Rick Ross’s House: The 109-Room Mega Mansion (Georgia)

Fayetteville, a charming city in Georgia, boasts a rich history and vibrant community. With a blend of Southern hospitality and modern amenities, it’s a place for residents and visitors alike. You can explore its scenic parks, historic landmarks, and friendly atmosphere.

It also has some grand residences; one of them stands a 109-room mega-mansion of hip-hop star Rick Ross. You can enjoy indoor peace there or outdoor fun activities.

If you want to know more about it, let’s take this Google Earth virtual tour to see what luxury looks like!

Rick RossBorn William Leonard Roberts II on January 28, 1976, Rick Ross is an influential figure in hip-hop, with his debut album “Port of Miami” reaching the top of the Billboard 200. In 2009, he founded Maybach Music Group, earning nine Grammy nominations and achieving entrepreneurial success beyond music.
Rick Ross’s House Location– Located at 794 Evander Holyfield Highway, Fayetteville, Georgia.
– Spanning over 100 acres.
– Coordinates: 33°32’38″N 84°28’02″W.
– Featured in the 2018 “Superfly” remake.
Grand EntranceRick Ross’s mansion is an opulent masterpiece with majestic double doors, a foyer adorned with intricate details, and a staggering 109 rooms blending classical and modern design. The dining room exudes opulence, accommodating over 100 people, while entertainment features include a professional-level home theater and an in-house bowling alley. The outdoor pool holds 350,000 gallons, complemented by an indoor pool for added luxury.
Nearby PlacesSt Mary’s Academy: 0.33 miles away.
Creel Park: 1.85 miles away.
Dickson Lake: 0.83 miles away.
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Rick Ross

Rick Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II on January 28, 1976, is an influential figure in the world of hip-hop. Rising from the streets to stardom, Ross is celebrated for his distinctive voice, larger-than-life persona, and compelling lyrical storytelling.

His debut studio album, “Port of Miami,” marked a triumphant entry, topping the Billboard 200 chart.

Ross’s subsequent albums, including “Trilla,” “Deeper Than Rap,” and “Teflon Don,” continued to dominate the charts, showcasing his ability to blend gritty narratives with luxurious themes.

In 2009, he founded Maybach Music Group (MMG), a record label that has become a powerhouse in the industry, signing top talents like Meek Mill and Wale.

Beyond his musical success, Ross has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards, reflecting his impact on the genre. His authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit shine through not only in his music but also in his ventures like MMG.

Rick Ross's House
Front Exterior View

Rick Ross’s House

794 Evander Holyfield Highway in Fayetteville, Georgia, is a luxurious and opulent place aptly named “Promise Land.” Spanning over 100 acres of sprawling land, this place epitomizes grandeur.

Situated at coordinates 33°32’38″N 84°28’02″W, the estate echoes the legacy of its former owner, legendary boxer Evander Holyfield.

The property exudes serenity and sophistication, with its expansive grounds providing a sense of serenity. Whether it’s the lush greenery, architectural marvels, or the promise of a luxurious lifestyle, 794 Evander Holyfield Highway captures the essence of Fayetteville, Georgia.

Grand Entrance

Entering Rick Ross’s mega-mansion is like stepping into a realm of opulence. The grand entrance, marked by majestic double doors, establishes the tone for the extravagance that lies within.

As these doors swing open, revealing a foyer adorned with intricate details, an immediate sense of luxury envelops visitors.

The carefully crafted design and attention to detail create an ambiance that hints at the grandeur awaiting those who venture further into this extraordinary residence.

The Living Quarters: 109 Rooms of Extravagance

Rick Ross’s mega-mansion transcends the ordinary; it’s a residential marvel that has a staggering 109 rooms. Within this architectural masterpiece, 12 bedrooms stand as a place of comfort and style, offering a glimpse into the rapper’s luxurious lifestyle.

The living quarters enchant with a harmonious fusion of classical and modern design, a testament to Ross’s penchant for grandeur.

Each room contributes to the mansion’s opulence, creating a living space that goes beyond mere functionality, embodying a symphony of architectural excellence and lavish living.

The Lavish Kitchen

At the heart of any home, Ross’s kitchen is a chef’s dream. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a design that balances functionality with elegance, this culinary place is where culinary masterpieces come to life.

