Where Does Bam Margera Live? (Location)

If you love sports, especially skateboarding, you must be familiar with the famous Bam Margera. Originally a skateboarder by profession, Bam Margera is the master of all.

Along with being a skateboarder, he’s a reality television and movie star, a radio personality, and a prominent part of MTV. He was born in Pennsylvania, and that’s where he has spent his life.

If you are interested in seeing where Bam lives, how many houses he owns, and what his residence looks like, then you have landed at the right place.

Let me take you on a tour of Bam Margera’s house, the “Castle Bam,” and its associated areas.

Who is Bam Margera?

Brandon Cole Margera (Bam Margera) was born on September 28, 1979, in Westchester, Pennsylvania, to April and Phil Margera.

He attended school with his older brother, Jess, and made skateboarding videos with him and his friends Chris Raab, Ryan Dunn, and Brandon Di Camillo. He finished high school upon the completion of his GED.

What started as Margera shooting himself (and friends) doing stunts and skateboarding eventually turned into the CKY video series, which he released independently and which became quite successful.

This caught the attention of the American director Jeff Tremaine, and he agreed with MTV to make a show called Jackass in 2000, where Bam was offered a spot.

The show landed Bam huge fame and popularity with the young audience, and he went on to appear in further 3 Jackass movies. Apart from the Jackass series, Bam appeared in other reality movies, including “Bam’s Unholy Union,” “Haggard,” etc.

He later produced his own reality TV show, “Viva la Bam,” featuring his family and CKY members, including the star and close friend, Ryan Dunn. The show shared the crazy stunts of Bam Margera and his skateboarding fellows.

The episodes revolved around a theme or mission completed by a series of stunts involving Bam’s friends and family.

Bam went on to create many independent reality movies and now owns a bar called “The Note.” He has also written a book titled “Serious as Dog Dirt,” which highlights his experiences, writings, and pictures. He is also part of a skateboarding team called “Team Element.”

Here’s a list of movies that Bam has appeared in:

20007-teen Sips
2002Jackass: The Movie
2003Haggard: The Movie
2005The Dudesons Movie
2006Jackass Number Two
2007Jackass 2.5
2009Minghags: The Movie
2010Jackass 3D
2011Jackass 3.5
2017Dumb: The Story of Big Brother Magazine
2021This is GWAR
2022Jackass Forever
2022Humanity Stoked
TBAThe Brandon Novak Story
A table showing Bam’s movie record

The Location of Bam Margera’s House:

The “Castle Bam” is located on Hickory Hill Road, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Exact location of Bam castle.
Exact Location of the Castle.

It is approximately 5.29 miles away from Chadds Ford.

Distance of the castle from Chadds Ford.
Distance of the castle from Chadds Ford

Structure of The House:

The legendary Castle Bam was initially constructed in 1985. It features five bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms and covers an area of 14 acres.

Bam had purchased the property in 2002, and while the selling price was never made public, it was initially listed for 1.1 million dollars.

Features around The House:

In addition to the main house building, the house has a barn, a pool, and a detached garage. Bam constructed a skate park and a BMX bike track on the property. Along with these, the home features a number of insane amenities, including an antique jukebox, gothic ornamentation, and a pirate-themed bar.

Moreover, the house is decked with medieval d├ęcor, large velvet curtains, and distinctive paintings throughout. While the interior of the house gives off a medieval gothic vibe, the exterior is perfectly designed for the purpose of entertainment.

Street View of Castle Bam
Street View of Castle Bam

The Garage

The detached garage holds a Mercedes, a Lamborghini, a Hummer, and other high-end vehicles. Upon entry, the guests are greeted by a quirky grand dining hall with a pleasure lounge on either side.

The Grand Dining Hall

The grand dining hall presents oversized windows draped with red velvet blinds, a colossal table and magnificent chandeliers, and a spiraling wooden staircase that leads to the second story. The hall also features a balcony that overlooks the room.

The First Story Room

The main room on the second story boasts an abundance of distinctive eccentric paintings, some of which are also sprawled on the floor. Along with these, the room contains a couple of vamp skateboards and a billiards table right beside the staircase.

The Pleasure Lounge

The adornment around the house is mostly consistent with the medieval gothic vibe. The pleasure lounge is ornamented with massive leather furniture, exquisite carpet, and a welcoming, homey fireplace with a fascinating piece of artwork attached above.

Bam’s Bedroom

Bam’s bedroom is decorated with a large gothic canopy, a collection of his cherished skateboards, artwork, and posters devoted to his love for punk music. He also has his very own “Element” pillow. He also has a decent sized walk-in-closet and large windows, similar to the rest of the house.

Steps away from Bam’s master bedroom are his very own workplace that was renovated by his mother. The ornamentations around the room include customized fixtures, a piano keyboard, and nostalgic props from the Jackass sets.

The Game Room

The Game room is built with a story below, and it is designed such that it will put traditional game rooms to shame as it features its own arcade with all the classic games. Yes, we’re talking about Pac-Man, Frogger, Mortal Kombat, and Tetris.

The Basement Guest Room

From the game room, a narrow tunnel-like pathway leads to a guest room located in the basement. The room contains a cot, guitar, microwave, and radio, basically everything you need for survival.

The “Man Cave”

The other side of the basement houses the best part of the house. Its walls are embellished with knight armor and contain a guitar recording system, two-quarter pipe skate ramps, and more skateboards!

Bam is known to board inside the room as it contains exquisite antique furnishings, a television, and a beer fridge. Thus, why is it appropriate to call it a “man cave”?

The Outer Deck

The man cave leads to the outer deck, which in recent years has been renovated to an enormous circular deck to house a pool and a staircase that leads to the pool.

The outside also features a barbecue arrangement and entertainment equipment. The backyard also has a lot of empty land expanse sufficient to house plenty of guests.

A YouTube video on a detailed tour of the castle.

Key Locations to Visit in West Chester:

  • Sandy Hollow.
  • Birmingham Hall.
  • Saint Agnes Catholic Church.
  • Highland Orchards.
  • Baily’s Dairy.
  • Chester County History Center Museum.
  • Downtown West Chester, PA.
  • Stroud Preserve.


  • Bam Margera’s house can be described as a royal house with a gothic vibe.
  • It houses five bedrooms and 3.5 washrooms, covering an area of 14 acres.
  • It contains an expansive garage, a magnificent dining hall, a winding wooden staircase, upper story. The floor was splattered with eccentric paintings, a basement with a built-in arcade, a man cave, and an outer exterior with a large expanse of land.
  • You should always remember to visit the locations listed above whenever you tour the West Chester area.

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