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Jeff Daniels’ House (All You Need to Know)

Jeff Daniels’ House (All You Need to Know)

Chelsea, Michigan, is a nice place to live. It’s a small town with a friendly vibe, good schools like Chelsea High School, and fun things to do. There are parks, a cool theater called Purple Rose, and beautiful lakes.

Not only ordinary people, but celebrities have also found their peace in Chelsea. Several lakes on the drive of 10-15 minutes are a lovely treat for people who love nature and nature’s treat of beautiful lakes.

Celebrities like Jeff Daniels also moved to Chelsea, Michigan, and since then, he’s been living there peacefully near Cavanaugh Lake in a beautiful house along with his family. If you want to know more about his house, then you should get on our virtual Google Earth tour!

Personal InformationBorn on February 19, 1955, Jeffrey Warren Daniels is a multi-talented individual actor, musician, and playwright. With Two Primetime Emmy Awards and Three Tony Award Nominations to his name, he’s made significant contributions to the entertainment industry.
Purple Rose TheatreFounded in 1991, the non-profit Purple Rose Theatre, just 4.16 miles from Jeff Daniels’ home, enriches Chelsea’s cultural landscape.
ResidenceCharming house on Glazier Road, Chelsea, MI
House FeaturesJeff Daniels’ residence, priced at $1.78 million, is a spacious haven on a 2.13-acre lot featuring four bedrooms and bathrooms spanning 4,100 sq. ft. This charming abode provides comfort and style in Chelsea, Michigan, near a scenic lake.
Nearby LakesCavanaugh Lake is at 0.01 miles, Spring Lake is at 0.07 miles, and Crooked Lake is at 0.52 miles. These serene waters offer opportunities for fishing and relaxation, enhancing the tranquil ambiance of his Chelsea residence.
Nearby AmenitiesChelsea Hospital (775 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118) – 133 beds, newly renovated.
Chelsea High School (5.06 miles) – Ranked 32nd in Michigan
Article Summary

Jeff Daniels

Jeffrey Warren Daniels, born on February 19, 1955, is a well-known American actor, musician, and playwright. He’s famous for playing different roles in both funny and serious stories. Jeffrey has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and was nominated for three Tony Awards.

His acting career began with movies like “Terms of Endearment” in 1983 and “Dumb and Dumber” in 1994, where he showed his talent in making people laugh.

On TV, he impressed everyone as Will McAvoy in “The Newsroom,” winning awards for his performance. Not just an actor, Jeffrey started the Purple Rose Theatre Company in 1991, helping the arts in Michigan.

His life is a mix of performing, making music, and even writing plays. Jeffrey Daniels is a versatile artist who has left a lasting impact on both stage and screen, making people laugh and think through his various roles.

Jeff Daniels' House
Jeff Daniels is a renowned actor, musician, and playwright known for versatility and awards and he lives in a small town in Michigan, Chelsea!

What is Jeff Daniels famous for?

Jeff Daniels became famous for acting in movies like “Terms of Endearment” (1983), “The Purple Rose of Cairo” (1985), and “Dumb & Dumber” (1994). He is known for being good at both funny and serious roles, making him a reliable Hollywood actor.

Besides movies, he also does a lot of acting on stage and even started a theater company called The Purple Rose Theater Company in Chelsea, Michigan. He’s not just an actor; he’s a musician and songwriter, making two albums.

Jeff is married to his childhood sweetheart, Kathleen Treado, and they have three kids. So, he’s not just a famous actor; he’s a versatile and accomplished person in many ways.

Jeff Daniels House

Located in Chelsea, MI, on Glazier Road, is the charming home of Jeff Daniels. This welcoming city, renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and abundant amenities, serves as the backdrop for Daniels’ residence.

Located near Batavia Innovation and adjacent to the scenic Cavanaugh Lake, his home is evidence of comfort.

The spacious single-family house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, sprawling across an expansive 4,100 square feet on a generous 2.13-acre lot. Priced at $1.78 million, this two-story house features a partially finished basement, providing additional living space.

Though an outdoor pool may be absent, the residence enjoys a delightful view of several lakes near the residence, such as Cavanaugh Lake, Spring Lake, Crooked Lake, Doyle Lake, Sugarloaf Lake, Clear Lake County Park, and many others.

