Kurt Rappaport Brentwood House Next Door [Explored]

Welcome to an exclusive tour through one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Brentwood.

Nestled within this upscale locale are two remarkable residential properties that have captivated the attention of real estate enthusiasts and locals alike. The residence located at 12846 Highwood Street in Brentwood, Los Angeles, offers an exquisite glimpse into the prestigious neighborhood it graces.

This blog post is a journey that explores the wealthy homes of renowned figures in the real estate landscape—Kurt Rappaport’s lavish abode and the intriguing property next door.

Let’s journey through the esteemed streets of Brentwood and get a glimpse into the luxurious world of high-profile real estate and exclusive living.

Location of the House

satellite view of the house
Kurt Rappaport Brentwood House

The residence located at 12846 Highwood Street in Brentwood, Los Angeles, offers an exquisite glimpse into the prestigious neighborhood it graces.

Situated within this affluent area, the property is neighbored by a variety of notable landmarks and attractions, contributing to the allure and exclusivity of the region.

  • The Getty Center: The renowned art museum and cultural institution, The Getty Center, stands as a jewel of Los Angeles. Known for its architectural magnificence, extensive art collections, and breathtaking gardens, it’s an essential stop for art enthusiasts and culture aficionados.
  • Mount St. Mary’s College: A prestigious educational institution, Mount St. Mary’s College isn’t only known for its academic excellence but also its serene ambiance and stunning views, contributing to the neighborhood’s charm.
  • Mandeville Canyon Park: Offering a serene escape into nature, Mandeville Canyon Park presents residents with an opportunity to explore beautiful trails and bask in the serene landscapes, making it a wonderful retreat for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The Riviera Country Club: The Riviera Country Club offers an elite and sophisticated experience for golf enthusiasts. Known for its pristine golf courses and serene surroundings, it’s a hotspot for both professional and leisurely golfing.

While these landmarks stand as prominent features within Brentwood, their exact distance from 12846 Highwood Street may vary. Nevertheless, they add to the character and allure of this upscale area, contributing to the sought-after lifestyle of Brentwood residents.

LocationDistance from the house
The Getty Center5 miles
Mount St. Mary’s College7 miles
The Riviera Country Club:2 miles
Places to visit

Reaching the House

street view of the house
Street view of the house

From Downtown Los Angeles:

  • Take I-10 West toward Santa Monica.
  • Continue on I-10 and then merge onto I-405 North.
  • Use exit 55B toward Moraga Drive.
  • Turn right onto Moraga Drive and continue to proceed.
  • Turn left onto Bundy Drive, and then right onto Highwood Street.
  • 12846 Highwood Street will be on your right.

From LAX Airport:

  • Head southeast on World Way toward West Way.
  • Keep right to continue toward South Sepulveda Boulevard.
  • Continue on S Sepulveda Blvd, then merge onto I-405 North.
  • Take exit 55B for Moraga Drive.
  • Turn right onto Moraga Drive, then left onto Bundy Drive.
  • Make a right turn onto Highwood Street, and 12846 Highwood Street will be on the right.

The area is accessible by public transport; there are bus lines and Metro rail stations nearby. Visitors can refer to local public transportation services for the nearest stops or stations.

Taking a taxi or a ride-share service from the city center or the airport to Highwood Street can be convenient. Enter the address, 12846 Highwood Street, as the destination in your app for specific directions.


distance from the house to a nearby landmark
Distance from the house to a Highwood Street Green

A well-designed and functional neighborhood often boasts various key infrastructural aspects contributing to its appeal and convenience for its residents.

Let’s look at some facilities in the neighborhood:

Transportation Facilities

Residential areas usually benefit from decent transport facilities. This includes access to public transportation such as bus routes, nearby subway or rail stations, and main roads connecting to other parts of the city.

It facilitates commuting to workplaces, schools, and shopping areas. Additionally, well-maintained streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes contribute to ease of movement.

Healthcare Facilities

Access to medical facilities, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies is essential for any neighborhood.

Proximity to healthcare services is crucial for the overall well-being of residents.

Educational Institutions

The availability of quality educational institutions like schools, colleges, and learning centers is a key determinant in choosing a residential area.

The presence of reputable educational facilities within or near a neighborhood enhances its appeal, as it accommodates families with school-going children.

Parks and Recreational Spaces

Open green spaces, parks, and recreational facilities enhance the quality of life in a neighborhood.

Residents often look for community parks, playgrounds, jogging trails, and open spaces for leisure activities and social gatherings.

Utility Services

Reliable utility services including electricity, water, gas, and sewage are fundamental requirements.

Properly maintained utility infrastructure contributes to the comfort and functionality of a neighborhood.

Proximity to commercial centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, and entertainment venues provides convenience and leisure options for residents.

Activities to Do 

Inside Kurt Rappaport’s House

Many neighborhoods organize local events such as farmers’ markets, street fairs, or cultural celebrations. These events allow residents to interact, and enjoy local food, crafts, and entertainment. Parks and recreational facilities in the vicinity may offer options for outdoor activities, including walking, jogging, or cycling.

Volunteer opportunities, community service, or local organizations often organize clean-ups, charity events, or fundraising drives. These activities foster a sense of community and altruism.

Visiting art galleries, cultural centers, and museums, or participating in art and music events that are part of the neighborhood’s local culture could be an engaging experience. Exploring nearby restaurants, cafés, or small eateries offers a chance to taste local delicacies or new cuisines.

Some neighborhoods offer community workshops, classes, or book clubs, catering to a variety of interests. These can range from cooking classes, and gardening clubs, to language lessons.

Joining local sports teams or hobby clubs, like photography, painting, or gardening, can be an excellent way to socialize and engage in shared interests. Certain neighborhoods might offer historical or architectural walking tours, enabling residents to explore the local history and architecture.


What Makes the Brentwood Neighborhood a Desirable Place to Live?

Brentwood is renowned for its upscale character, with elegant homes, lush greenery, and a sense of exclusivity.

It offers a harmonious blend of urban convenience and a suburban atmosphere, making it highly sought after among residents.

Can One Visit or Tour Kurt Rappaport’s House?

Unfortunately, this is a private residence.

It’s not open to public tours or visits.

What Notable Attractions or Landmarks Are Situated Near the House?

Nearby attractions include:

  • The Getty Center
  • A renowned museum with impressive art collections
  • Brentwood Country Mart
  • A charming shopping and dining destination

What Is the Lifestyle Like in This Exclusive Neighborhood?

The neighborhood provides:

  • A high standard of living, with access to top-tier amenities
  • Upscale shopping
  • Fine dining
  • A tranquil ambiance offering a serene, and upscale living experience


  • In the realm of real estate, few properties possess the allure and grandeur of Kurt Rappaport’s Brentwood house located at 12846 Highwood Street in Los Angeles. 
  • With its architectural marvel and prestigious address, this property stands as an emblem of luxurious living in the heart of Brentwood.
  • Exploring the exclusive neighborhood surrounding the house, it becomes evident that the allure of this residence extends beyond its walls. 
  • The region boasts a vibrant ambiance with an exceptional array of landmarks and activities that cater to varied interests and lifestyles. 
  • From the high-end shopping experiences to the cultural engagements and serene green spaces, Brentwood offers an immersive and diverse experience for residents and visitors alike.
  • Understanding the opulent lifestyle in the neighborhood requires acknowledging the meticulously crafted infrastructure and well-curated attractions.

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