Dining Splendor

Rick Ross’s dining room is amazing; it can fit over 100 people! It’s not just a regular place to eat; it’s super fancy.

With fancy decorations all around, every meal there feels like a king’s feast. It’s not your everyday dining; it’s like stepping into a palace where every meal becomes a special experience.

Home Theater and Bowling Alley

Entertainment takes center stage with a dedicated home theater that rivals professional cinemas. Movie nights become cinematic experiences within the comfort of Ross’s mansion.

The added flair of a bowling alley contributes to the mansion’s entertainment oasis, creating an environment that caters to both leisure and luxury.

Rear Exterior View of Rick ross house
Rear Exterior View

Outdoor and Indoor Pools

Rick Ross went all out with his pools; it’s not just a regular backyard setup; it’s a full-on aquatic paradise. The outdoor pool, with its showy design, holds a massive 350,000 gallons of water, making it a real eye-catcher.

But that’s not all; there’s also an indoor pool for a touch of luxury, ensuring relaxation no matter the weather. Ross didn’t settle for ordinary; he turned his pools into something extraordinary, creating a visual feast and a place for unwinding in style.

Architectural Marvel: Greek Columns and Marble Finishes

The architectural finesse of Ross’s mansion is evident in its classical elements. Greek columns, white marble floors, and intricate details adorn the interior, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient opulence.

The mansion is a modern architectural marvel, blending historical inspiration with contemporary luxury.

Superfly Filming Location

Ross’s mansion isn’t just a residence; it’s a canvas for filmmakers. The home served as the backdrop for the 2018 remake of “Superfly,” offering viewers a cinematic view of its grandeur.

The sweeping shots across the marble floors and regal columns showcased the mansion’s aesthetic appeal on the silver screen.

Nearby Places

Following are some nearby locations to Ross’s House!

St Mary’s Academy

St. Mary’s Academy, situated 0.33 miles from Rick Ross’s house in Fayetteville, Georgia, is an institute with coordinates 33°32’54″N 84°27’47” W.

Located beside a community of homes, it plays a role in the local educational landscape, providing services within proximity to Ross’s residence.

St Mary's Academy
St Mary’s Academy is Located at a Distance of 0.28 Miles from Rick’s House

Creel Park

Creel Park, just 1.85 miles from Rick Ross’s house in Fayetteville, Georgia, is a recreational haven offering diverse amenities.

The park fosters community connections, from outdoor sports on the basketball court to delightful picnics at the shelters.

Well-maintained tennis courts, illuminated for convenience, complement the multipurpose field and playgrounds. With a walking track for nature enthusiasts, Creel Park is a vibrant space in the heart of the local community, promoting outdoor joy and cherished memories.

Dickson Lake

Dickson Lake, a peaceful 13-acre lake just 0.83 miles from Rick Ross’s residence in Fayetteville, Georgia, is a retreat from city life.

Ideal for avid anglers or those seeking a weekend escape, the lake offers diverse recreational possibilities. You can plan to spend weekends here as it offers places to stay nearby and several options to dine out and restaurants.

Rick Ross’s Mansion | 109 rooms mega-mansion


  • Rick Ross’s mansion isn’t merely a residence; it’s an architectural masterpiece that captivates filmmakers, notably featured in the 2018 remake of “Superfly,” showcasing its grandeur on the silver screen.
  • The mansion boasts sweeping shots across marble floors and regal columns, emphasizing its aesthetic appeal in cinematic storytelling.
  • Beyond its cinematic allure, the mansion stands as a symbol of opulence and luxury, reflecting Rick Ross’s taste for extravagance.
  • With a sprawling design and meticulous detailing, the mansion creates a sense of grandeur from the moment one steps through its majestic double doors.
  • The living quarters, encompassing a staggering 109 rooms, reveal a seamless blend of classical and modern design, showcasing Ross’s penchant for luxury living.
  • The grand entrance, with intricate details in the foyer, sets the tone for the lavish experience within the mansion.
  • Not confined to its interior, the mansion’s outdoor features include an aquatic retreat with a pool holding an impressive 350,000 gallons of water.

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