Lana Del Rey’s House (Must Know)

Lana Del Rey, a big name in the music industry, has earned plenty of wealth. Not only this, but she has made a smart decision to spend her money on real estate.

Among her several properties’ collections, her compound in Hollywood Hills estate is a remarkable property spanning over the space of 4 acres which was bought for around $5.8 Million.

If you want to know more about it, you can take the Google Earth tour and explore her beautiful property! Without any further ado, let’s go.

PropertyLocationYear AcquiredCostSizeDescription
Hollywood Hills EstateColdwater Canyon, between Beverly Hills and Studio City2016$5.8 million4 acresTwo houses: The larger one with 5,432 sq ft, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms. The smaller one has 2,829 sq ft, three bedrooms, two bathrooms.
Malibu PropertyLas Tunas Beach, Malibu2015$3 million2,600 sq ftThe beachfront has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, remodeled for a personalized touch.
Echo Park CabinEcho Park, Central LA$1.2 millionBungalow-style cabin, vintage exterior, modern interior, two bedrooms, one bathroom.
Hancock Park TudorHancock Park, LA2013$2.5 million4,762 sq ftEnglish Tudor style, historical significance, unfortunately, involved in a robbery.
Lana Del Rey Properties

Who’s Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey, born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in 1985, is a well-known singer famous for her emotional pop songs. In 2011, she became famous with a song called “Video Games.” But, at first, some had skeptical views about her music.

Lana was born in New York City, but her family moved to Lake Placid when she was an infant. Growing up, Lana had a tough time with drinking when she was a teenager.

She even went to a special school in Connecticut because of it. But when she turned 18, she decided to stop drinking and turned her focus to music.

At the beginning of her music career, she used the name Lizzy Grant. Later on, she changed it to Lana Del Rey. Her first big album, “Born to Die,” emerged in 2012 and became popular worldwide. Lana continued to make successful albums like “Ultraviolence” in 2014 and “Lust for Life” in 2017.

Hill estate
Lana Del’s Hollywood Estate Compound

Lana Del Rey’s House

Following is the house of Lana Del Rey in LA, CA, US:


Situated just 0.2 miles from Coldwater Canyon Open Space, Los Angeles, California, offers a prime location on Coldwater Canyon Avenue. This proximity provides residents and visitors easy access to the natural beauty of Coldwater Canyon, creating a mix of urban living and outdoor serenity.

You can also view the 34°08’02″N 118°24’45″W coordinates on Google Earth to view the house.

Hollywood Hills Estate (Compound)

This beautiful estate is a compound with two adjacent houses:

The bigger Estate

The most remarkable property of Lana Del Rey’s lies in the Hollywood Hills, where she secured not one but two separate houses on neighboring lots. This strategic move is a celebrity trend, involving Lana purchasing adjacent properties to create a personal compound.

In 2016, Lana acquired these Hollywood Hills estates in two separate transactions, collectively costing around $5.8 million. The combined properties span almost 4 acres, perched atop Coldwater Canyon between Beverly Hills and Studio City.

The larger two homes, purchased for approximately $3.7 million, stand as Lana’s primary residence within this private compound.

A grand mansion built in 1936 has 5,432 square feet of living space, featuring six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The residence has undergone a complete renovation while preserving its historic charm.

Upon entering Lana’s main house, an open-concept main room unfolds with 24-foot wood ceilings and exposed beams, contributing to a sense of spaciousness. The residence is decorated with numerous windows and doors, ensuring abundant natural light.

Lana’s home is not just about interiors; it extends to outdoor luxury, featuring a four-car garage, a gourmet chef’s kitchen, dual staircases in the entryway, and a detached guest house.

The exterior complements the vibrant interior, showcasing a captivating saltwater infinity pool, a steam sauna, and breathtaking views that stretch for miles.

Hill estate
The Compound Is Located at a Distance of 0.2 Miles from Coldwater Canyon Open Space

The Smaller Hollywood Hills Residence

Adjacent to Lana’s primary mansion is the smaller of the two Hollywood Hills residences, secured for $2.1 million. This ranch-style house, built in 1936 and spanning 2,829 square feet, offers a more intimate yet equally stylish living space.

Situated on a smaller 1.9-acre lot, this property mirrors Lana’s taste for vintage charm. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms provide a cozy atmosphere.

While not undergoing the extensive modernization of its larger counterpart, Lana’s second Hollywood Hills home maintains its charm, complete with a guest house and a spacious layout.

Other Properties of Lana Del Rey

Following are some other properties of Lana:

Malibu Property

In 2015, Lana looked for a place with privacy, leading her to a peaceful beachfront property on Las Tunas Beach in Malibu.

The purchase cost her around $3 million, reflecting her desire for solitude and breathtaking ocean views. The house, encompassing over 2,600 square feet, featured three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

What made this home truly special was its ideal location, surrounded by water rocks and an absence of neighbors. This coastal property provided Lana with the peace she was looking for. The property’s highlights included a spacious covered patio offering clear beach views.

Although the initial appearance of the house seemed rather basic, Lana, known for her particular attention to detail, started a significant remodeling of the house while residing there. The result was a personalized space that resonated with her style and preferences.

However, Lana, despite enjoying the privacy and beauty of her Malibu beach home, decided to part with it quietly, selling it.

malibu property
A beautiful Coastal Property of Lana Del Rey in Malibu

Echo Park Cabin

Moving from the coastal area of Malibu, Lana made a unique choice by buying a cabin in Echo Park. Echo Park, situated in Central LA and known for its hipster vibe surrounding Echo Park Lake, became the backdrop for Lana’s vintage-style cabin.

Purchased for approximately $1.2 million, Lana’s Echo Park property is a bungalow-style cabin originally built in 1911.

Despite its vintage exterior, stepping inside revealed a different narrative, a modern elegance with historical charm. Lana redecorated the cabin, and it became a cozy place with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The living room area featured a modern wood stove within the old fireplace and exposed wood beams decorating the ceiling. Surprisingly, the cabin had a good amount of natural light.

The theme of white in the design added brightness to the living spaces. The master bedroom, continuing the theme, included a sitting area leading to an exterior wrap-around porch.

Hancock Park Tudor

Lana Del Rey’s real estate collection extends beyond the Hollywood Hills, reaching into the historic Hancock Park area. 2013, she acquired an English Tudor home for $2.5 million. This 4,762-square-foot residence was built in 1925.

Hancock Park, known for its historical significance, became an additional canvas for Lana’s homeownership. Unfortunately, this property also became the scene of an unsettling incident when Lana was robbed in 2015.

A woman infiltrated Lana’s home during her absence, borrowed her possessions, and took two of Lana’s cars. Despite this incident, Lana retained ownership of the Tudor-style home.

You can also check out the video below:

Lana Del Rey House Tour!


  • Lana Del Rey’s homes show her love for old and new residences, creating places that match her artistic style.
  • She bought two houses beside each other in Hollywood Hills, making her own private space. This is something famous people often do for more privacy and comfort.
  • Lana’s houses tell a life story, from a quiet beach place to a big Hollywood Hills space, showing how she has grown over the years.
  • She cares about the little things in her house, making them special by adding her style while keeping the old charm.
  • Lana likes different feelings in her home, from the calm beach to the cool Echo Park, showing she enjoys different kinds of places.
  • Her fans are excited to see what she does next, both in music and where she decides to live.

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