Kat Von D’s Windsor Square House (Explore!)

Kat Von D, the renowned tattoo artist, makeup mogul, and musician, has not only left an indelible mark on the world of ink but has also carved her path through the intriguing landscape of real estate.

In this deep dive, we unravel the mystique surrounding Kat Von D’s residences, from the dark elegance of her Victorian Gothic property to the intricacies of selling and acquiring new homes.

Victorian Gothic Mansion

Kat Von D’s Victorian mansion in Windsor Square, Los Angeles, affectionately known as “Gothic Wonderland,” transported its inhabitants to a bygone era.

Built in 1896, the property spans over 12,565 square feet. It abounds with Gothic design elements and eerie decorations, creating an atmosphere of haunting aesthetics.

The Backside Of The Mansion Shows A Red Pool
The Backside of The Mansion Shows A Red Pool

A Symphony of Design Elements

Entering Kat Von D’s Victorian Gothic mansion is akin to stepping into a curated symphony of design elements.

Each room, infused with a distinct personality, contributes to the overall opulence that defines this architectural masterpiece.

A Prelude to Elegance

The grand foyer sets the tone for the entire mansion. High ceilings adorned with intricate chandeliers, ornate staircases, and dark wood paneling create an immediate sense of grandeur.

The space serves as a visual overture, inviting guests into a world where every detail matters.

Stained-Glass Marvels

One cannot overlook the stained-glass windows that adorn various spaces within the mansion. Each window tells a story, casting a rainbow of colors that dance across the walls as sunlight filters through.

These artistic marvels not only illuminate the interiors but also serve as a testament to Kat Von D’s penchant for creativity.

Gothic Studies

The mansion boasts gothic studies that seamlessly blend creativity with comfort. Dark, rich tones dominate the furnishings, complemented by ambient lighting that creates an inspiring atmosphere.

These studies were more than workspaces; they were sanctuaries for artistic contemplation.

Ornate Bedrooms

The eleven ornate bedrooms within the mansion are more than sleeping quarters—they are immersive artistic retreats.

Each room, uniquely designed and personalized, reflected Kat Von D’s distinctive aesthetic. From gothic motifs to curated collections, these bedrooms are expressions of individuality.

The Blood-Red Pool

The mansion’s iconic blood-red pool is a bold stroke on the canvas of its interiors. The pool area is more than just a recreational area because of its gothic accents; it is a visual spectacle.

The striking visual effect is a result of the contrast between the dark aesthetic and the deep red.

The Top Side Of The Gothic House
The Top Side of The Gothic House

Personalization Beyond Walls

Beyond Architectural Elements

Beyond the architectural elements, each room has its own unique story, which is what makes Kat Von D’s artistic imprint so charming.

Tattoo artistry finds its way onto walls with subtle nods to Von D’s professional journey, creating an immersive experience that transcends conventional interior design.

Tattooed Walls

In certain rooms, the walls themselves become canvases. Tattoo-inspired murals and artwork, a testament to Kat Von D’s expertise, transform the interiors into a living gallery. These tattooed walls blur the lines between art and architecture.

Eccentric Collections

Kat Von D has put together a variety of odd collections for the interior. Every piece, from old artifacts to modern works of art, has meaning.

Every corner of the mansion is a new discovery that takes you on a journey through time and taste.

Silver Screen Connection

This wasn’t just a residence; it was a backdrop for Hollywood. Featured in the 2003 film “Cheaper by the Dozen,” the mansion became more than a dwelling; it became a part of cinematic history, elevating its allure in the eyes of admirers.

Google Earth View

If you want to view Kat Von D’s residence in 2D or 3D, click on the address below; it will take you to the Google Earth view of her mansion.

Front Of The House On Google Earth
Front View of The House on Google Earth

Address: Victorian Mansion

Beyond the Victorian Gothic Marvel.

Indiana Retreat: Planting Roots

Von D’s decision to buy a house in Vevay, Indiana, marked a significant shift. Her motivation for the move was a desire for nature, a place where her son could play unrestrictedly, and an escape from what she perceived to be California’s high taxes and “tyrannical government.”

Motivations Behind the Move

The decision to establish roots in Indiana wasn’t solely about relocating; it was a strategic move to create a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for her family.

Remodeling Endeavors

Von D, known for her hands-on approach, shared her remodeling plans for the Indiana house. The process, documented on social media, highlighted her commitment to creating a home that aligns with her vision.

PropertyLocationArchitectural StyleKey Features
Gothic WonderlandCaliforniaVictorian Gothic11 ornate bedrooms, Gothic study, Stained-glass windows, blood-red pool
Tranquil HavenIndianaHistoricRemote small-town setting, Nature-centric surroundings, personal retreat from California’s chaos
Information about Kat Von D Properties

Unveiling Facts About the Iconic Tattoo Artist

Beyond the realm of real estate, delving into intriguing facts about Kat Von D adds layers to the narrative of this enigmatic personality.

Tattoo Artistry to Cosmetics Empire

Kat Von D’s journey began in the world of tattoo artistry, catapulting her into the limelight with her appearances on reality shows like “Miami Ink” and later starring in her own series, “LA Ink.”

Transitioning from ink to cosmetics, she founded Kat Von D Beauty, leaving an indelible mark on the makeup industry.

Feuds and Controversies

When you look into someone’s life, you cannot leave out the problems that have happened along the way.

People had strong opinions about her because of her famous fight with Jeffree Star and the problems she caused by her views on vaccinations.

The public fallout with Jeffree Star, played out on social media platforms, showcased the complexities and challenges within the beauty community.

Vaccination Controversy

The way Von D spoke about vaccinations caused anger and a boycott of her beauty line. Her subsequent clarification in 2020 aimed to address misconceptions surrounding her views.

Music and Vegan Fashion

Kat Von D’s creative ventures extend beyond the realms of tattooing and makeup. Her foray into music, including the release of her album “Love Made Me Do It,” and the launch of Von D Shoes, a vegan and cruelty-free shoe line, demonstrate the breadth of her artistic endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made Kat Von D’s Victorian mansion unique?

The mansion was a masterpiece of gothic design, boasting intricate details and spooky decor, reflecting Kat Von D’s distinctive taste.

How Did Kat Von D Market Her Gothic Home?

Kat Von D leveraged social media platforms, providing virtual tours and glimpses of the unique features of her home. The marketing strategy aimed to attract buyers appreciative of its distinctive aesthetics.

What Prompted Kat Von D’s Move to Indiana?

Factors such as nature, a conducive environment for her son, and disillusionment with California’s policies prompted Kat Von D to establish roots in Indiana.

Inside Kat Von D’s Victorian LA Mansion | $12,500,000


  • Kat Von D’s Victorian Gothic mansion in Los Angeles, known as “Gothic Wonderland,” is a historic and opulent residence.
  • The mansion features grand architectural elements, including high ceilings, stained-glass windows, and dark wood paneling.
  • Each room within the mansion reflects a distinctive personality, creating a symphony of design elements that cater to Kat Von D’s creative and artistic tastes.
  • The iconic blood-red pool, tattooed walls, and eccentric collections add to the mansion’s unique character.
  • The property served as a backdrop for the 2003 film “Cheaper by the Dozen,” further enhancing its allure.

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