos’s vehicle collection, which includes sports cars like the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. There is also a separate garage for his private jet, which is located at a nearby airfield.

Privacy and Security

Given Bezos’s high profile, privacy and security were top priorities in the home’s design. The secluded property covers over 300 acres in the suburbs of Medina, Washington. The house itself has steel-reinforced concrete walls, bulletproof windows, and a state-of-the-art security system with facial recognition cameras. Entry to the house is highly restricted.

The house reflects Bezos’s personality and passions, incorporating advanced technology, sustainability, and a love of nature. For $165 million, no expense was spared in its design and construction. For Bezos, it’s the perfect blend of extravagance, functionality and eco-friendliness.

An image of Jeff Bezos' lavish property showcasing innovative architecture and opulent design, reflecting the essence of success and sophistication.
Jeff Bezos’ estate: Where visionary architecture meets billionaire elegance.

Near By Famous Places

Some popular spots near Bezos’ estate include:

  • The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is one of the longest floating bridges in the world. (25.9 Miles)
  • The Museum of History & Industry in Seattle is only 29 Miles away from Medina.
  • The Holmby Park Zoo is a popular family attraction and one of the most visited zoos in the country. (1.56 Miles)
Image showcasing the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, an impressive engineering feat and one of the longest floating bridges globally, measuring 25.9 miles.
A marvel of engineering is just 25.9 miles away from the house.


What luxurious amenities does the main house offer, and how is privacy maintained on the estate?

The main house features lavish amenities such as a home theater, wine cellar, and guest house.

The property ensures privacy with manicured lawns, mature trees, gated entrances, and pathways connecting various structures.

Could visitors access any parts of the property, such as the gardens or recreational facilities?

Details about public access or visitor tours of specific areas within the estate, such as the gardens or recreational facilities, haven’t been officially disclosed.

However, it’s widely known for its exclusivity and limited public access.

What security measures are in place at Jeff Bezos’ estate, considering its high value and exclusivity?

Security measures include a four-car garage, a guard gate, and round-the-clock security monitoring.

The compound is well-guarded to ensure the safety of the premises and its inhabitants, with strict measures against trespassers or intruders.


  • A glimpse inside the lavish estate of the world’s one of the richest.
  • Sure, 165 million bucks is an unimaginable amount of money for a house, but when you’re worth over 100 billion, what’s a few hundred million between friends?
  • While the scale of wealth and opulence on display here is pretty mind-boggling, you have to admit that Bezos has an eye for quality.
  • The sprawling property, the lush gardens, the private hiking trails, the high-tech security – it’s all rather picturesque if you can get past the price tag.
  • Love him or hate him, you have to respect the ambition and vision that built this empire.

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