Kylian Mbappé’s Luxurious €3.7 Million Penthouse (Find Out)

In the pulsating world of football, where legends are forged and dreams take flight, one name stands out with resplendent brilliance, Kylian Mbappé.

This 23-year-old maestro, hailing from the vibrant streets of Bondy in Paris, has transcended the realms of the beautiful game, imprinting his indelible mark on the global football stage.

But Mbappé’s story isn’t confined to the stadiums; it unfolds within the walls of opulent residences, each echoing a chapter of his meteoric rise.

Unveiling the Paris Penthouse

The Heart of Paris: 16th Arrondissement

Mbappé’s Parisian abode is a masterpiece situated in the 16th arrondissement, providing an enviable view of The Champs de Mars, often hailed as the ‘Heart of Paris.’

This prime location reflects not only exclusivity but also the footballer’s deep connection to his hometown.

Back View Of The House
Back View of The House

A Glimpse of Elegance: The €3.7 Million Marvel

The lavish penthouse, valued at €3.7 million, is a visual marvel. Boasting a sprawling 6,460 square feet, the duplex penthouse offers a luxurious living experience.

From the moment you step in, the elegance is palpable, reflecting Mbappé’s penchant for the finer things in life.

Interior Extravaganza

Le Journal de la Maison, a renowned French magazine, has unveiled images of the interior, showcasing the meticulous design and lavish spaces.

The penthouse features five bedrooms, including two suites, a grand hall, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, a spacious living room, a dedicated office, and a charming library. The design seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort.

A Room with a View: Overlooking the Eiffel Tower

What sets Mbappé’s residence apart is the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. The penthouse offers not just a place to reside but an experience, with balconies and terraces strategically positioned for an unobstructed view of the iconic landmark.

Aerial View From The House Showing The Eiffel Tower
Aerial View from The House Showing The Eiffel Tower

Costs and Payments

Monthly rental luxury, however, comes at a price. Mbappé reportedly pays a staggering €164,000 per month to rent this Parisian masterpiece. The exclusivity and convenience it provides make it a worthwhile investment for the football sensation.

Valuation, This penthouse is estimated to be worth around €3,500,000, though its actual purchase price is being kept secret.

For Mbappé, who is one of the highest-paid footballers globally, this residence is not just a dwelling; it’s an investment that aligns with his status.

Paris Penthouse Details
Property Location16th Arrondissement, Paris
Size (Square Feet)6,460 sq ft (approx)
Number of Bedrooms5
Key FeaturesEiffel Tower view, Two floors, Gym, Turkish bath,
Balconies, Terraces, Main room, Office, Library, Bar,
Jacuzzi, Basketball Court, Rooftop Room, Sauna,
Swimming Pool
Monthly Rent€164,000 (approx)
Purchase Value€3,500,000 (approx)
Key Details Related to Kylian Mbappé’s Paris Penthouse

Google Earth View

If you want to view Kylian Mbappe’s residence in 2D or 3D, click on the address below; it will take you to the Google Earth view of his residence.

Front View Of Penthouse On Google Earth
Front View of Penthouse on Google Earth

Address: Paris

Mbappé’s Real Estate Portfolio

The Neuilly-sur-Seine Mansion

In addition to the Parisian penthouse, reports suggest Mbappé owns a mansion in the affluent neighborhood of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

Spread over three floors and spanning 9,150 square feet, this property is a testament to his success.

Features of the Neuilly-sur-Seine Mansion

The Neuilly-sur-Seine mansion boasts 12 bedrooms, a grand hall, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining room, a spacious living room, a main suite, a library, a gym, a sauna, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a laundry room, a garage, a basketball court, and various other amenities that redefine luxury living.

Market Value and Investment

While the official price of the properties is undisclosed, estimates suggest that the Neuilly-sur-Seine mansion could hold a substantial market value.

Considering Mbappé’s stature, these properties aren’t just residences; they are strategic investments in the lucrative real estate market.

The Madrid Odyssey: Kylian’s Next Chapter

In the unfolding chapters of Kylian Mbappé’s illustrious career, a new narrative emerges—one that whispers of a potential move to the iconic Spanish capital, Madrid.

The football world is abuzz with speculation and anticipation, envisioning Mbappé donning the legendary white jersey of Real Madrid.

As reports circulate about the star’s house-hunting escapades in Madrid’s affluent neighborhoods like La Finca and La Moraleja, the saga gains momentum.

The entwining of Mbappé’s destiny with the legacy of Real Madrid appears imminent, an evolution that could reshape the landscape of European football.

Mbappé’s Financial Prowess

From Bondy to the Pinnacle: A Remarkable Journey

Mbappé’s rise from the banlieues of Bondy to becoming the second-highest-paid footballer in the world is nothing short of extraordinary.

The €3.7 million penthouse and the Neuilly-sur-Seine mansion are symbolic of his journey from humble beginnings to global stardom.

PSG Deal and Earnings

The signing with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) catapulted Mbappé into the upper echelons of football’s financial hierarchy.

Earning a reported €83 million per season, he stands as the highest-paid soccer athlete globally. This financial prowess not only sustains his lavish lifestyle but also positions him as a key player in the football business.

Investments and Market Dynamics

Beyond the football field, Mbappé’s real estate investments reflect his astuteness in financial matters. The properties in Paris are not just homes; they are assets that have the potential to appreciate, adding another dimension to his financial portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market value of Mbappé’s Paris penthouse?

The exact market value remains undisclosed, but estimates place it at a staggering €3.7 million.

Why did Mbappé choose the 16th arrondissement for his Parisian residence?

The 16th arrondissement offers a central location and an exquisite view of The Champs de Mars, aligning with Mbappé’s taste for luxury.

What amenities does the Neuilly-sur-Seine mansion offer?

The mansion includes a gym, sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath, basketball court, and various other amenities, defining it as a luxury haven.

How did Mbappé’s journey from Bondy to PSG contribute to his financial success?

Mbappé’s journey showcases his dedication, and his move to PSG significantly boosted his earnings, establishing him as one of the highest-paid footballers globally.

Kylian Mbappé | House Tour | From Bondy Project Apartment to Luxurious Paris Penthouse


  • Kylian Mbappé’s Paris penthouse, valued at an astounding 3.7 million euros, is a testament to architectural grandeur.
  • This luxurious abode, spanning 6400 square feet, offers a breathtaking view of the iconic Eiffel Tower, making it not just a residence but a masterpiece in the heart of Paris.
  • Nestled in the esteemed 16th Arrondissement, Mbappé’s penthouse is strategically located, providing proximity to the Parc des Princes, the hallowed grounds where he showcases his football prowess. The property’s prime location adds a layer of convenience and prestige.
  • The interior of the penthouse is a canvas of sophistication. Boasting five bedrooms, two suites, a hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, office, library, bar, jacuzzi, balconies, and terraces, each element is meticulously designed to offer both opulence and comfort.
  • Mbappé’s commitment to the Parisian penthouse includes a monthly rent of approximately 164,000 BRL.
  • Mbappé’s real estate portfolio extends beyond the Parisian penthouse. Reports suggest ownership of a sprawling mansion in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
  • Speculations about Mbappé’s house-hunting in Madrid add another layer to his real estate narrative.
  • The potential acquisition of a property in La Finca or La Moraleja reflects a forward-looking approach, anticipating a shift in his footballing journey to Real Madrid.

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