Vanessa Hudgens’ House (Previous House)

For those well-versed in teen movies, the name Vanessa Hudgens likely conjures memories of High School Musical, where she shared the screen with Zac Efron. Beyond this iconic role, Hudgens has left her mark on Hollywood with several successful films.

Her career has not only brought her fame but also considerable fortune, evident in her multimillion-dollar properties. One such residence, located in Los Angeles, California, has been a point of discussion among fans even after its sale, thanks to its undeniable charm.

Vanessa’s journey in Hollywood has been defined by both talent and financial success, and her lifestyle is evidence of it.

While she may have bid adieu to this particular property, you can still view this beautiful property by taking a virtual tour through Google Earth to explore the details of the house that once belonged to the talented and accomplished Vanessa Hudgens.

Property LocationThe living room has a cozy feel with vintage furniture and a piano. French vibes are carefully curated. The kitchen was transformed, featuring earthy tiles and repurposed bathroom tiles.
Interior HighlightsThe living room has a cozy feel with vintage furniture and a piano. French vibes are carefully curated. The kitchen was transformed, featuring earthy tiles and repurposed bathroom tiles.
Bedroom and Bathroom StyleVanessa’s bedroom has orange curtains. The bathroom follows a sexy, cave-like design, providing a retreat within the home.
Outdoor FeaturesThe outdoor space is equally inviting, offering a pool, seating beneath olive trees, a pizza oven, and a secret garden with citrus trees. Gas lanterns add a unique charm to the outdoor spaces.
Outdoor Activities NearbyGriffith Park is located 1.61 miles away. Vermont Canyon, just 0.35 miles away, is a serene tennis compound with stunning views. Messhall Kitchen, located just 0.29 miles from Vanessa’s house, offers delectable meals inspired by regional American dining. Other options, like Starbucks, are also conveniently close.
Nearby EntertainmentUniversal Hollywood Studios, situated 4.27 miles away, offers a thrilling theme park experience where visitors can step into their favorite movies. Warner Bros Studios, 4.52 miles away.
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Vanessa Hudgens Property

Following are some details about the property of Vanessa Hudgens:


Vanessa Hudgens’ old home, located on Cromwell Rd in Los Angeles, California, was a cozy nest near Los Feliz Towers Hoa, just about 0.2 miles away.

Surrounding her abode were notable spots like Vermont Canyon and Roosevelt Gold Court, offering scenic beauty and recreational options.

In this lively neighborhood, Vanessa had convenient access to popular eateries like Messhal Kitchen and familiar coffee shops like Starbucks. The vibrant surroundings added to the charm of her residence, making it a delightful place to call home.

Vanessa Hudgens House
Vanessa Hudgens’ cozy home on Cromwell Rd, Los Angeles.

About the Property

Vanessa Hudgens’ home, named the Little De Mille, is a charming place filled with unique touches. The living room has a cozy feel, decorated with vintage furniture and a piano that adds to the ambiance.

Vanessa has carefully curated French vibes throughout, with olive trees and vintage finds creating a special atmosphere.

The kitchen was transformed a while ago and now features earthy tiles and repurposed bathroom tiles, giving it a distinct character.

Vanessa’s bedroom is designed with a feminine touch, showcasing orange curtains and art that celebrates the vivacious forms of women. The bathroom follows a sexy, cave-like design, providing an additional uniqueness within the home.

Outdoors, the space is equally inviting. A pool, seating beneath olive trees, and a pizza oven offer a perfect relaxing setting. Vanessa’s secret garden has citrus trees, contributing to the overall greenery. Gas lanterns, evoking a New Orleans vibe, charm the outdoor spaces.

Vanessa’s home is like a place where she and her friends can run around, engage in water balloon fights, and enjoy a carefree, childlike spirit. The property feels like a vast open park, reflecting Vanessa’s desire for a spacious and free-spirited environment.

