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Kirstie Alley’s House

Kirstie Alley’s House

Within the realm of Hollywood, there are few names that radiate as brilliantly as Kirstie Alley’s. Her journey through the world of acting has been extraordinary, and her presence extends far beyond the screen, leaving an impression that lingers.

This captivating aura has ignited a spark of interest among her devoted followers. Beyond her accomplishments in the cinematic world, the natural intrigue extends to unraveling the intimate aspects of her life.

Embraced by her admirers, Kirstie Alley stands as an esteemed actress and a figure of public prominence. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Kirstie Alley’s residence at 1100 N Osceola Ave captures the essence of a quintessential Tinseltown lifestyle.

Accompany us as we navigate the delicate intersection of intrigue and respect, embarking on an expedition that unearths fragments of information about Kirstie Alley’s abode and the enchanting atmosphere that envelops her surroundings.

Location of The House

Kristie Alley's house on Google Earth
Kirstie Alley’s House

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Kirstie Alley’s residence at 1100 N Osceola Ave captures the essence of a quintessential Tinseltown lifestyle.

As we tread gently in our exploration, let’s unravel the magic of this locale while also respecting the privacy that surrounds it.

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame – A mere stroll of approximately 0.7 miles away, the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame showcases the luminous stars of the entertainment world. Each step taken here echoes the history of the silver screen.
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Located within around 2 miles, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a unique landmark that pays homage to legendary figures of the entertainment industry. It’s not just a resting place, but a sanctuary of history.
  • TCL Chinese Theatre – Positioned just over a mile from the residence, the TCL Chinese Theatre is a monumental symbol of Hollywood’s grandeur. Its historic significance and cinematic allure make it an emblem of the district.
  • Hollywood Hills – Less than 5 miles away, the Hollywood Hills stands as a picturesque backdrop. The iconic Hollywood Sign and scenic overlooks provide a stunning vista of the sprawling cityscape.
  • Hollywood Bowl – About 2.5 miles from the residence, the Hollywood Bowl is a renowned outdoor amphitheater that resonates with the melodies of live music. Its distinctive shell shape and immersive concerts attract audiences from all corners.
  • Sunset Strip – A short distance of around 2.5 miles leads to the famed Sunset Strip, known for its nightlife, entertainment venues, and vibrant energy that pulses through its streets.
  • Runyon Canyon Park – Approximately 3 miles away lies Runyon Canyon Park, offering a serene escape into nature with hiking trails and stunning views of Los Angeles.

Kirstie Alley’s choice of residence places her in the epicenter of Hollywood’s glamour and cultural heritage. The proximity to these iconic landmarks not only underscores the allure of her location but also accentuates the vibrant tapestry of her surroundings.

Hollywood Walk of FameIconic sidewalk honoring entertainment legends.
Hollywood BowlHistoric amphitheater for live music and performances.
Griffith ObservatoryStellar views of the city and space exploration.
Places to visit

Reaching the House

google earth
Distance from Clearwater North Greenwood Library

Approaching Kirstie Alley’s residence involves traversing the enchanting streets of Hollywood, a realm where imagination and reality converge.

While specific navigational details are sensitive, we can provide a general sense of how one might reach this captivating abode from different starting points.

From Downtown Los Angeles:

  • Embarking on a journey from Downtown Los Angeles, take the US-101 N highway, which seamlessly guides you towards the heart of Hollywood.
  • As you navigate the urban expanse, take the Vine St exit, and the historic Hollywood Boulevard greets you.
  • A mere few blocks later, you’ll find the enchanting Osceola Ave, where the residence resides.

From Santa Monica:

  • Starting your venture from Santa Monica, make your way onto the I-10 E freeway.
  • Transition onto the US-101 N, and as the cityscape shifts, the Hollywood district embraces you.
  • Take the Highland Ave exit, and the allure of the area deepens.
  • Winding through the charming streets, Osceola Ave materializes as your destination.

From Burbank:

  • Embarking from Burbank, follow the CA-134 W to merge onto the US-101 S.
  • As you approach the heart of Hollywood, exit onto Hollywood Blvd.
  • This iconic thoroughfare leads you to the vibrant streets, and a brief journey down Osceola Ave brings you to Kirstie Alley’s residence.

