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Manny Machado’s House (Location)

Manny Machado’s House (Location)

Have you ever wondered about your favorite baseball player’s lifestyle? For baseball enthusiasts like us, the name Manny Machado often sparks curiosity.

This millionaire athlete, known for his exceptional skills, resides in a luxurious residence near the captivating San Diego skyline. His house is named “Zee Huis” or Sea House.

Comprising three interconnected buildings, this coastal house has six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and a range of amenities that redefine coastal living. Join us on this virtual Google Earth tour as we explore Manny Machado’s extraordinary home.

From the minor details of his residence to the bigger picture of coastal living, discover the charm that surrounds this celebrated sports figure’s coastal mansion.

Manny Machado Born in 1992, a renowned baseball player for the San Diego Padres, drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2010. Known for exceptional defense, an All-Star in 2013.
Machado’s House LocationNear San Diego skyline viewpoint, 1st St, Coronado, CA 92118. The house is named “Zee Huis,” meaning Sea House, indicating a connection with the sea.
Architectural FeaturesThree buildings, a courtyard with stones, and cream-colored buildings resembling Italian streets. It has six bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and a seven-car garage. Entry through big doors into a courtyard with gardens and a fountain. Buildings feature high-ceiling rooms, fireplaces, and kitchens. The main house has nine rooms, a fireplace, and an elevator.
Nearby LocationsGlorietta Bay Park Promenade, Sacred Heart Church.
Cost of Living in CoronadoExpensive, with an average cost of $3034, ranking among the top 1% globally. Housing expenses are 396% higher than the national average. Utilities and transportation costs are also notably higher.
Article Summary

What is Manny Machado Well Known For?

Manny Machado, born in 1992, is a famous baseball player for the San Diego Padres. Originally from Miami, he was chosen by the Baltimore Orioles in 2010.

His standout quality is his excellent defense, earning him awards. In 2013, he had a fantastic season, becoming an All-Star.

In 2018, he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, contributing to their success in the World Series. Following this, he secured an enormous 10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres.

Manny Machado is a remarkable player who has left a significant impact on baseball. His versatility allows him to play various field positions, showcasing his skills and making him a notable figure in the sport.

Everything About Manny Machado’s House

Location and Address: Manny Machado’s impressive house is near the San Diego skyline viewpoint. The residence is located at 1st St, Coronado, CA 92118, adding to the allure of this sought-after area. The house has a special name, “Zee Huis,” which means Sea House. It shows that the house has a connection with the sea.

San Diego skyline viewpoint
Manny Machado’s impressive house is near the San Diego skyline viewpoint

Architectural Features: Manny Machado’s residence features three interconnected buildings united by a spacious courtyard. The courtyard has the charm of Italian streets, adorned with stones and cream-colored buildings, creating a scenic and sophisticated ambiance in his home.

Interior Details: The interior of Manny Machado’s house boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, reflecting the grandeur of this spacious house. Additionally, the property includes a sizable garage capable of accommodating approximately seven cars, adding to the overall luxurious and accommodating features of his impressive residence.

Courtyard: Upon entering Manny Machado’s house, one is greeted by large doors leading into a courtyard adorned with gardens and a fountain. The buildings within the courtyard show elegance, featuring well-appointed rooms with high ceilings, fireplaces, and fully-equipped kitchens, creating a perfect blend of style and functionality within the residence.

Main House and Amenities: The main house in Manny Machado’s residence boasts nine rooms, a cozy fireplace, and the convenience of an elevator. Another building within the compound offers additional amenities, including a relaxing sauna, a well-stocked wet bar, and a luxurious hot tub, enhancing the property’s overall comfort and leisure options.

Exterior Beauty: The courtyard looks pretty with square stones, cream-colored buildings, and tall plants like Birds of Paradise. It feels like a nice walk in Italy. At night, lanterns with warm lights make the walkway look magical and pretty.

Manny Machado's residence
Manny Machado’s residence features three buildings in an Italian-style courtyard, housing six bedrooms, a spacious garage, and luxurious amenities.

Nearby Tourist Locations

Following are some nearby locations to Manny Machado’s house:

Glorietta Bay Park Promenade

Glorietta Bay Park Promenade, situated 1.8 miles from Machado’s residence, offers a beautiful waterfront escape. This quiet and peaceful park has beautiful green views, inviting walking paths, and ample green spaces, creating a breathtaking space near his home.

It provides an ideal setting for relaxation and leisure, allowing residents like Machado to enjoy the beauty of nature and the ambiance of the waterfront within a short distance from their home. You can easily view this on Google Earth and also measure the distance through the measure tool.

Glorietta Bay Park,
Glorietta Bay Park, 1.8 miles away, offers a beautiful waterfront escape with green views and walking paths.

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church, a mere 0.71 miles from Manny Machado’s residence, serves as a nearby spiritual place. Its historical importance and architectural brilliance make it a significant landmark, contributing cultural richness to the surroundings of Coronado.

The church provides a place for worship and stands as a symbol of heritage and community. It adds a touch of historical and spiritual significance to the neighborhood.

Is it Expensive to Live in Coronado?

Living in Coronado comes with a hefty price tag, with an average cost of $3034, placing it among the top 1% of the world’s most expensive cities.

In the United States, it ranks 98th out of 2202 cities, emphasizing its exclusivity. Housing costs soar at 396% above the national average, contributing to the city’s luxurious reputation.

Utilities, transportation, and groceries also have a premium, exceeding the national averages. While Coronado has breathtaking views and a lavish lifestyle, prospective residents must be financially prepared for the elevated living expenses. A budget is essential for those considering making Coronado their home.

Interested in seeing how Machado’s house appears? Check the video below!

Check this out!


Where is Manny Machado from?

Manny Machado, born on July 6, 1992, comes from Miami, Florida. Rising to prominence as a professional baseball third baseman in Major League Baseball (MLB).

He’s renowned for his outstanding fielding abilities; Machado earned accolades such as Gold Glove Awards in 2013 and 2015. His impressive career has made him a prominent figure in the world of baseball.

What is Machado’s Net Worth?

Manny Machado, the accomplished Dominican-American baseball player, possesses an impressive net worth of $50 million. This considerable wealth is proof of his successful career in Major League Baseball.

Machado has made a significant impact on the field and translated his talent into financial success, firming his position as a prominent figure in the sports world.

What is Manny Machado’s Coronado House Cost?

Manny Machado’s Coronado house cost $10 million, reflecting his luxurious and significant investment in his residence. This hefty price tag aligns with the rich lifestyle and high-end real estate choices often associated with successful, wealthy individuals like renowned baseball players.


  • Manny Machado has significantly contributed to baseball, notably as a standout player for the San Diego Padres.
  • Machado’s house, named “Zee Huis,” is located near the San Diego skyline and features architectural elements reminiscent of Italian streets.
  • The house encompasses six bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and an expansive courtyard, establishing an ambiance of luxury and comfort.
  • Glorietta Bay Park Promenade, located 1.68 miles away, provides a tranquil waterfront escape, while Sacred Heart Church, just 0.71 miles away, contributes cultural richness to the area.
  • Residing in Coronado demands a premium, with an average cost of $3034, positioning it among the world’s most expensive cities. Elevated housing expenses and overall living costs are noteworthy.
  • Prospective residents should assess their budgets, as the stunning, lavish lifestyle in Coronado necessitates a financial commitment.

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