Michael Schumacher’s House (Location)

Michael Schumacher, a former Formula One legend, has had several properties. Among them is the beautiful Lake Geneva mansion.

It’s a beautiful piece of architecture surrounded by dense trees. There are 3 beautiful buildings in this beautiful mansion, divided into different rooms such as bedrooms, kitchen, office room, etc. You can view this all simply on Google Earth!

Along with this beautiful property, Schumacher has made several other properties with his hard-earned wealth, such as a Ranch in Texas or a Mallorca mansion in Spain. If you want to know more, scroll down and learn as much as you want!

Who is Michael Schumacher?– German race car driver born on January 3, 1969.
– Won seven Formula One championships and 91 Grand Prix victories.
– Net worth of $600 million.
Where is Michael Schumacher’s House?– Located in Gland, Switzerland, near Victoria Lake B&B and Résidences du Golf Est.
– Coordinates: 46°24’21″N 6°16’47″E.
– Named Villa La Reserve.
– Privacy in a quiet and beautiful area by Lake Geneva.
House Structure– Divided into 3 buildings: family’s home, guesthouse, and MS Office.
– Family home with a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and pool.
– Guesthouse for visitors.
– MS Office with race car models and a private workspace.
Nearby Tourist Locations– Prangins Castle
– Plage de Promenthoux
– Fortification Villa Rose
Other Properties– Mallorca Mansion in Las Brisas de Andratx, Spain.
– Villa La Chenai in Vufflens-le-Château, Switzerland.
– CS Ranch in Gordonville, Texas, on 200 acres of land.
Summary of the Article

What is Michael Schumacher Known For?

Michael Schumacher is a famous race car driver from Germany. He was born on January 3, 1969. He won seven big championships in a kind of racing called Formula One. He started racing and driving karts when he was only six years old.

Schumacher raced for teams like Jordan, Benetton, and Ferrari. People like him not just for racing but also because he helps others through charities.

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher earned an impressive $600 million net worth through his record-breaking career. He retired in 2012 after securing seven titles and 91 Grand victories. His total career winnings surpassed $1 billion.

About Michael Schumacher’s Accident

Back in 2013, the legend faced a frightening skiing mishap in the French Alps. The accident left him with a serious head injury, putting him in a 250-day coma. His recovery journey was no easy feat as medical professionals undertook a delicate operation to remove blood clots from his brain.

In the accident’s aftermath, Schumacher’s wife, Corinna, maintained total privacy from the media. Her protective stance shielded the details of his health and life from the eyes of the public and media alike.

Where Is Micheal Schumacher’s House?

Like every other star, Schumacher surely has a house worth millions and remained a question of interest for people.

Michael Schumacher’s big house is located in Gland, Switzerland, near Victoria Lake B&B and Résidences du Golf Est, and it can be easily viewed on Google Earth by viewing the coordinates 46°24’21″N 6°16’47″E.

The house is called Villa La Reserve and is on the shores of Lake Geneva. It’s a very fancy and private place where he lives.

Schumacher's rich Villa La
Schumacher’s rich Villa La Reserve in Gland, Switzerland.

The house is in a quiet and beautiful area. Michael likes to keep his home life away from people’s eyes, and this location helps him do that. Living by Lake Geneva makes his house even more special and peaceful.

House Structure

Their house has been divided into 3 buildings, and let’s explore each one by one:

Building 1: Michael and Family’s Home

The first floor of the family’s house is where everyone hangs out. There’s a big living room with a great view of Lake Geneva. The kitchen is nearby for yummy meals, and big windows connect the inside to nature. The best part is the pool area for fun times.

Upstairs is where the bedrooms are. Michael and Corinna have their special room, and there’s a quiet study for work or thinking. It’s a private space with beautiful views.

Building 2: Guesthouse

The second building is like a cozy hotel for guests. It has comfy bedrooms, a nice living area, and everything needed for a pleasant stay. It’s meant to make visitors feel at home.

