Trisha Paytas’s House (Let’s Deep Dive)

Trisha Paytas is mainly a social media celebrity now. However, she moved to the fast-paced life of Los Angeles to become an actress, but God had other plans for her.

While she started her career as a lingerie model and a stripper, Trisha has worked her way up and become one of the popular YouTube stars.

After such success, everyone deserves to get their dream house. Well, Trisha certainly bought a mansion that anyone can call their dream house, as it has everything that one would ever want.

Trisha Paytas only paid $3.7 million in 2021 for such a beautiful property. It has every facility that Trisha would require.

The house didn’t magically have all the amenities that Trisha wanted. It was renovated as per the preference of its owner, which means Trisha splurged a whole lot of money on the renovation.

As for those amenities, the house is constituted of 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a dining area, a living area with a huge fireplace, and a stunning kitchen.

The property takes place in Thousand Oaks, which is a city situated in Ventura County, California, Los Angeles.

The sad part is that, even after undergoing a massive renovation, the value of the mansion remains the same. However, it doesn’t matter as long as Trisha doesn’t intend to sell the property.

What Does Trisha Paytas House Has?

3D view of Trisha Paytas's house
Well, for me the highlight in Trisha’s house is the living area with a captivating bronze chandelier and a massive fireplace.

Trisha Paytas has a unique taste which is reflected in the design of her house. While the original house was built in 1990 on 7,484 square feet, the property was subjected to a massive renovation.

Trisha, like any other celebrity, would spend any figure to ensure the privacy and security of their houses. Well, Trisha made quite the effort to have her property secured.

The house is behind a private driveway, which will provide a sense of privacy and the property itself is in the gated community of Thousand Oaks City.

Well, aside from that, the inside of the house, it’s a three-story building. You have the main door open up to a huge foyer that features a unique wooden coffee table with a candle-lit chandelier.

There’s another candle-lit chandelier right above the dining table, the dining area has a neutral tone and tranquillity to it. It has a rather rustic, neutral-toned bohemian combined with a modern dining table that has 6 seats; however, the dining space can accommodate a much larger dining table.

You can also see the foyer and the living area from there, so basically the dining, living area, and the foyer as well as the staircase are under the same roof, as on either side of the foyer there are the dining and the living area, whereas the staircase is right in front.

All of this is under one roof and the architects did an amazing job at compartmentalizing the ground floor. The dining is divided by three pillars, while the living room has a big arched opening.

Two of the most stunning aspects, that I’m sure Trisha also takes pride in are the huge fireplace and the captivating bronze chandelier.

To be very honest, I believe Trisha has a thing for Candle-lit chandeliers because as you explore the house, you will see one in almost every place, even in the kitchen. Even though the design of the kitchen is rather modern, the chandelier has the essence of classic design.

There’s another dining table in the kitchen area, which is placed against windows that provide a beautiful view of nature. The kitchen is stunning and contains some custom appliances which include the glass-fronted refrigerator and another one for the wine.

Besides that, there are French doors that take you from the bedroom to a beautiful garden, and the house also constitutes an elevator, which seems a modern addition to such a classy and timeless mansion.

As of now, the original design of the house is unknown. However, we can assume that Trisha didn’t have the historical significance taken away from the building.

Where Exactly Is Trisha Paytas’s House?

The mansion of Trisha Paytas is located on the hills of California, Los Angeles. You should be able to find her house on the map by typing Thousand Oaks, which is the city of California.

Furthermore, the mansion should be visible from Lakeview Canyon RD in Thousand Oaks. It’s close to the Lakeview Canyon RD, Country Valley RD, and Windhaven Dr her mansion is situated on the land that is constituted of these Rd and Dr.

Check out this video to have a look at Trisha’s house:

Trisha’s house looks just as fabulous in this video as it does in pictures

What Is The Worth Of Trisha Paytas’s House?

Trisha put her money into a $3.7 mansion in the year 2021, she had it renovated, and now it’s an embodiment of classic, modern, and luxury.

Having a look at Trisha’s mansion, mind you, it’s three-story. You will witness some luxurious aspects like the larger foyer, a spacious dining room, and a living room with a fireplace. The master suite opens up to a beautiful garden and a kitchen that has a custom glass-fronted refrigerator with a separate refrigerator for wine.

The mansion certainly does justice to the term “Mansion”. It possesses the spirit of luxury and sophistication as well as grandeur, even though it only spans 7,484 square feet.

Unfortunately for Trisha even after spending a ton of money on renovation, the mansion is still valued at the same price she bought it.

However, I don’t think Trisha is thinking of putting her newly renovated mansion on the market, ultimately the value of the house doesn’t matter.

What Is Trisha’s Paytas Mansion’s Worth?

Considering that Trisha is a celebrity, people assume that her house should be worth a lot more than $3.7 million.

Yes, there are some celebrities whose houses are worth much more than Trisha’s house, but it’s not her fault that there are many factors that can increase or decrease the value of the house besides having a celebrity live on the property.

Well, the value may rise if people like Bill Gates resided there. Until then the house is valued at 43.7 million, which is fine if you consider its net worth of Trisha.

While Thousand Oaks, California is rather famous for having just a high real estate market and fluctuations are rather common in this market. However, it’s odd that Trisha’s mansion’s value is still the same after 2 decades.

Year of Purchase2021
Purchase Price$3.7 million
Size7,484 square feet
Features5 Bedrooms, 7 Bathrooms, Elevator, Living area, fireplace,
LocationThousand Oaks, California
Some aspects of Trisha Paytas’s mansion


2D view of Trisha Paytas's house
Trisha Paytas initially aimed to become an actress in Los Angeles, however, a career out of YouTube bodes well for her

How Did Trisha Paytas Get Famous?

Well, her hard work is one of the reasons for her success. However, if I elaborate on that, Trisha moved to Los Angeles to be famous in, I suppose movies as she wanted to become an actress.

Well, it didn’t turn out the way Trisha hoped. Like every person who comes to Los Angeles with a dream of starring in movies, they need to wash dishes, flip burgers, or be the bag boy at the grocery store.

Trisha, however, became a lingerie model and a stripper. Moreover, following that, she got into singing and started her YouTube channel. Now, she is one of the most popular YouTubers with millions of followers.

Is Los Angeles A Nice Place To Live?

California is one of the locations of celebrities, and many high-profile individuals have a residence there. However, it may be in different neighbourhoods. For instance, Beverly Hills has the biggest crowd of celebrities.

Besides that, Los Angeles can be a fun place to live. However, only if you can withstand the fast-paced lifestyle of it, which may not be for everyone.

Furthermore, Los Angeles is also known for being rich lifestyle, which may require a big bank balance which average individuals may not possess.

Thus if you don’t have the heart or energy to keep up with the fast-paced and expensive lifestyle, then Los Angeles may not be a fit for you.

2D view of Trisha Paytas's house
Living in Los Angeles does sound good, even if that means that you have to live on the edge of financial ruin.


  • Trisha acquired a mansion in Thousand Oaks, California, in 2021 for $3.7 million, which is constituted of a three-story structure, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a dining area, a living area with a grand fireplace, and a modern kitchen.
  • The mansion has some unique design elements that include candle-lit chandeliers in almost every room.
  • Trisha’s house is located within the gated community of Thousand Oaks with a private driveway.
  • The house has a modern kitchen design with classic touches, featuring custom appliances, and the French doors of the bedrooms lead to a beautiful garden.
  • Trisha started her career as a lingerie model and stripper, she afterwards transitioned to singing and YouTube.

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