Nick Saban’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama House (Google Earth)

Nick Saban, the famed college football coach, is known for his outstanding accomplishments on the field. But, away from the pitch, Saban has created a sanctuary of tranquillity and refinement at his Lake Tuscaloosa house.

This expansive estate, nestled among the tranquil waters of Lake Tuscaloosa, radiates an atmosphere of refinement and splendor reflecting Saban’s discriminating taste and respect for the finest things in life. Stepping into Saban’s Lake Tuscaloosa home’s vast entryway is like entering a world of polished opulence.

Towering ceilings and broad windows permit a flood of natural light to emphasize the enormous interiors, while gorgeously lacquered hardwood floors glisten beneath the cozy radiance of chandeliers. The Estate has a one-of-a-kind combination of architectural treasures that add to its attractiveness and utility.

Embark on an immersive virtual expedition with me as we traverse the grandeur of this magnificent estate!

Aerial shot of Saban's House (Image Credit: Google Earth)
Aerial View of Nick Saban’s House

Who is Nick Saban?

Early Life

West Virginia’s Fairmont was the birthplace of Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. on October 31, 1951. He is the son of dock worker Nick Saban Sr. and homemaker Mary Saban.

Saban grew up in Monongah, West Virginia, a little community of around 1,500 people. In high school, he was a three-sport athlete, participating in football, basketball, and baseball.

Beginning of Career and Steps

Saban attended Kent State University and was a defensive back in college. He lettered three years and was chosen to the All-Mid-American Conference team in 1972. Saban commenced his coaching profession as a graduate assistant at Kent State after graduating in 1973.

Saban also served as a graduate assistant coach at Syracuse University, West Virginia University, and Ohio State University.

Saban was appointed defensive coordinator of the National Football League’s (NFL) Cleveland Browns in 1991. He worked under Bill Belichick, and the two helped the Browns’ defense become one of the finest in the league.


Saban is largely recognized as one of the all-time best college football coaches. He has won the most national championships in college football history, seven, and is the first coach to win national titles at two distinct colleges.

Saban has also won the most Southeastern Conference (SEC) titles of any coach in SEC history, with nine.

Here are some of Saban’s most significant Achievements:

  • National Championships: 2003 (LSU), 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2020 (Alabama)
  • SEC Championships: 2003, 2007 (LSU), 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 (Alabama)
  • Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2020
  • AP Coach of the Year Awards: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2020

Personal Life

Saban and his wife, Terry Constable, have two children, Kristen and Nicholas. Saban is a fervent Christian who volunteers for several philanthropic organizations. He is also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and the National Football Foundation.

Saban is an extremely private person who seldom discusses his personal life. He is, nonetheless, regarded as being a diligent and hardworking coach. He is also recognized as a rigorous coach, but his players like him for his candor and ability to get the best out of them.

Nick Saban’s Tuscaloosa Residence

Front shot of the house (Image Credit: Google Earth)
Front View of Saban’s House

Nick Saban’s massive mansion is nestled within the idyllic setting of Lake Tuscaloosa, a monument to his amazing achievements and discriminating taste. The home has approximately 10,000 square feet of living area and exudes elegance and majesty.

The Exterior

As one arrives at the estate, a stupor takes over. The gigantic brick façade, embellished with elaborate architectural elements, draws attention and sets the tone for an unforgettable encounter.

The property, which sprawls across 1.7 acres of carefully groomed grounds, basks in the peacefulness of its lakeside setting, giving stunning views of the glistening waters.

The Interior

The superb craftsmanship and lavish finishes that pervade the residence are instantly apparent upon entering the enormous entrance. Abundant natural light emphasizes the large interiors, with stained hardwood floors glistening beneath chandeliers.

The Living Room

The staggering living room, a refuge of comfort and luxury, is at the heart of the home. The center element is a huge fireplace, its warm embrace welcoming groups and personal chats.

There is plenty of space for visitors to rest and unwind, with plush couches and armchairs grouped in cozy discussion groups.

The Drawing Room

The drawing room, a serene refuge, is a place for calm contemplation and personal interactions. Soft lighting and subdued tones provide a tranquil ambiance, while plush couches and sofas welcome rest.

The walls are lined with bookshelves, which contain a plethora of intellectual treasures, while tastefully placed artwork gives visual intrigue and depth.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the home’s gourmet heart, where exquisite meals are created and shared. Stainless steel appliances shine against granite worktops, and large storage cabinets give plenty of room for culinary ideas. A huge central island acts as a meeting place, encouraging talks and culinary collaborations.

