Phil Robertson’s House (Duck Commander)

Duck Commander, which most people may not have any idea about, is a hunting company owned by a man named Phil Robertson. The company was founded in 1972 in West Monroe, Louisiana, United States. As I assume it must be the only company at the time, it certainly gained much success.

Duck Commander’s list of products is a testament to its success. Otherwise why else one would create such a wide range of products?

The company has become Phil’s identity. Therefore, many people address him as the Duck Commander. Apart from the name, the company brought Phil a ton of wealth, which he certainly didn’t spend on a house.

Phil Robertson’s house is situated in Louisiana, and he owns a 7-acre house that has every amenity that Phil needs where he lives with his wife.

Moreover, it’s constituted of three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a garage and a kitchen. According to The U.S. Sun, the property was built in 1960 and is now valued at $109,200, whereas according to Urban Splatter, it’s valued at $181,500.

Phil’s house seems quite lived in, I wouldn’t say that it has a luxurious design style, but the house does feel homey with wooden cabinets and tiled floor in the kitchen, stickers on the refrigerator, and the leather sofa in the living.

Mind you, Phil’s house is surrounded by trees so it would be rather difficult to locate his house or see it on the map. Nevertheless, we will scrutinize and get into the small details to understand his house.

Where Is Phil Robertson’s House?

3D view of Phil Robertsons house on Google Earth
The house reflects Phil’s personality with a homey feel and a lived-in design style.

Phil Robertson is living where he belongs. He has built his man cave in the wilderness of Monroe, Louisiana (LA), US on the Mouth of Cypress Rd.

Phil’s house is a complete reflection of his personality. He has found his home in the wild of Monroe, Louisiana, where he has a 7-acre property.

Phil was an athlete. However, he took a huge turn when his love for hunting ducks grew. Now, he even resides in a place where he can hunt. He certainly has made duck hunting his whole personality.

However, besides that, Phil is also a huge Christian believer. He has given interviews about how he came to believe in Jesus, which has made him an idol for some people.

How Much Phil Robertson’s House Is Worth?

Phil Robertson is residing with his wife in a compound built on a 7-acre property. Moreover, he bought the one-acre of land in the year 2006 for $130,000, while his house alone is worth $109,200, as stated by The U.S. Sun.

Whereas, according to the Urban Splatter the value of the property is said to be around $181,500.

Phil’s house is built beside the river, which may be a big factor in such a significant price. Nevertheless, Phil isn’t planning on selling his place, so the value of his house shouldn’t matter.

Is Monroe, Louisiana (LA), US A Good Place to Live?

3D view of Phil Robertsons house on Google Earth
Monroe can be a good place to live if its aspects align with your preferences.

Well, deciding whether a place is good enough for you to live there depends entirely on your priorities and preferences. However, we can certainly list down some aspects that may help you in making a decision.

Before you decide to move to a new city, several aspects need to be considered, for instance, the climate, cost of living, employment opportunities, education, community and culture, healthcare, crime rates, transportation, social life, and the natural environment.

Well, the climate of Monroe is rather pleasant. However in the summer, it might get slightly hot, and the temperature is known to go up to 32-37°C. Summer typically extends from May to September, while winter may last from December to February.

However, rainfall is rather common in Monroe, so if you are not a fan of thunderstorms, it may not be the ideal place for you.

The costs of living can depend on your lifestyle. However in general the cost of living in Monroe is much lower than the national average.

Moreover, make sure to take into account the employment opportunities of the place where you are deciding to move. In Monroe, you may find multiple opportunities. However, it all depends on doing the research.

If you are planning on having kids or you have already, then Monroe may be a good place to provide your kids with education as the city not only has public schools but a bunch of private schools that are recognized for their academic achievements as well as extracurricular activities.

As for healthcare, Monroe provides great healthcare facilities that provide a range of medical services.

Monroe also has a bunch of options for transportation. This can include Public Transit, Taxis and Ride-Sharing, and Car Rentals. You don’t necessarily have to worry about commuting when living in Monroe.

The crime rate in Monroe and any place varies. If you want to get information on this matter, you should consider checking Crime Reporting Websites and City Government Resources, which may provide crime statistics and safety information,

As for the other aspects like Community and Culture, Natural Environment, and Social Life, you will gradually learn about these once you get settled in.

Can I visit Phill Robertson’s House?

Monroe-West is where the home of the Robertsons is located. They are considered America’s favorite bearded family and stars of A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty.

Nonetheless, even though they are public personalities, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can “Visit” their house unless you are invited.

Check out this video to have a peek inside Phil’s house:

Learn the recipe for the best burgers by Phil Robertson


What Is Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty” is an American reality television show that was broadcast on the A&E Network from the year 2012 to 2017.

It primarily focused on the Robertson family, who gained recognition wildly for their successful duck call business, called Duck Commander.

Phil Robertson successfully built a company that is now a multi-million dollar brand. However, apart from the Duck Commander, Robertsons are known for their long beards and distinctive personalities.

Who is the real owner of Duck Commander?

The company Duck Commander was founded by Phil Robertson and established in 1972, Phil is also the patriarch of the Robertson family.

While Phil remains the founder and an integral figure in the company, Phil’s son, Willie Robertson, is in association with the management and business side of Duck Commander.

As of now, Willie is serving as the CEO of the company and he has also played a prominent role in expanding the business as well as its brand recognition.

AspectsDuck Commander
FounderPhil Robertson
CEOWillie Robertson
ProductsDuck calls
Buck calls
Turkey calls
Some information about Duck Commander
2D view of Phil Robertsons house on Google Earth
Having a house right by the river must be peaceful.


  • Phil Robertson’s residence is located in Monroe, Louisiana. It sits on a 7-acre property built beside a river.
  • The property was purchased in 2006 for $130,000 and it is valued at $109,200 according to The U.S. Sun and $181,500 according to Urban Splatter.
  • Duck Commander is a successful company that manufactures hunting accessories. It was founded by Phil Robertson in 1972.
  • “Duck Dynasty” is an American show featuring the Robertson family and their Duck Commander business.
  • Monroe can be a good place to live as it offers a pleasant climate, a lower cost of living than the national average, and various employment opportunities.

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