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Jimmy Buffett Palm Beach House (Google Earth Location)

Jimmy Buffett Palm Beach House (Google Earth Location)

Jimmy Buffett, the legendary singer, songwriter, and businessman, has not only crafted timeless melodies but has also curated an impressive real estate portfolio reflecting his love for the beachy lifestyle.

Let’s embark on a virtual tour of Jimmy Buffett’s primary residence and other noteworthy properties, delving into the details of his tropical havens and uncovering fascinating facts about the man behind the Margaritaville empire.

Let us have a closer look at his estate.

Palm Beach Paradise: Buffett’s Primary Residence

A Slice of Tropical Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, Buffett’s primary residence is a captivating property that epitomizes luxury living with a touch of zen-like retreat.

Purchased in November 2020 for $6.9 million, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom haven spans over 4,700 square feet, boasting contemporary design and opulent features.

Aerial View Of Palm Beach
Aerial View of Palm Beach

An Oceanfront Retreat

Situated in one of Palm Beach’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Buffett’s residence is an oceanfront marvel.

The property’s strategic location not only provides breathtaking views of the Atlantic but also offers direct access to the sun-kissed sands that Palm Beach is renowned for.

Architectural Elegance

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, the residence seamlessly blends contemporary design with elements of coastal chic.

Soaring ceilings create a sense of openness, allowing the ocean breeze to weave through the living spaces.

Mahogany-framed glass doors serve as portals to panoramic views, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into every room.

The Heart of Entertainment: The Saltwater Pool

Nestled within the confines of the property is a saltwater pool that stands as a testament to Buffett’s penchant for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.

The pool area is a private retreat with lush landscaping where Buffett can relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the peace and quiet of Palm Beach life.

Side View of The House Showing Lush Greenery Surroundings And Pool
Side View of The House Showing Lush Greenery Surroundings And Pool

A Coveted Feature

Beyond the boundaries of the property, Buffett enjoys deeded beach access, allowing him to stroll along the shoreline at his leisure.

Whether it’s a morning walk or a sunset sojourn, the ability to step onto the sands from one’s own abode is a luxury that encapsulates the essence of Palm Beach living.

Life in Palm Beach

Anonymity in Affluence

Palm Beach is not just a location for Buffett; it’s a lifestyle. One of the most intriguing aspects of his choice of residence is the balance it strikes between opulence and anonymity.

In a town known for its high-profile residents, Buffett finds solace in the ability to navigate the community without the constant glare of celebrity.

The Intricacies of Local Living

Buffett, while an international music icon, also embraces the local flavors and traditions of Palm Beach. From savoring seafood delights at renowned restaurants to participating in community events, he seamlessly integrates into the vibrant tapestry of Palm Beach life.

Google Earth View

If you want to view Jimmy Buffett’s residence in 2D or 3D, click on the address below; it will take you to the Google Earth view of his residence.

Front view of the house on Google Earth

Address: Palm Beach

Beverly Hills, CA

The fact that Buffett chose to build a midcentury modern home in the middle of Beverly Hills is a testament to the musician’s varied aesthetic preferences.

Acquisition: Purchased in 2014 for $8,250,000, this four-bedroom sanctuary showcases Buffett’s penchant for iconic locations.

Architectural Delight: Built in 1963, the house underwent a contemporary remodel before Buffett made it his own. With glass walls, a saltwater pool, and a wet bar, it stands as a harmonious blend of vintage and modern.

Sag Harbor, NY

Serene Setting: Buffett’s final days were spent in a 5,300-square-foot Sag Harbor home, a peaceful retreat in Suffolk County, New York.

Location Significance: Sag Harbor is renowned for its exclusivity, with neighboring compounds owned by celebrities like Richard Gere and Matt Lauer.

Final Respite: This property, where Buffett found solace in the last chapter of his life, is a testament to his appreciation for the serene beauty of the Hamptons.

