Skellig Michael (Ireland’s Star Wars Island)

If you’re a fan of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” you might remember a breathtaking island scene at the end of the movie. That mystical island is called Skellig Michael, located off the coast of Ireland.

Skellig Michael, or Sceilg Mhichíl in Irish is a place where history and natural beauty come together in the most breathtaking way.

In this article, we’re going to dive into what makes Skellig Michael so special. We’ll explore its rich history, its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and why it continues to be such an important cultural landmark.

Let’s take a closer look at this magical place that has captured the hearts of both Star Wars fans and nature lovers.

LocationSouthwest coast of Ireland, 12 km off the coast of County Kerry
Irish NameSceilg Mhichíl
Coordinates51.771°N, 10.540°W
Elevation218 meters (715 feet) above sea level
SizeApproximately 17 hectares (42 acres)
WildlifePuffins, gannets, razorbills, dolphins, seals, basking sharks
Tourism SeasonMay to October
Cultural ReferencesFeatured in the “Star Wars” franchise
Nearby AttractionsLittle Skellig, Skellig Experience Visitor Centre on Valentia Island
This table provides an overview of key information about Skellig Michael

Skellig Michael’s Natural Wonders

Skellig Michael is a natural marvel, with steep, jagged cliffs rising dramatically from the Atlantic Ocean.

These cliffs are a haven for seabirds, especially during the breeding season. Thousands of puffins, with their colorful beaks and charming waddles, nest alongside gannets and razorbills, making the island a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The surrounding waters are equally rich in marine life. Visitors often spot dolphins, seals, and even basking sharks, particularly in the summer months. This vibrant marine ecosystem thrives in the relatively undisturbed waters around the island.

Despite the harsh conditions, Skellig Michael supports a variety of plant life. Wildflowers and hardy shrubs, including rare species, add splashes of color to the rocky landscape, demonstrating nature’s resilience.

In short, Skellig Michael’s combination of dramatic landscapes, diverse wildlife, and resilient flora creates a unique and captivating environment that enchants every visitor.

Some photos from Skellig Michael last week, both of puffins and the monastery, with some gorgeous views of Skellig Beag
byu/No_Name_Is_Left inireland

Skellig Michael in Star Wars

Skellig Michael became globally famous when it was featured in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi.”

The island served as the location for Luke Skywalker’s hideaway.

The filmmakers chose this spot because of its otherworldly appearance, which perfectly fit the mysterious and ancient vibe they wanted for the scene.

Seeing the island on the big screen made many people curious to learn more about this real-life place.

Tourist Destinations

While Skellig Michael itself is a primary destination, several notable spots on and around the island enhance the experience. Here’s a guide to key tourist destinations:

The Monastic Settlement

At the heart of Skellig Michael lies the ancient monastic settlement, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dating back to the 6th century, this collection of beehive-shaped stone huts, or “clochans,” served as homes for monks seeking solitude and spiritual enlightenment.

The Monastic Settlement
The Monastic Settlement via Google Earth

Explore the well-preserved oratory, cells, and church, marveling at the architectural ingenuity and the monks’ perseverance in such a remote location.

The South Peak

For the more adventurous, a hike to the South Peak offers a thrilling experience. The climb is challenging and involves navigating steep, rocky paths, but the panoramic views from the top are unparalleled.

This vantage point provides breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding smaller islands, making the effort worthwhile.

The Skellig Lighthouse

Although not open to the public, the Skellig Lighthouse is a notable landmark visible from various points on the island. Built in the 1820s, this lighthouse has been a beacon for sailors navigating the treacherous waters around the Skelligs. Its presence adds to the historical and cultural tapestry of the island.

Skellig Lighthouse
Skellig Lighthouse via Google Earth

Wildlife Watching Spots

Skellig Michael is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Several spots around the island offer excellent opportunities to observe seabirds, particularly during the breeding season. The cliffs are alive with the activity of puffins, gannets, and other seabirds.

Additionally, the waters surrounding the island are often frequented by dolphins, seals, and even the occasional basking shark, making for exciting wildlife encounters.

Little Skellig

While not part of Skellig Michael itself, nearby Little Skellig is worth mentioning. This smaller island is home to one of the largest gannet colonies in the world. Boat tours often include views of Little Skellig, allowing visitors to witness the impressive sight of thousands of gannets nesting on its rocky slopes.

The Mainland Interpretive Centers

Before or after your visit to Skellig Michael, consider stopping by the Skellig Experience Visitor Centre on Valentia Island.

This center provides detailed information about the history, wildlife, and significance of the Skellig Islands through exhibits, audiovisual displays, and guided tours. It’s an excellent way to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Skelligs.


What is Skellig Michael?

Skellig Michael is a rocky island off the southwestern coast of Ireland, known for its ancient monastic settlement and stunning natural beauty. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

How do I get to Skellig Michael?

Access to Skellig Michael is by boat, primarily from the towns of Portmagee, Ballinskelligs, and Caherdaniel. Boat trips are seasonal, typically operating from May to October.

What can I see on Skellig Michael?

Visitors can explore the well-preserved monastic settlement, including beehive huts, a church, and an oratory. The island also offers dramatic cliffs, abundant seabird colonies, and stunning ocean views.


  • Skellig Michael offers a rare combination of rich historical significance and stunning natural beauty, making it a unique destination.
  • The well-preserved monastic settlement is a testament to early Christian monastic life, showcasing the resilience and devotion of the monks.
  • The island’s dramatic cliffs, rugged terrain, and panoramic ocean views provide an unforgettable visual experience.
  • Home to numerous seabird colonies and marine life, Skellig Michael is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • The journey to Skellig Michael, from the boat ride to the steep climb, is demanding but rewarding, offering a sense of accomplishment.
  • Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Skellig Michael is an important part of Ireland’s cultural heritage and continues to attract global attention.
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