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A Spanish Colonial-Style Lakefront Home In Montgomery, Texas

A Spanish Colonial-Style Lakefront Home In Montgomery, Texas

Ever dreamt of owning a luxurious Spanish colonial-style home? Well, nestled in the heart of Montgomery, Texas, there’s a lakefront property that’s sure to catch your eye. This home is the epitome of opulence, with its stunning architectural design and breathtaking waterfront views.

With over 17,000 square feet of living space, this property is nothing short of a palace. It’s decked out with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a host of other high-end amenities.

From the moment you step foot on this property, you’ll be transported to a world of luxury and elegance.

So, if you’re in the market for a home that exudes grandeur and sophistication, this Spanish colonial-style lakefront home in Montgomery, Texas, could be just what you’re looking for.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the features that make this property truly one-of-a-kind.

240 Marseille, Montgomery, Texas10,088 sq ft6 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms$4,995,000
Overview of the house

Stunning Architectural Design

Step foot into this magical residence and you’ll immediately notice its distinct Andalusian style. Whether it’s the arched windows and doors, or the use of rich, dark wood, the architectural design is a constant reminder of classic Spanish elegance.

Spanish Colonial Style Lakefront Home In Montgomery, Texas
Aerial view via Google Earth

If you’re a fan of colonial design, you’ll surely appreciate the intricate details of the stonework, tilework, and wood carving.

Let’s not forget the luxury of hand-painted ceilings and distressed wood beams. They provide a historical feel that’s rare for contemporary buildings, adding an extra layer of depth to the house.

You’ll find custom-made furniture complementing the architecture brilliantly: a perfect marriage between design and décor.

The exterior isn’t to be left out either. With an emphasis on outdoor living, the house features inviting terraces and courtyards. You’ll find a balcony opening to waterfront views, a sight that can make every morning spectacular. Imagine waking up to the sight of such a stunning vista!

Moreover, the house boasts a unique tiled roof reminiscent of Spanish colonial design. Elegant ironwork and stucco walls grace the place, perfectly reflecting the rich history of Spanish architecture.

Not just a treat for the eyes, the house has been built considering practical aspects too. Its layout is thoughtfully designed to facilitate effortless movement across rooms – truly a testament to its architectural marvel.

Enough said about its design, let’s get an insight into what the house offers in terms of space and amenities that make the house worth every penny of its asking price.

Breathtaking Waterfront Views

One of the first things you’ll notice about this Spanish colonial-style home is its privileged location. Standing tall on the water’s edge, the house guarantees front-row seats to Mother Nature’s impressive performances.

Spanish Colonial Style Lakefront Home In Montgomery, Texas
Side view via Google Earth

Whether you’re inside or outdoors, the house ensures a panoramic view of the waterfront that truly takes your breath away. All core living areas, including the living room, dining area, and kitchen come with large windows.

Imagine sipping your morning coffee while the rising sun reflects off the water’s surface. Or, perhaps, hosting an intimate gathering under the starlit sky as the gentle lapping of waves creates background music.

There’s more, the large French doors open into terraces, courtyards, and the balcony. Here, you can sit back and soak up nature’s beauty from different perspectives.

For a more intimate experience with aquatic life, there’s a private dock. Here, one can indulge in water activities such as boating, swimming, or fishing right in the comfort of their home.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a water sports lover, or someone who enjoys quiet solitude, the waterfront offers something for everyone.

The property also benefits from its location in Montgomery, Texas. Known for its pristine lakes and lush greenery, the area’s natural charm complements the home’s classic Spanish elegance perfectly.

This Spanish-inspired waterfront home is not just a luxurious residence; it’s an experience where every day is a soulful journey exploring nature from the confines of your home. Expect nothing less than a life steeped in natural beauty, quiet solitude, and an intimate connection with the waterfront.

Luxurious Living Space

Step inside this Spanish colonial-style home and you’re immediately enveloped by an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

Imagine sinking into plush leather furniture in the grand living room, your eyes drawn upward by the towering ceilings adorned with beautifully crafted beams. Can you feel the warmth of the roaring fire from the custom stone fireplace? It’s more than just a house, it’s an experience.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Functionality floods this luxurious living space. Every square inch of this house is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. The open floor plan, characterized by large windows, lets in plenty of natural light, casting a warm and inviting glow on the intricate tile flooring.

At the heart of this home, you’ll find a chef’s dream kitchen. Outfitted with high-end appliances, ample countertop space, and a central island, preparing meals becomes a delightful experience.