St. Barts Caribbean Retreat

Luxurious Escape: In the Caribbean haven of St. Barts, Buffett owns a sprawling estate that embodies island luxury.

Property Features: The main house boasts five bedrooms, a guest suite, and an office—serving as a retreat for the musician to unwind amidst the breathtaking Caribbean landscape.

Estimated Worth: While the exact figure is undisclosed, the property is estimated to be worth around $5 million, reflecting the exclusivity of St. Barts.

Daytona Beach, FL

Dedicated Community: Buffett’s connection with the 55-and-older community, Latitude Margaritaville in Daytona Beach, goes beyond music and extends to real estate.

Tropical Cottage: Purchased in July 2018 for $427,850, Buffett’s tropical cottage in this vibrant community reflects his commitment to creating havens inspired by his laid-back lifestyle.

Community Tribute: After Buffett’s death, locals gathered to erect a makeshift memorial decorated with surfboards and tequila bottles, symbols of his brand.

West Palm Beach, FL

Historical Appeal: A 1935-built, two-story home in West Palm Beach’s El Cid Historical District, was purchased in March 2012 for $560,000.

Solid Investment: Currently estimated at over $3 million, this dwelling proves Buffett’s knack for making wise real estate investments.

Proximity to the Beach: A few blocks from the beach, this residence is not just a home but a strategic retreat, offering the best of historical charm and coastal allure.

LocationTypeKey Features
Palm Beach, FLPrimary ResidenceFive bedrooms six bathrooms and a Cozy beachy vibe
Sag Harbor, NYRetreat– Five bedrooms – Six bathrooms – Cozy beachy vibe
New York City, NYUrban Escape– Two bedrooms – Two bathrooms – 1,586 sq ft
Beverly Hills, CAMidcentury Marvel– Four bedrooms – 4,300 sq ft – Midcentury modern design
Daytona Beach, FLLatitude Margaritaville– Two bedrooms – 2.5 bathrooms – Tropical cottage in 55+ community
West Palm Beach, FLHistorical Gem– Three bedrooms – 2,070 sq ft – Historic district, close to beach
St. Barts, CaribbeanLuxurious Estate– Main house with five bedrooms – Guest suite – Office – Beach access via Marila
Bahamas – NassauMargaritaville Resort– Oceanfront rooms with views of the Caribbean – Proximity to duty-free shops and restaurants
Details about Jimmy Buffet Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Homes Does Jimmy Buffett Own?

Buffett has owned several homes, with notable residences in Palm Beach, Sag Harbor, Beverly Hills, and the Bahamas.

What Inspired Latitude Margaritaville Retirement Villages?

Latitude Margaritaville was inspired by Buffett’s music and caters to individuals aged 55 and above, offering a relaxed and vibrant community.

Did Buffett Frequent His Properties?

Yes, Buffett actively spent time in his properties, with Palm Beach serving as a part-time residence and Sag Harbor being a place for his final moments.

How Did Buffett Contribute to Environmental Causes?

Buffett used his platform to raise awareness about environmental issues, supporting organizations like Save the Manatee Club and the Gulf Restoration Network.

Palm Beach Property House Tour


  • Buffett’s real estate mirrors his musical spirit, from Palm Beach elegance to Sag Harbor serenity and Beverly Hills glamour.
  • His primary residence blends contemporary design with luxe features, offering a slice of tropical elegance and anonymity for roaming freely.
  • New York became a backdrop for his final days, emphasizing his deep connection with coastal living.
  • Midcentury glamour in Buffett’s Beverly Hills residence showcases eclectic taste with glass walls and a lavish saltwater pool.
  • Retirement communities inspired by his music offer laid-back living for those 55 and above, reflecting Buffett’s philosophy.
  • The Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau provides a harmonious blend of luxury and relaxation with oceanfront rooms and breathtaking views.
  • Buffett’s journey mirrors his rise from Pascagoula to Palm Beach, a testament to his stardom.

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