Building 3: MS Office

The third building is where Michael worked. There are books, cool models, and maybe one of his race cars on the first floor. It’s a place for work but with a touch of his racing history.

Upstairs is Michael’s private office. It’s organized for work, with a desk and a nice view. The decoration mixes his racing days with a comfy workspace. It’s where ideas happen, surrounded by memories of his amazing racing career.

What Are Some Nearby Tourist Locations?

You can enjoy the following places near the house of Michael Schumacher:

Prangins Castle

Prangins Castle is a noteworthy Swiss heritage site in Prangins, Switzerland. Built in the 18th century by Swiss banker Louis Guiguer, it’s near the shores of Lake Geneva. Once lived in by eminent figures such as Joseph Bonaparte, the castle presently houses part of the Swiss National Museum.

Open from 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, its rich history and scenic beauty make Prangins Castle an inviting destination for those eager to enjoy Switzerland’s history.

Prangins Castle
Prangins Castle is a Swiss heritage near Lake Geneva.

Fortification Villa Rose

Fortification Villa Rose in Gland, Switzerland, is near the golf course. It’s not just a place; it’s a cool museum with many visitors. People love it! You can find it easily on the map and Google Earth. It’s located near Michael Schumacher’s house at a distance of 0.45 miles.

Plage de Promenthoux

Plage de Promenthoux, also known as Beach Promenthoux, is located at a distance of 1.14 miles and is a beautiful beach. If you’re someone who loves beaches, then you can always visit here.

Scenic Beach Promenthoux
Scenic Beach Promenthoux, 1.14 miles away, is a must-visit for beach lovers.

What Are His Other Properties?

Following are some of his properties:

Mallorca Mansion

In Las Brisas de Andratx, Spain, Michael Schumacher’s family has a stunning £27 million mansion from Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Reflecting the Formula 1 legend’s post-racing success, this Mallorca property displays luxury and investment.

Now valued at 30 million euros, the Mediterranean haven showcases Schumacher’s elevated lifestyle and is evidence of the family’s substantial wealth.

Villa La Chennai

Located in the beautiful village of Vufflens-le-Château, “Villa La Chennai” is a piece of art. This residence, owned by F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher, is 750 square meters. It displays rich living in the Swiss countryside with eleven rooms, a gymnasium, swimming pools, stables, and a rich history.

Ranch in Texas

You can find the expansive CS Ranch of Michael Schumacher in the main location of Gordonville, Texas. This beauty is located on 200 acres of land, and places like Red River are close to it.

Its proud owner, Michael Schumacher, transformed this ranch into a top-notch facility celebrated for its extensive animal stabling. Initially accommodating 36 horses, the ranch’s capacity has grown significantly.

Moreover, if you want to explore his mansion inside, you can view the video below:

Know About Michael Schumacher’s House!


  1. Situated near Victoria Lake B&B and Résidences du Golf Est in Gland, Switzerland, Michael Schumacher’s residence, Villa La Reserve, offers a serene view of Lake Geneva, emphasizing privacy.
  2. Comprising three structures, the family’s home includes a spacious living area and pool, a guesthouse for a comfortable stay, and an office reflecting Schumacher’s racing legacy and workspace.
  3. Nearby attractions include Prangins Castle, a Swiss heritage site, the scenic Beach Promenthoux, and Fortification Villa Rose, a captivating museum close to the golf course.
  4. Other notable properties in Schumacher’s portfolio feature a £27 million Mallorca Mansion acquired from Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and “Villa La Chennai,” an extravagant residence in Vufflens-le-Château, Switzerland.
  5. The expansive CS Ranch in Gordonville, Texas, sprawling over 200 acres, showcases Schumacher’s love for animals, providing extensive stabling and initially catering to 36 horses.
  6. Schumacher’s varied real estate holdings blend luxury, seclusion, and cultural richness, reflecting the retired racing legend’s lifestyle choices and global impact.

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