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Stunning Lakefront Home In Knoxville, Tennessee (Luxury & Nature)

Stunning Lakefront Home In Knoxville, Tennessee (Luxury & Nature)

Ever dreamed of owning a lakefront home that’s the epitome of luxury and elegance? Well, there’s a stunning property in Knoxville, Tennessee that’s sure to catch your eye.

This home isn’t just a house, it’s a statement of opulence and sophistication, nestled in the heart of nature.

Right on the shore of a serene lake, this Knoxville beauty is a paradise for anyone who loves peace, tranquility, and, of course, top-tier luxury.

With breathtaking views and top-notch amenities, it’s a property that truly stands out. Stay tuned as we delve into the details of this stunning lakefront home.

LOCATION2050 Hidden Cove Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee
BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms
PRICECurrently off the market
Overview of the house

Exterior Features

When you first set eyes on this Knoxville marvel, its Exterior Features leave an indelible mark. Elegantly spread across two acres of serene land, the property speaks volumes about exclusivity with its perfectly manicured grounds and expansive lakefront.

2050 Hidden Cove Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee
Front view of the house

First off, the private gated entrance offers peace of mind. Ensuring maximum privacy and security, it sets the stage for the grandeur to follow. The residence also benefits from an integrated three-car garage. Not only does it provide ample space for your coveted vehicles, but it effortlessly adds to the luxury quotient.

Your eyes are immediately drawn to the custom saltwater infinity pool. Seeming to meld with the lake beyond, it offers a perfect space for relaxation or entertainment. It’s enhanced by awe-inspiring open-air terraces extending the living space beyond the four walls of this opulent home.

Each of these exterior elements plays a key role in creating an outstanding blend of comfort, functionality, and remarkable views.

Next, the property’s full-sized soccer field stands as its most unique aspect. Built to inspire the athlete in you, it adds an element of fun that’s hard to ignore. The private boat dock, located on the doorstep of the serene lake, provides unparalleled access to aquatic adventures.

Whether it’s sailing in the calm afternoons or fishing at dawn, the opportunities are endless.

Lastly, the expansive outdoor patios elegantly set the tone for sunset parties or intimate outdoor family dinners. Replete with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, these patios promise unforgettable moments under the Tennessee sky.

Rest assured, any time spent outdoors in this stately mansion is an experience worth cherishing. Every facility, from the soccer field to the outdoor patios, contributes towards creating an exterior as impressive as its interior.

Interior Design

Step inside this luxurious lakefront home, and you’ll be enveloped by an exquisite array of interior details. The main entrance leads you straight into an opulent foyer adorned with an elegant chandelier and stunning marble flooring.

2050 Hidden Cove Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee
Lake-front view of the house

This grand entrance effortlessly merges into the expansive living area, further enhancing the openness and intricacy of the design.

Delve deeper, and you’ll discover more about the heart of the home. The gourmet kitchen showcases high-end appliances, stunning countertops, and custom cabinetry throughout. It’s designed to make cooking a pure delight and serves as the ideal space for intimate family dinners or elaborate gatherings.

Moving on, the lower level houses an unrivaled entertainment center with a state-of-the-art home theater, a stunning wine cellar, and a game room. These amenities are designed to offer diverse entertainment options for guests and residents alike.

Indulge in the luxury of the master suite, complete with a spacious walk-in closet, a lavish bathroom, and a private balcony. The suite offers magnificent lake views, providing a tranquil retreat at the end of the day.

Besides the master suite, the home includes multiple additional bedrooms, each with its unique decor and private bathrooms, offering the utmost comfort and privacy for everyone.

The home office, styled with sturdy hardwood floors and elegant bookcases, creates the perfect ambiance for productivity within the comfort of your home. The upscale fitness center, equipped with top-tier equipment, inspires you to stay active and healthy, turning routine workouts into an experience akin to a retreat.

Throughout the home, the interior design seamlessly weaves together a fusion of modern and classic styles, while creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The high ceilings, intricate millwork, and extensive use of glasswork enhance the beauty and luminosity of the home, truly elevating it into a piece of architectural art.

With such striking features, the gracious ambiance of this lakefront residence offers a balance of sophistication and comfort that’s hard to find elsewhere.


The Amenities that you’ll come across in this magnificent property are nothing short of epic, on par with any luxury resort. The lower level commences with its very own home theater – a cinephile’s ultimate dream.