There are also private areas for relaxation and rejuvenation. You’ll find inviting bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, and a well-appointed home office that’s perfect for the modern professional.

  • Grand living area with a custom stone fireplace
  • High-end kitchen with ample counter space
  • Inviting bedrooms and spacious bathrooms
  • A well-appointed home office

Finally, for those who love to entertain, there is a game room and a beautiful wine cellar. Just imagine hosting parties in these spaces. It’s the perfect balance between lavish sophistication and homey appeal, encapsulating the essence of luxury waterfront living.

High-End Amenities

Stepping into this Spanish colonial-style home, you’re immediately greeted with a surplus of high-end luxuries. These aren’t just ordinary home features; they’re elements designed to elevate your living experience and envelope you in pure comfort within this waterfront haven.

To begin with, there’s the distinctive custom stone fireplace. An epitome of fine craftsmanship, it doubles as an elegant centerpiece in the grand living room. Paired with towering ceilings accented by beautifully crafted beams, it radiates an ambiance of luxury and elegance that’s hard to ignore.

Now let’s move onto the kitchen, or as some might call it, the heart of the home! Outfitted with top-of-the-line appliances and generous countertop space, it’s no less than a chef’s dream. From hosting grand dinner parties to preparing a simple meal, this kitchen effortlessly embraces all culinary activities.

The private areas in this home are also nothing short of perfect for relaxation. Cozy bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, and a well-appointed home office all contribute to making this space a personal paradise.

Lastly, but by no means least, are the entertainment spaces. Imagine an evening of fun in the game room or a quiet night sampling wines in your very own cellar. These rooms offer a perfect balance of lavish sophistication and homey appeal.

The luxury in this Spanish colonial-style home doesn’t stop here though. There’s much more to discover in the next sections, including a private dock, a boat lift, and a gazebo, all cohesively blending in with the overall grandeur of the home’s architecture and design.

Grandeur and Sophistication

Step outside into the sunshine and breathe in the warm Texas air. Taking center stage in this exquisite setup is your private dock and boat lift, offering you a lifestyle punctuated by the energy and serenity of the waterfront.

Spanish Colonial Style Lakefront Home In Montgomery, Texas
Lakefront view of the house

Adjacent to the dock, you’ll find the gazebo. Shaded and cozy, it’s the perfect spot for outdoor meals, morning yoga routines, or just for basking in those breathtaking lake views. Touched with the same Spanish colonial elegance, it’s a cherished outdoor extension of your indoor living space.

And speaking of outdoor spaces, let’s not forget about the resort-style swimming pool. This oasis, featuring a cascading waterfall and spa, is designed for relaxation and fun all year round.

In addition to these outdoor marvels, the property also boasts a three-car attached garage with a porte-cochere.

Speaking of function, let’s talk about sustainability. Your Texas abode is equipped with a whole-house generator, feeding your power needs even when the grid goes down.

Moving forward, you’ll discover more grandeur and sophistication in rest of the home, from the guest accommodations to the outdoor landscape. It’s all designed to elevate your living experience, blending seamless luxury with ultimate function.


What are some of the outdoor amenities the property offers?

The property offers luxury outdoor amenities including a private dock, a boat lift, a resort-style swimming pool with a waterfall and a spa, and a beautiful gazebo.

Is the property suitable for a waterfront lifestyle?

The property is prime for a waterfront lifestyle, complete with a private dock and boat lift for adventure and relaxation.

What are some features that add to the property’s functionality?

The three-car garage offering ample storage and a whole-house generator contribute to the property’s functional features.

How does the design of the home bridge luxury and functionality?

The home seamlessly blends grandeur and sophistication with functionality, offering a higher standard of living with its luxurious amenities and sustainable features.

All you need to know!


  • You’ve just explored the Spanish colonial-style lakefront home in Montgomery, Texas.
  • Its outdoor amenities, from the private dock to the gazebo, set the stage for a life of leisure and thrill.
  • The resort-style pool, complete with a waterfall and spa, elevates the outdoor allure.
  • With a three-car garage and a whole-house generator, it’s not just about luxury but also practical living.
  • This home truly embodies a perfect blend of elegance and functionality for an enhanced lifestyle.
  • There’s more to this property than meets the eye, and it’s the grandeur that lies within that truly sets it apart. Your dream of an opulent, waterfront lifestyle could very well start here.

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