From Pasadena:

  • If you’re setting forth from Pasadena, journey along the CA-134 W to join the US-101 S.
  • Soon, the captivating aura of Hollywood unfolds.
  • Exit onto Hollywood Blvd, and immerse yourself in the energy of the district.
  • A gentle meander along Osceola Ave unveils the destination you seek.

It’s important to acknowledge that these directions provide a general understanding of the journey without compromising Kirstie Alley’s privacy. The path to her abode is a combination of discovery and discretion, where the charm of reaching the destination is matched by respect for personal space.

Activities to Do in the Neighborhood

google earth
Kirstie Alley’s residence is a gateway to a neighborhood that pulsates with life and experiences.

Kirstie Alley’s residence isn’t just a solitary dwelling; it’s a gateway to a neighborhood that pulsates with life and experiences.

Let’s embark on a journey through the array of activities that the enchanting Hollywood vicinity offers, aligning with the spirit of exploration and appreciation for the surroundings.

Exploring Hollywood Boulevard

Venture along the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, an embodiment of the district’s cinematic legacy.

Stroll down the Walk of Fame, where the stars of entertainment history grace the pavement, and capture moments with your favorite luminaries.

Visit the Hollywood Bowl

Immerse yourself in the cultural heartbeat of the area with a visit to the Hollywood Bowl.

Experience live concerts under the stars in this legendary outdoor amphitheater, a quintessential Los Angeles tradition.

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

Embark on a hike through the Hollywood Hills to get up close and personal with the legendary Hollywood Sign.

The views from the trail offer an unmatched panorama of the city and its grandeur.

Explore the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Embark on a historical journey within the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where the resting places of celebrated figures and immersive events create a unique blend of:

  • Art
  • Culture
  • Homage

Visit the TCL Chinese Theatre

Indulge in the allure of the TCL Chinese Theatre, a cinematic marvel that showcases both historic significance and contemporary premieres.

It’s a nexus of Hollywood’s allure and cinematic resonance.

Enjoy Runyon Canyon Park

For nature enthusiasts, Runyon Canyon Park beckons with its hiking trails and sweeping views of Los Angeles.

Engage in rejuvenating outdoor activities in this urban oasis.

Experience the Sunset Strip

Embark on a journey along the famed Sunset Strip, known for its vibrant nightlife, music venues, and dynamic atmosphere that captures the essence of the city’s entertainment scene.

Kirstie Alley’s chosen neighborhood offers a rich tapestry of experiences, each weaving a tale of its own. As you explore the vicinity, you’ll find that her residence is not just a solitary sanctuary but a portal to a world where entertainment, culture, and community converge in harmonious rhythm.

Kirstie Alley House Tour


Can Kirstie Alley’s Residence Be Visited By the Public?

Kirstie Alley’s residence is a private space, and respecting her privacy is crucial.

While her contributions to entertainment are cherished, it’s important to acknowledge the boundaries that come with personal spaces.

Does Kirstie Alley Interact With Her Neighbors?

Kirstie Alley’s interactions with her neighbors, like most private aspects of her life, aren’t publicly disclosed.

Maintaining a harmonious relationship with the community and her need for privacy likely play a role.

Are There Any Public Events at Kirstie Alley’s Residence?

Specific details about events are generally not shared publicly.

However, it’s common for celebrities to host events in private spaces, inviting friends, colleagues, and fellow industry figures.

What Makes Hollywood an Appealing Neighborhood for Celebrities?

Hollywood’s allure lies in its rich history, entertainment culture, and proximity to industry opportunities.

Celebrities often find a blend of vibrancy and seclusion in this iconic area.

How Can One Admire Celebrities’ Homes While Respecting Their Privacy?

Admiring celebrities’ homes through media coverage and respectful acknowledgment of their achievements is one way to show appreciation.

It’s essential to remember that celebrities deserve personal boundaries and privacy.


  • Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Kirstie Alley’s residence at 1100 N Osceola Ave captures the essence of a quintessential Tinseltown lifestyle.
  • Kirstie Alley’s residence and her captivating neighborhood remind us of the intriguing balance that public figures like her must navigate. 
  • While we may marvel at the glimpses we get into their lives, it’s paramount to uphold the respect they deserve in their personal spaces. 
  • Kirstie Alley’s house serves as a microcosm of the dynamic between fame and solitude, a place where dreams are lived and moments cherished away from the public eye.

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