2050 Hidden Cove Lane, Knoxville, Tennessee
3-D view via Google Earth

Fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and plush seats, this space ensures your movie nights aren’t anything short of a blockbuster experience.

Next up, you have a wine cellar that distinguishes itself with its elegant wooden finish and optimal temperature control. You’ve got all you need to store your precious collection of wines in the best conditions. Adjacent to the cellar, you’ll find a game room suitable for both young ones and the young at heart, where you can all enjoy a bit of healthy competition.

On the same level, an upscale fitness center makes achieving wellness goals a part of your daily routine. Whether it’s a good sweat out on the treadmill, or a strength training session, your lakefront mansion got you covered.

The cherry on top is certainly the home office, a sanctuary for productivity and focus. It’s designed to accommodate all your professional needs. Whether you’re Zooming into a crucial meeting or drafting that game-changing proposal, the serene lake views through the extensive glass windows offer a calming backdrop.

Generous bookshelves on either side add to the appeal, creating a scholarly atmosphere that’s sure to encourage clear thinking.

Remember, each bedroom comes with a private bathroom, meaning everyone has their little oasis of calm, underscored by underfloor heating and high-end bath fittings. And, don’t forget about the private balcony attached to the master suite.

These diverse amenities speak volumes about the property’s thought-out design catering to different moods and moments, making sure your living experience is undeniably grandeur yet incredibly cozy.

Grounds and Surroundings

Immerse yourself in the extensive grounds around this exquisite Knoxville property. As soon as you step outside, you immediately experience the spaciousness and lush greenery of the lawn.

Beyond the green lawns beckons a startlingly stunning lake vista. Awe-inspiring views of the lake are not just confined to the master bedroom balcony; you step out to your private dock, ready for a day on the calm lake waters. Boating, paddling, or just plain old fishing – isn’t that liable to make all stress evaporate?

Next, draw your attention to the outdoor amenities designed to maximize your enjoyment. Dive into the sparkling heated pool, a heavenly spot during those sun-soaked summer days. The adjacent hot tub invites you into its warm, relaxing bubbles after a swim.

A touch of modernity in this natural paradise is your fully equipped summer kitchen – ready for impromptu barbecues and alfresco dining. Now, that’s what we call living the good life!

Let’s not forget a peek into the other outdoor areas. There’s a putting green for the golf enthusiasts, a game of horseshoes shoes close by, and even a fire pit for cool evening huddles. Now picture those moments under the stars while you snuggle up close to the warming glow.

Living in this lakefront Knoxville house isn’t just about the luxurious indoors; it’s an everyday rendezvous with nature and outdoor joy! Dive into the unique blend of luxury and relaxation offered by the stunning outlying areas of this property. All these features create a ceaselessly welcoming atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary attractions of the lakefront home in Knoxville, Tennessee?

The home offers a blend of luxury and relaxation with upscale indoor amenities, extensive grounds with lush greenery, a private dock on the lake, a heated pool, a hot tub, a summer kitchen, and recreational areas like a putting green and a fire pit.

What outdoor facilities does the property offer?

The property offers a wealth of outdoor facilities including a private dock on the lake, a heated pool, a hot tub, and a summer kitchen. Furthermore, recreational areas like a putting green and a fire pit are also available.

What indoor luxuries does the lakefront home provide?

The lakefront home provides several high-end indoor amenities. The details about these amenities will be provided in the main body of the article.

How is the property’s connection with nature?

The property seamlessly blends luxury with the beauty of nature. The extensive grounds filled with lush greenery and a private dock on the lake provide excellent opportunities for residents to connect with nature.

Can residents enjoy outdoor dining on the property?

Yes, residents can enjoy outdoor dining on the property. A summer kitchen is specifically provided for this purpose.

All about Knoxville


  • Imagine stepping into a world of luxury that’s nestled right within nature’s embrace.
  • This lakefront home in Knoxville, Tennessee isn’t just a house, it’s a lifestyle.
  • It’s where upscale living meets the great outdoors. With a private dock, heated pool, hot tub, and summer kitchen, you’re set for endless entertainment.
  • The putting green and fire pit make your backyard the ideal spot for both relaxation and recreation.
  • This property doesn’t just offer a home, it presents an experience – a seamless blend of opulence and tranquility.
  • So, if you’re in search of a place where luxury meets leisure, this stunning lakefront home is your answer.

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