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Waterfront Estate Of Emerald Isle, North Carolina (Luxury Living)

Waterfront Estate Of Emerald Isle, North Carolina (Luxury Living)

Ever dreamt of owning a waterfront estate? Well, there’s one in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, that’s sure to catch your fancy. It’s not just any estate, it’s a stunning masterpiece that redefines luxury living.

This property is nestled right in the heart of the Crystal Coast, offering unrivaled views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s an architectural marvel, with every detail meticulously designed to ensure maximum comfort and style.

So, if you’re a fan of opulent living and breathtaking views, this Emerald Isle estate is your dream come true.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes this property a true gem in North Carolina’s real estate market.

Video of the property

Location and Overview

Emerald Isle, your picturesque destination, is the eminent setting of this luxurious waterfront estate. Nestled on North Carolina’s coastline, you’re greeted by sweeping Atlantic Ocean views that’ll leave you breathless.

LOCATION410 Redfish Court, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS4 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms
PRICESold for $5,200,000 on 01/18/22
Overview of the house

This vital fact emphasizes why it’s more than just the extravagant design that makes this property a standout piece of North Carolina’s real estate market.

Discussing the estate, it’s an architectural splendor that exudes luxury and comfort. Whether it’s the interior designs or the top-tier amenities, you’ll find the estate meticulously planned with a determined focus on detail.

Imagine this: Every corner, every turn invites you to explore yet another marvel. The vibrant, immaculate furnishings complement the serene, natural outlooks perfectly.

Don’t forget to look out for the indoor elements like the deluxe state-of-the-art kitchen, grand dining room, and invigorating living spaces, redefining comfort as you know it.

410 Redfish Court, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Aerial view of the house via Google Earth

Moving outdoors, you’ll find a sky-touching infinity pool, creating a seamless horizon with the Atlantic. It’s a sight to behold. Even the lush green gardens beautifully blend with the estate’s aesthetic.

Remember one important fact: The real charm of any real estate is how that property makes you feel. If it doesn’t invoke a sense of peace, freedom, and satisfaction, then it may not be the luxury you’re seeking. This estate, however, does more than tick these essential boxes.

In the real estate world, the potential of any property is best assessed when you understand its location and then delve into its intimate details. Dive into the next sections to uncover what makes this waterfront estate the epitome of luxury living in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Exterior Features

As you approach this magnificent waterfront estate, you’re greeted by an alluring, well-manicured lawn. The estate’s lush green gardens are meticulously planned and seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment, immediately catching your eye with their vibrant hues.

This harmonious blend of nature and architecture makes a bold statement about the majestic allure of outdoor living in North Carolina.

The immaculate driveway provides an impressive welcome. Unlike ordinary properties, the driveway here doubles as a tasteful accessory, enhancing the estate’s aesthetic beauty.

Its intricate design and premium material choice guarantee durability and grit resistance – a reminder that even seemingly insignificant details become meaningful in a luxury lifestyle.

As luxurious as the interiors are, the immersive outdoor features of this property elevate it to a new level. The waterfront location offers unobstructed, panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. One can almost smell the salty sea air and hear the gentle waves from the driveway entrance!

No luxury property is complete without a pool, and this estate is no exception. The infinity pool seems to effortlessly stretch towards the horizon, creating an illusion where the water meets the sky. Around the pool, a variety of luxurious outdoor seating options beckons, waiting to become your favorite relaxation spot.

Finally, let’s not forget about the private beachfront. It offers a secluded, peaceful escape – your private gate to the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s not just a feature, it’s a privileged experience, exclusive to the owners of this luxurious waterfront estate.

The luxury, comfort, and quality that this estate exudes prove it’s far beyond your average elite property. But wait, there’s more to explore inside. Watch out for our next section, diving into the opulent indoor elements and intricate architectural details of this stellar waterfront estate in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Interior Design

Stepping inside, you’ll find an equally astounding space. Every corner of the interior has been curated to reflect luxury and sophistication that complements the stunning outdoor design. Remember: an elegant interior design increases the value of a property.

410 Redfish Court, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Waterfront view of the house

The grand foyer greets you with an impressive double staircase. These twin sets of stairs, a prominent feature of luxurious residences, not only provide a dramatic entrance but also enhance the beauty of your home.