When did Jeff Daniels move to Michigan?

Jeff Daniels moved back to his hometown of Chelsea, Michigan, in 1986. After spending the initial weeks of his life in Georgia, where his father taught, the Daniels family relocated to their native Michigan.

Chelsea became the backdrop of Jeff’s upbringing, and in 1986, he decided to return to this familiar setting.

Since then, he has maintained his primary residence in Chelsea, demonstrating a strong connection to his roots. This move marked a significant return to his Michigan origins, shaping his personal and professional life in the following years.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Following are some facilities and nearby attractions within the vicinity of Jeff’s house:

Purple Rose Theatre

Just 4.16 miles from Jeff Daniels’ home, the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, Michigan, is extra special to him. Founded by Jeff in 1991, it’s a unique, non-profit theater.

The name, inspired by the film “The Purple Rose of Cairo,” where Jeff earned his first Golden Globe nomination, adds a touch of Hollywood magic. This theater isn’t just a building; it’s a lively space for plays and creativity.

Purple Rose Theatre
4.16 miles from Jeff Daniels’ home, the Purple Rose Theatre, founded by him, is special.

It’s like a local treasure chest of stories, all thanks to Jeff’s love for the arts. The Purple Rose Theatre isn’t only a part of Chelsea; it’s a piece of Jeff’s heart, making it a must-visit for those who want to explore the cultural soul of the community.

Cavanaugh Lake

Situated a mere 0.01 miles from Jeff’s house near Glazier Road in Chelsea, Michigan, Cavanaugh Lake is a great place for fishing lovers.

You can view this beautiful lake from Google Earth’s bird’s eye view! The proximity of this aquatic experience adds a touch of nature to Jeff Daniels’ neighborhood.

Fishers can cast their lines into the waters, seeking Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Kokanee, Rainbow Trout, and Largemouth Bass.

The lake’s stocked bounty provides a perfect opportunity for a relaxing day of fishing, creating a serene escape just a stone’s throw away from the comfort of Jeff’s home.

Chelsea Hospital

The Chelsea Hospital, with 133 beds, is a newly renovated healthcare center at 775 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118. This nationally recognized hospital is known for providing excellent care and keeping patients happy.

Chelsea Hospital
Chelsea Hospital has 133 beds, excellent care, and patient happiness.

Spring Lake

Only a short stroll away, Spring Lake sits just 0.07 miles from Jeff Daniels’ house. It’s a peaceful and quiet spot, perfect for taking it easy.

The lake’s calm vibe makes it a great place to relax and enjoy some quiet time. With its closeness to Jeff’s home, Spring Lake is a lovely escape for anyone looking for a serene atmosphere.

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake Rd in Sylvan Township is a mere 0.52 miles from Jeff Daniels’ house. This road, not too far away, offers a convenient connection to the surrounding area.

The close distance of this road in Sylvan Township provides a straight route for residents, enhancing the convenience of local travel.

Chelsea High School

Chelsea High School in Michigan is 5.06 miles from Jeff Daniels’ house. It’s the 32nd-ranked school in the state, offering a nearby place for students to learn and grow. You can also find a nearby middle school.

Moreover, you can check out the video below to know why Jeff made this decision to move to Michigan:

Jeff Daniels living in a small town! Why?


  • Jeff Daniels is renowned for his versatility as an actor, musician, and playwright, showcasing his skills in both funny and serious roles.
  • He founded the Purple Rose Theatre Company in 1991, contributing significantly to the arts scene in Chelsea, Michigan.
  • Jeff Daniels’ residence on Glazier Road in Chelsea offers comfort and charm, surrounded by scenic lakes like Cavanaugh, Spring, and Crooked Lake.
  • Having moved back to Chelsea in 1986, Jeff maintains a strong connection to his Michigan hometown, shaping both his personal and professional life.
  • The Purple Rose Theatre and nearby lakes add a cultural and recreational dimension to the Chelsea community, influenced by Jeff’s passion for the arts and nature.
  • Chelsea boasts facilities like the Chelsea Hospital and Chelsea High School, contributing to the well-being and education of the community.


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