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Leo Di Caprio’s House [Google Earth View]

Leo Di Caprio’s House [Google Earth View]

Welcome to a captivating exploration of the esteemed residence of the illustrious actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Unveil the splendor and allure surrounding DiCaprio’s luxurious abode and the prestigious neighborhood it resides in.

A haven for opulence and sophistication, DiCaprio’s residence stands as a symbol of elegance and exclusivity within the illustrious community it graces. Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence is situated at 1416 Oriole Dr in Los Angeles.

In this blog post, we delve into the rich details of the address and the enchanting allure of the neighborhood, providing insight into the opulence that defines both the house and the surrounding area.

Location of the House

satellite view of the house
Leo Di Caprio’s House

Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence is situated at 1416 Oriole Dr in Los Angeles.

  • Chateau Marmont (0.9 miles): Situated a mere 0.9 miles from the house, the iconic Chateau Marmont stands as a legendary hotel and entertainment center. Recognized for its history of hosting celebrities, it continues to exude the allure of Hollywood.
  • Sunset Strip (1.3 miles): Approximately 1.3 miles from the residence, Sunset Strip is a hub of entertainment, known for its vibrant nightlife, upscale dining, and popular clubs that attract both visitors and locals.
  • The Comedy Store (1.6 miles): Found just 1.6 miles away, The Comedy Store is a revered comedy club and a significant Hollywood landmark, renowned for launching the careers of numerous comedy legends.
  • Greystone Mansion and Park (2.7 miles): Greystone Mansion, about 2.7 miles from the house, is an architectural marvel and historical site. Offering picturesque gardens and cultural events, it provides a glimpse into classic Hollywood glamour.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame (6.7 miles): Approximately 6.7 miles from the residence, the world-renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame features star-studded tiles honoring iconic figures from the entertainment industry.

These significant landmarks, each at different distances from the house, greatly contribute to the cultural richness and lively spirit of the neighborhood. Their proximity accentuates the appeal and exclusivity of Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence within the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Places to VisitDistance from House
Chateau Marmont0.9 miles
Sunset Strip1.3 miles
The Comedy Store1.6 miles
Places to Visit

Reaching the House

street view of the house
Street view of the house

Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence at 1416 Oriole Dr in Los Angeles is situated in a neighborhood rich with history and culture. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to the city, reaching this prestigious address is an exciting journey.

Below, we provide directions from some key locations in Los Angeles to help you find your way to this exclusive destination:

From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – 12.5 miles:

  • Take World Way northwest in the direction of West Way.
  • Take the ramp onto S Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Merge onto I-105 E via the ramp to Norwalk.
  • Take the I-405 N exit, which leads to Sacramento.
  • Continue on I-405 N, then take exit 55A for Sunset Blvd.
  • Keep right at the fork and merge onto Moraga Dr.
  • Continue onto Sunset Plaza Dr.
  • Turn left onto Sunset Blvd.
  • Continue on Sunset Blvd, and your destination will be on the right.

From Downtown Los Angeles – 7.7 miles:

  • Head west on W 1st St toward S Olive St.
  • Take the 110 N ramp to Pasadena.
  • Merge onto I-110 N.
  • Take exit 24 for 6th St/Wilshire Blvd.
  • Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 6th St, and merge onto W 6th St.
  • Turn right onto S Virgil Ave.
  • Continue onto N Virgil Ave.
  • Turn left onto Fountain Ave.
  • Continue onto Sunset Plaza Dr.
  • Turn left onto Sunset Blvd.
  • Continue on Sunset Blvd, and your destination will be on the right.

From Hollywood Walk of Fame – 6.7 miles:

  • Head southwest on Hollywood Blvd toward N Highland Ave.
  • Turn right onto N Highland Ave.
  • Continue onto Outpost Dr.
  • Continue onto La Brea Terrace.
  • Turn right onto Wattles Dr.
  • Turn left onto Laurel Canyon Blvd.
  • Turn right onto Kirkwood Dr.
  • Turn left onto Sunset Blvd.
  • Continue on Sunset Blvd, and your destination will be on the right.

These directions should guide you to Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence in the beautiful neighborhood of Oriole Drive. As you make your way, you’ll be surrounded by the rich culture and history of Los Angeles, with opportunities to explore its iconic landmarks and vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy your visit to this exclusive area!

Activities to Do

nearby landmark
Distance of house from West Hollywood Element

The Oriole Drive neighborhood surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s Los Angeles residence is a thriving and culturally diverse area, providing an array of experiences for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

From entertainment centers to historic sites, this lively and dynamic district caters to various interests.

Chateau Marmont Exploration

At a distance of only 0.9 miles from the residence, Chateau Marmont stands as a Hollywood legend.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore this landmark, experiencing the glamour and history of the entertainment industry.

Sunset Strip’s Vibrant Atmosphere

Situated approximately 1.3 miles from the house, the Sunset Strip is a hub for entertainment, chic clubs, and upscale dining.

Visitors can revel in the vibrant nightlife and discover its iconic music venues and lively ambiance.

Comedy Entertainment at The Comedy Store

Merely 1.6 miles away, The Comedy Store is a haven for comedy lovers.

The venue has nurtured the careers of many renowned comedians, offering visitors stand-up comedy and entertainment.

Greystone Mansion and Park Excursion

Around 2.7 miles from the residence, Greystone Mansion is a marvel of architecture and a historical landmark.

The park boasts serene gardens and hosts diverse cultural events, providing a glimpse into the opulent history of old Hollywood.

LACMA: A Cultural Odyssey

Roughly 4.1 miles away, LACMA stands as the largest art museum in the western United States.

It welcomes visitors to experience diverse art collections, engaging exhibitions, and cultural activities.

Strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame

About 6.7 miles from the house, the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame is a major attraction. Visitors can meander along the sidewalk adorned with stars, each honoring iconic figures from the entertainment industry.

This selection of activities and landmarks in the neighborhood offers a broad array of experiences, ranging from cultural discoveries to entertainment and historical enlightenment.

Both visitors and locals have the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of experiences in the vibrant vicinity surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s remarkable residence.

Leo Di Caprio’s House


Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s House Open For Tours or Visits?

No, Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence is private property.

It’s not open for public tours or visits.

Can You Catch a Glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Area?

While DiCaprio is associated with the neighborhood, there’s no guarantee of a celebrity sighting.

Privacy is paramount for residents, so it’s important to respect their personal space.


  • Our exploration of the neighborhood surrounding Leonardo DiCaprio’s residence has uncovered a diverse array of experiences, ranging from renowned entertainment spots to historic sites. 
  • This lively district, blending cultural diversity with contemporary entertainment, offers an extensive range of activities and attractions, appealing to both locals and tourists.
  • While the fascination with DiCaprio’s home is evident, the neighborhood stands as a testament to Los Angeles’ cultural and artistic legacy.
  • Its array of distinguished landmarks and thriving entertainment areas continues to captivate individuals worldwide.
  • This area offers more than meets the eye and invites those seeking a taste of the vibrant and culturally abundant Los Angeles scene. 
  • Whether one holds an interest in the arts, entertainment, or history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this captivating part of the City of Angels.

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