Flooding in from the grand windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling are the mesmerizing views of the Atlantic Ocean. These allow for natural light to brighten up the place. It’s an architectural element that not only brings life to any room but also makes it seem more spacious.

Remember, keeping your home well-lit is key when it comes to interior design. As you wander through the house, you’ll appreciate the seamless blending of modern amenities with timeless design choices, all catered towards creating an environment of utmost comfort and luxury.

Every room stays consistent with a breezy color scheme and luxury finishes. High ceilings, coupled with the open floor plan design, give an air of expansiveness. This isn’t just a home; it’s a masterpiece, showcasing luxury living at its finest.

Moving on to the professional-grade kitchen, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, you’ll stumble upon a connoisseur’s dream. Crafting gourmet meals becomes a delight in such a meticulously designed kitchen space.

A casual dining area overlooks the ocean, offering a serene backdrop for breakfasts and quiet family meals.

Continuing onto the multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, each implemented with high-end features, bring forth the extravagance this estate proclaims. The master suite boasts a massive bathroom with a spa-like tub, an extensive walk-in closet, and an awe-stocking view that proves what a sanctuary of relaxation and privacy this estate truly is.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, wait until we delve further into the additional amenities and features the estate offers. Hang tight, as the indoor swimming pool, entertainment room, and private gym are just the beginning.


Emerging through the grand double-door entrance of this Emerald Isle gem, you’ll find yourself in a world of unparalleled luxury and comfort. With a plethora of exceptional amenities and cutting-edge features, this sparkling waterfront estate ensures an experience, which redefines opulence.

A crucial element that sets this property apart is its professional-grade kitchen. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, elegantly crafted cabinetry, and gleaming countertops, it’s a paradise for any gourmet enthusiast.

410 Redfish Court, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
The main kitchen of the house

The estate features multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, each bearing distinctive personalities. With luxurious features like walk-in closets, en-suite bathrooms fitted with high-end fixtures, and plush furnishing setups that ooze indulgence, comfort, and class, you’ll find every potential need catered to in these personal sanctuaries.

A revelation in personal leisure and recreation, this prime estate boasts an indoor swimming pool. Offering year-round swimming possibilities, the pool area comes complete with a picturesque backdrop that’s a visual treat. Imagine taking a refreshing dip while gazing out at the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not to miss, the entertainment room and private gym further accentuate the lifestyle luxuries that the estate provides. The entertainment room is meticulously designed for cozy movie nights or ardent gaming sessions, and the private gym, equipped with top-tier gear, invites you to indulge in regular fitness routines.

Be it the stunning foyer, the captivating ocean views, or the seamless blend of modern amenities with timeless design choices, this stunning North Carolina estate truly is a testament to glamorous living. With every space intricately crafted, capturing the essence of luxury living, this waterfront estate in Emerald Isle is undeniably a paradise on Earth.


What are some key features of the house?

The house’s key features include a professional-grade kitchen, multiple lavish bedrooms and bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool with panoramic views, an entertainment room, and a private gym.

How many bedrooms does the house have?

The article doesn’t provide an exact number, however, it mentions that the estate features multiple lavish bedrooms.

What design style has been chosen for the house?

The house exhibits a seamless blend of modern amenities with timeless design choices.

Does the house offer an indoor swimming pool?

Yes, the house features an indoor swimming pool with panoramic views, adding to its luxurious charm.

How does this property redefine opulence and comfort?

By meticulously designing each space to cater to various needs and showcasing a blend of modern amenities with timeless design choices, this property exemplifies glamorous living.


  • So you’ve journeyed through the stunning waterfront estate in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
  • You’ve witnessed the blend of luxury and comfort, from the professional-grade kitchen to the panoramic indoor pool. This property isn’t just a home, it’s a statement.
  • A testament to the epitome of glamorous living.
  • It’s a paradise that caters to your every need, with its lavish bedrooms, bathrooms, entertainment room, and private gym.
  • The meticulous design and modern amenities make it an exceptional choice for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle.
  • This waterfront estate truly redefines opulence, setting a new benchmark for luxury properties.

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