Mediterranean Style Home in Mesa Arizona: Experience the Ultimate Luxury Living

Wow, I am thrilled to share all the incredible details about this stunning Mediterranean-style home in Mesa, Arizona. Located on an acre of land, this property boasts 14,322 square feet of living space.

Nestled in the heart of Mesa, Arizona, is a captivating Mediterranean-style home that redefines luxury living.

With over 14,000 square feet of living space, this property is a testament to luxury and elegance.

Built by Jeff Rogers Custom Homes in 2004, the residence boasts 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a myriad of features that make it a true haven for those seeking a lifestyle of grandeur.

The outdoor space is just as impressive, with a gated entrance, a motor court with a fountain, patios, and a beautiful swimming pool. All of this can be yours for $5,499,888!

Embrace The Style

The essence of a Mediterranean home lies in its connection to the outdoors. Think open floor plans, expansive patios, and courtyards bathed in sunlight.

Large windows blur the lines between inside and outside, inviting the natural world in. Earthy tones like terracotta, ochre, and olive green dominate the color palette, creating a serene and grounded atmosphere.

Key Takeaways

  • Address: 1550 N 40th St UNIT 14, Mesa, AZ 85205 
  • This Mediterranean-style home in Mesa, Arizona has over 14,000 square feet of living space.
  • Built in 2004 by Jeff Rogers Custom Homes, this property features 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a 15-seat home theater.
  • The outdoor space includes a gated entrance, a motor court with a fountain, patios, and a swimming pool.
  • The neighborhood includes Falcon Field Airport, Gene Autry Park, Falcon Field Park, and the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum.
  • Zillow estimates that the monthly rent for the property might be about $14,259.
The Most Iconic Mesa Arizona Mediterranean Estate

About The House

Designed For A Lifetime

Crafted to be a forever home, this Mediterranean gem effortlessly accommodates various aspects of your lifestyle.

From entertainment to relaxation, events, and work, it provides the perfect blend of seclusion and resort-style living.

Natural Elegance

Bright tones and abundant natural light infuse warmth into the main living areas. The Santa Barbara-inspired architecture, adorned with brick and wood finishes, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a tranquil retreat.

The luxurious world of Mediterranean living
The epitome of Mediterranean luxury is this Mesa, Arizona residence.

Outdoor Extravaganza

The backyard is a sprawling oasis, ideal for hosting events for over 500 guests or enjoying intimate moments.

With three separate lawns, cobbled brick walkways, a covered Ramada with a fireplace, and a captivating swimming pool, every detail is designed for luxury and comfort.

Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen is a culinary masterpiece with multiple appliances, including two dishwashers for seamless hosting of dinner parties.

Stainless steel and custom woodwork adorn the space, creating an environment fit for a professional chef.

Granite Elegance

The kitchen features expensive granite countertops, providing ample space for both preparation and bar-height seating.

A gourmet gas stove top installed in the center island adds to the culinary allure.

Exclusive Neighborhood Living

Situated in the gated El Portillo community, this property stands alone, surrounded only by tennis courts and a park. Enjoy direct access from your backyard to the adjacent park, enhancing the sense of privacy.

The mansion is also located 1.49 miles from Falcon Field Airport, Gene Autry Park, Falcon Field Park, and the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum.

The essence of a Mediterranean home lies in its connection to the outdoors
Falcon Field Airport, Gene Autry Park, Falcon Field Park, and the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum are only 1.49 miles away.

Bedroom Haven

Every bedroom is a master suite with its own en-suite bathroom and closet. With access to patios or balconies, each room is designed for comfort and luxury.

Guest Accommodations

Guests are treated to a private entrance through the executive office, leading to a master bedroom with an exquisite shower and closet.

Direct access to the covered patio, pool, and outdoor shower adds a touch of exclusivity.

Community Amenities

The benefits of residing in the friendly neighborhood of El Portillo, include a tennis court and a private, direct-access park – an added luxury for residents.

Home Theater

With its home theater luxurious chairs and cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, this estate exudes a cinematic grandeur that is like a paradise of enjoyment.

The luxurious home theater provides an unmatched experience, expertly fusing comfort and sophistication in a Mediterranean-inspired setting, whether hosting movie nights or taking in a private screening.

Historical Price Journey

The fascinating price history of this property, witnessing its growth from $150,000 in 1997 to its current listing at $5,499,888.

An incredible journey of value appreciation over the years.

Is Mesa AZ Affordable To Live In?

Mesa, Arizona, does not offer affordable living, but making it a top choice.

With a median home price of $168,500 and an average monthly rent of $907, the Phoenix suburb provides budget-friendly options for homes, condos, or apartments, ensuring a comfortable and economical lifestyle.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mediterranean-Style House?

Building a Mediterranean-style house comes with a price tag ranging from $350,000 to over a million dollars.

The cost varies based on location, size, and specific features, allowing flexibility for diverse budgets.

Mediterranean homes never go out of fashion, offering lasting beauty and value.
Sun-drenched courtyard with a fountain, lush greenery, and terracotta tiles – the epitome of Mediterranean living.

Where Are Mediterranean Homes Most Popular?

Mediterranean-style homes flourish in California and Florida, rooted in their Spanish histories.

Over time, influences from European countries like France, Italy, Greece, and the Balkans have been woven into the architecture, creating a diverse and popular style across these regions.

Why Do People Like Mediterranean Houses?

Adored for their unique exterior appearance, Mediterranean homes boast textured stucco walls painted in warm hues like terracotta and beige.

The iconic red-tiled roofs exude timelessness and warmth, creating an inviting and picturesque ambiance that resonates with homeowners’ desires for a relaxing retreat connected to nature.


  • A stunning home in Mesa, Arizona, offering opulence with 14,322 sq ft of living space, 7 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms, crafted by Jeff Rogers Custom Homes in 2004.
  • The property, nestled on an acre, features a gated entrance, motor court, patios, and a beautiful swimming pool, providing a resort-like experience.
  • Infused with natural light, the Santa Barbara-inspired architecture exudes warmth, while the expansive granite kitchen countertops and gourmet appliances add sophistication.
  • Situated in the gated El Portillo community, the property offers privacy, direct park access, and proximity to Falcon Field Airport.
  • The luxurious 15-seat home theater enhances the property’s cinematic grandeur, blending comfort and sophistication seamlessly.
  • From $150,000 in 1997 to the current $5,499,888 listing, the property’s price journey reflects remarkable value appreciation over the years.
  • With a median home price of $168,500 and an average monthly rent of $907, Mesa, Arizona, stands out as an affordable and desirable living destination.

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