Overall, Vanessa Hudgens’ home is a delightful mixture of vintage aesthetics, artistic elements, and a touch of whimsy that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Nearby Attractions and Amenities

Parks and Sports

Following are some parks and sports places for people to have a fun time:

Griffith Park

Griffith Park, 1.61 miles away from Vanessa’s home, is a massive green space near the freeway. It covers 4,210 acres and combines natural wilderness and beautiful parks. You can take roads like Los Feliz Boulevard or Zoo Drive to get there by car.

The park offers a break from city life with its trees, hills, and open areas, making it great for hiking and picnics. Griffith Park is like a giant outdoor playground beside Vanessa’s neighborhood, providing a peaceful area amid the city rush.

Griffith Park
Griffith Park, 1.61 miles from Vanessa’s home, is a vast green space.

Vermont Canyon

Vermont Canyon, just 0.35 miles away from Vanessa Hudgens’ home, is like a secret paradise in the hills of Griffith Park. It’s a place for tennis, surrounded by stunning views that make you feel peaceful and happy.

This special spot is not just for playing tennis; it’s also a place to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

With its beautiful surroundings, Vermont Canyon provides a calm and lovely atmosphere. For Vanessa and others living nearby, it’s a perfect escape from the busyness of daily life.

Food Places

We all crave food, or more precisely, good food. Wouldn’t it be fun if the food place was close to your house so that you could go there even on foot? There are several restaurants, bars, and cafes near Vanessa’s house as well, following are some:

Messhall Kitchen

Messhall Kitchen is a restaurant near Vanessa’s house, just 0.29 miles away at 4500 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

They focus on serving delicious meals inspired by regional American dining for brunch, lunch, and dinner. With daily specials, it’s a go-to place for tasty food.

Arts and Fun

Vanessa’s home is close to some of the most famous places in the U.S. following are some of them:

Universal Hollywood Studios

Universal Hollywood Studios is a fantastic place for movie lovers, and it’s just 4.27 miles from Vanessa Hudgens’ house.

This theme park is like a giant playground where you can step into your favorite movies. Think of it as you can walk through Hogwarts from Harry Potter or feel the excitement of Jurassic Park. !

You can enjoy thrilling rides, meet beloved characters, and even see behind the scenes how movies are made.

From the famous Studio Tour to heart-pounding attractions, Universal Hollywood Studios is an adventurous place. And the best part? It’s close to Vanessa’s home, making it a perfect destination for Hollywood-style fun!

Universal Hollywood Studios distance from Vanessa Hudgen's house
Universal Hollywood Studios, 4.27 miles from Vanessa’s home, offers thrilling rides and cinematic adventures.

Warner Bros Studios

Warner Bros Studios, just 4.52 miles from Vanessa Hudgens’ house, is a magical kingdom. This iconic studio is where some of the most famous movies and TV shows are brought to life.

Warner Bros Studios is a treasure of cinematic wonders, from superheroes like Batman to the world of Harry Potter.

You can take a tour and explore real film sets, see how special effects are created, and maybe even catch a glimpse of your favorite actors at work. It’s a place where the magic of storytelling comes alive, and you get a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Do you want to see what her house looks like? No worries, scroll down!

Vanessa Hudgens’ Former House


  • Vanessa Hudgens’ former residence, the Little De Mille, located on Cromwell Rd, Los Angeles, is a cozy place surrounded by scenic spots like Vermont Canyon and Roosevelt Gold Court.
  • The house has unique vintage aesthetics and French vibes, curated with care. The living room features vintage furniture, a piano, and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The kitchen underwent a makeover, now decorated with earthy tiles and beautiful bathroom tiles, giving it a distinctive character.
  • Vanessa’s bedroom radiates a calm touch with orange curtains and art celebrating women’s lively forms, creating a personal space.
  • The outdoor space offers a pool, seating under olive trees, a pizza oven, and a secret garden with citrus trees, providing a perfect relaxing setting.
  • The property, resembling a vast open park, reflects Vanessa’s desire for a spacious and free-spirited environment where she can have parties.
  • Conveniently located, Vanessa’s home is surrounded by attractions like Messhall Kitchen, a regional American dining spot, and recreational areas like Griffith Park and Vermont Canyon. Additionally, Hollywood’s magic awaits at Universal Hollywood Studios and Warner Bros Studios, both a short distance away.

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