The Dining Room

The formal dining area emanates sophistication, laying the groundwork for exquisite parties and special events. The salon is illuminated by a magnificent chandelier, which casts a warm glow over the polished mahogany table and luxurious velvet seats.

The walls are adorned with exquisite artwork, which adds a sense of refinement to the setting.

The Bedrooms

Each bedroom in the estate exudes elegance and comfort, providing a quiet haven for relaxation and refreshment. Luxurious en suite bathrooms offer spa-like facilities for pampering and rejuvenation, while plush mattresses covered with high-quality linens give a refuge for relaxation.

Other Contemporary Features

  • Custom Boathouse: The custom-built boathouse, a testimony to Saban’s enthusiasm for water sports, is a standout element of the estate. The boathouse, with its second-story observation deck and stone lighthouse, is not only a utilitarian structure for storing and repairing boats but also an architectural jewel that adds to the property’s attractiveness.
  • Wine Cellar: The mansion has an amazing wine cellar, a secret treasure trove of excellent vintages, for fans of great wines. An ancient gate from Barcelona gives a touch of old-world beauty to this underground hideaway, where carefully picked wines wait to be savored.
  • Pub Style Billiards Room: The pub-style billiards area provides a welcoming setting for leisure and amusement, whether engaged in friendly competition or simply enjoying a casual game with friends. A rustic bar and a traditional billiards table create the tone for memorable moments of fellowship and enjoyment.
  • Swimming Pool: On hot days, the swimming pool provides a cooling refuge
  • Tennis Court: The tennis court allows athletic entertainment.

Gorgeous gardens and immaculate lawns give an oasis of calm, while a large patio is great for outdoor gatherings and taking in the scenery.

Location of Saban's house from the Watermelon Rd County Park
Nick Saban’s Residence is situated 0.6 miles away from the Watermelon Rd County Park

Other Properties Owned by the Coach

Property TypeLocationPrice
Oceanfront HouseJupiter Island, Florida$17.5 Million
The Table displays the properties owned by Nick Saban other than the Lake House In Tuscaloosa
The video features Saban talking about his Life at the Lake, in Tuscaloosa

Renowned Tourist Attractions in the Vicinity

  • University of Alabama Campus: Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the University of Alabama campus, which is only a 10-minute drive away from Saban’s home. Explore the magnificent Bryant-Denny Stadium, wander around the scenic Quad, or visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum to learn about Alabama Crimson Tide football’s rich history.
  • Tuscaloosa Riverwalk: Take a stroll down the gorgeous Tuscaloosa Riverwalk, which is about 15 minutes from Saban’s house. Admire the Black Warrior River’s peaceful waters, watch kayakers maneuver the rapids, or take a respite at one of the numerous restaurants and businesses that line the shoreline.
  • Alabama Museum of Natural History: Explore the natural world’s wonders at the Alabama Museum of Natural History, which is only a 12-minute drive from Saban’s house. Explore intriguing exhibits highlighting the state’s rich flora and wildlife, marvel at dinosaur fossils, or learn about the universe in the planetarium.
  • Lake Lurleen State Park: Escape to Lake Lurleen State Park, a quiet paradise about 25 minutes from Saban’s house. Cast a line in the lake for bass or catfish, take a lovely trek through the surrounding woods, or hire a paddleboat and explore the calm waters.
  • Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center: The Mercedes-Benz Visitor Centre, a short 20-minute drive from Saban’s home, allows visitors to experience the excitement of automotive innovation. Witness the painstaking construction of famous Mercedes-Benz automobiles, browse interactive exhibitions highlighting the brand’s rich history, and even take a thrilling test drive.


  • The home, nestled among the placid waters of Lake Tuscaloosa, is an enchanting hideaway, giving a refuge of tranquillity and escape from the hectic world outside.
  • The spacious spaces, filled with rich finishes and excellent furniture, exude grandeur and sophistication.
  • The custom-built boathouse and basement wine cellar, for example, offer a sense of whimsy and old-world character to the property.
  • A variety of amenities, such as a swimming pool, tennis court, and lush gardens, cater to leisure and entertainment, offering plenty of options for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Above all, the Lake Tuscaloosa residence is a testimony to Nick Saban’s extraordinary accomplishments and discriminating taste, reflecting his appreciation for the finest things in life.

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