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Stranger Things Byers House Albuquerque [Google Earth]

Stranger Things Byers House Albuquerque [Google Earth]

The Byers House, known for its poignant role in the thrilling narrative of “Stranger Things,” has become a pilgrimage site for enthusiasts seeking to experience the aura and allure of the show.

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the residence has become an enigmatic and mysterious landmark, inviting curiosity and intrigue. Nestled in the heart of Albuquerque lies the iconic Byers House, a centerpiece of this acclaimed Netflix series.

Whether you’re an avid fan of the show or merely a seeker of nostalgic adventures, the Byers House holds an inexplicable charm and draws visitors into the realm of the supernatural.

Join us on a virtual journey to discover the Byers House, as we explore its location in Albuquerque and the surrounding neighborhood, and unearth the hidden gems that make this place a fan-favorite destination for enthusiasts of the extraordinary.


satellite image of the house
Stranger Things Byers House Albuquerque

The Stranger Things house is located at 13212 Montgomery Boulevard.

The house has several key landmarks surrounding it.

Sandia Mountains

Just east of 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, the stunning Sandia Mountains provide a picturesque backdrop. You can explore numerous trails and enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and bird-watching.

The proximity to these mountains makes it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and adventurers.

Elena Gallegos Open Space

Located about 6 miles north of 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, Elena Gallegos Open Space is a serene natural area. It offers walking trails, picnic spots, and opportunities for wildlife observation.

The peaceful ambiance of this open space makes it a great escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Montgomery Park

Just a stone’s throw from the address, Montgomery Park offers a variety of recreational amenities.

You can enjoy sports activities, including basketball and tennis, or have a leisurely day out with family and friends.

Embudo Hills Park

About 3 miles to the west of 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, Embudo Hills Park provides a scenic spot for relaxation.

With its green spaces and playgrounds, it’s an excellent place for families to unwind and children to play.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Situated approximately 8 miles southwest, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a fantastic place to explore the rich heritage and culture of the Native American Pueblo people.

You can delve into art, history, and delicious Pueblo cuisine at this cultural center.

Balloon Fiesta Park

Around 10 miles from 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, Balloon Fiesta Park is famous for hosting the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot-air balloon festival in the world. You can visit the park throughout the year to enjoy various events and exhibitions.

These key landmarks offer a mix of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural experiences, providing residents and visitors with a diverse range of options for leisure and exploration.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or interested in cultural heritage, the area around 13212 Montgomery Boulevard has something for everyone.

PlaceDistance from house
Sandia MountainsJust east of 13212 Montgomery Boulevard
Elena Gallegos Open SpaceLocated about 6 miles north of 13212 Montgomery Boulevard
Indian Pueblo Cultural CenterSituated approximately 8 miles southwest
Places to visit

Reaching the House

street view of the house
Street view of the house

These directions should help you reach 13212 Montgomery Boulevard from different locations within Albuquerque.

From Albuquerque International Sunport (Airport):

  • Head south on Sunport Blvd and take a slight left onto Sunport Loop.
  • Using the Santa Fe ramp, merge onto I-25 North.
  • Stay on I-25 N, then take exit 231 for Montgomery Blvd.
  • Turn right onto Montgomery Blvd NE.
  • Continue on Montgomery Blvd NE until you reach 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, which will be on your right.

From Downtown Albuquerque:

  • Start by heading east on Central Ave SW toward 3rd St NW.
  • Turn right onto 1st St NW.
  • Using the Santa Fe ramp, merge onto I-25 North.
  • Stay on I-25 N, then take exit 231 for Montgomery Blvd.
  • Turn right onto Montgomery Blvd NE.
  • Continue on Montgomery Blvd NE until you reach 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, which will be on your right.

From Sandia Peak Tramway:

  • Begin by heading south on Tramway Rd NE.
  • Turn left onto Montgomery Blvd NE.
  • Continue on Montgomery Blvd NE until you reach 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, which will be on your right.

From Petroglyph National Monument:

  • Start by heading north on Unser Blvd NW.
  • Continue on Unser Blvd NW, which will become Unser Blvd NE.
  • Merge onto Paseo Del Norte Blvd NE via the ramp to I-25.
  • Take exit 233 for Louisiana Blvd.
  • Turn left onto Louisiana Blvd NE.
  • Turn right onto Montgomery Blvd NE.
  • Continue on Montgomery Blvd NE until you reach 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, which will be on your right.

Please make sure to use a navigation app or GPS for real-time guidance, as traffic conditions may affect travel times.

Activities to Do

distance from the house to  nearby landmark
Distance of the house from Highpoint Sports and Wellness

It’s worth noting that the neighborhood offers a range of activities and attractions to explore. Here are some of the things you can enjoy in the vicinity:

  • Hiking and Nature Exploration: The area is close to the beautiful Sandia Mountains. There are several hiking trails, including the popular La Luz Trail, which offers stunning views of Albuquerque.
  • Petroglyph National Monument: A short drive from the house, this monument is a unique cultural and natural site with thousands of ancient petroglyphs.
  • Dining and Shopping: You’ll find a variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops in the surrounding areas, offering both local and international cuisine.
  • Golf: Golf enthusiasts can visit nearby golf courses such as the Sandia Golf Club to enjoy a round of golf with scenic views.
  • Cultural Experiences: Explore the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, which is in the vicinity and offers an intriguing journey through New Mexico’s rich geological past.
  • Albuquerque Biological Park: If you’re traveling with family, the Albuquerque Biological Park is a fantastic destination, comprising a zoo, aquarium, and botanic garden.
  • Hot Air Ballooning: Albuquerque is famous for its hot-air ballooning activities. You can take a hot air balloon ride and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding landscape.

These are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in the neighborhood. Whether you’re interested in nature, culture, or leisurely outings, there’s something for everyone to explore and experience.

Stranger Things House


Is the House at 13212 Montgomery Boulevard Open to the Public?

The house is privately owned and not open to the public.

It’s a residential property.

Can I Visit Nearby Attractions Without Entering the House?

Yes, many nearby attractions and activities are accessible without entering the house.

You can explore the neighborhood, hiking trails, museums, and more.

Is the House Associated With the Television Series “Stranger Things”?

No, this house isn’t related to the “Stranger Things” series.

It’s a private residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  • The house at 13212 Montgomery Boulevard, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, stands as a picturesque and attractive residential property.
  • While it’s not associated with the popular television series “Stranger Things,” the neighborhood offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and residents to enjoy. 
  • From the stunning Sandia Mountains and hiking trails to cultural experiences and dining options, the area has something for everyone.
  • Exploring the surroundings of this charming house allows you to appreciate the natural beauty and cultural offerings of Albuquerque. 
  • Whether you’re a resident or a traveler passing through, the neighborhood provides a delightful backdrop for leisurely activities and memorable experiences.

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