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Where Does Colleen Ballinger Live? (Find Out!)

Where Does Colleen Ballinger Live? (Find Out!)

In the vast landscape of the internet, certain personalities shine brighter than the rest, captivating millions with their unique talents and charismatic personas.

Colleen Ballinger, a name synonymous with creativity, humor, and sheer talent, is one such luminary in the realm of online entertainment.

Renowned for her hilarious alter ego, “Miranda Sings,” Colleen has carved a special place in the hearts of her global fanbase.

Beyond her digital fame, fans are often left wondering, “Where does Colleen Ballinger live?” This question leads us on a captivating journey through the various phases of her life and her evolving lifestyle.

From humble beginnings to the opulent homes of today, this article unveils the fascinating story of Colleen Ballinger’s residences.

Early Days ApartmentUndisclosedAccommodation for a growing family, luxury livingIncubator of creativity
Encino HouseEncino, California3 bedrooms, suburban comfortTransition to a more upscale lifestyle
Santa Barbara EstateSanta Barbara, CaliforniaSpanish-style villa on 1 acre, sprawling gardensAccommodation for a growing family, luxury living
About Colleen Ballinger’s Properties
Colleen Ballinger’s house

Colleen Ballinger

To truly understand the significance of Colleen Ballinger’s residences, we must first delve into the multifaceted talent that is Colleen Mae Ballinger.

Born on November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California, Colleen’s journey through life has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Colleen’s ascent to fame began with whimsical lip-sync videos that swiftly propelled her to internet stardom.

However, her true breakthrough came with the creation of the iconic character, Miranda Sings, for which she is now universally recognized.

Her development as an entertainer and an individual is reflected in her journey from modest beginnings to becoming a beloved mommy vlogger on YouTube.

The Early Days: Colleen’s Humble Abode

Every remarkable journey has its origins, and Colleen’s story is no exception. In her early days, long before the mansions that could have become her reality, she inhabited a humble abode.

While the exact location of this early apartment remains undisclosed, its significance in Colleen’s journey is immeasurable.

This unassuming apartment, where Colleen’s creative journey took its initial steps, served as the canvas for her inventive spirit.

It was within these walls that she introduced the world to the eccentric and endearing Miranda Sings character.

Despite its simplicity, this apartment was a fertile ground for her creativity and laid the foundation for what would eventually become a digital empire.

An Incubator of Creativity

Colleen’s early flat was a place of mystery, but it was there that her comic genius began to grow. Here, she developed the quirky character of Miranda Sings, who would soon take the internet by storm.

This unpretentious space witnessed the birth of countless comedic sketches and the creation of memorable content that would resonate with millions.

Colleen’s House in Encino

As the star of Colleen Ballinger continued to rise, so did her lifestyle. She transitioned to a more opulent living arrangement in Encino, California, an upscale neighborhood nestled near downtown Los Angeles.

This marked a significant shift in her life, mirroring her evolution from a comedian to a YouTube mommy vlogger.

Suburban Comfort and Luxury

Encino, with its charming suburban allure, offered respite from the frenetic pace of Los Angeles while keeping Colleen conveniently close to the heart of the entertainment industry.

Her new residence, a cozy three-bedroom house, provided the comfort, privacy, and haven that her growing family needed.

Here, Colleen’s life took on a new dimension as she embraced the roles of wife and mother. Her home in Encino became a sanctuary where she could balance the demands of family life with her thriving online career.

Google Earth View

Below, you’ll find the Google Earth representation of Colleen Ballinger’s residence in both 3D and 2D formats. If you wish to explore her house via Google Earth, simply click on the provided address:

Upper Side Of Colleen Ballinger's House
Upper Side Of Colleen Ballinger’s House

Address: The Residence of Colleen Ballinger

A Glimpse into Her Home Office

To truly understand Colleen’s connection with her dedicated fanbase, we need to step into her home office, a space where her fans become the interior designers.

In this room, half of the space is designated as Miranda’s realm, adorned with eccentric fan art, quirky memorabilia, and tokens of appreciation from her admirers.

Collaboration with Fans

Colleen’s home office is a reflection of her deep appreciation for the support she receives from her fans, lovingly referred to as her “Mirfandas.”

It is within these walls that she allows her fans’ creative expressions to take centre stage. The room serves as a hub of inspiration for her videos, where she draws energy and creativity from her fans’ unwavering devotion.

Finding Creative Inspiration

In moments of creative blockage, Colleen simply gazes at the wall adorned with fan art and memorabilia. Here, she finds the spark she needs to ignite her creativity once more.

It’s a place where laughter, inspiration, and the unbreakable bond between creator and fans merge into something truly magical.

Colleen’s Santa Barbara Estate

In November 2022, Colleen Ballinger, accompanied by her husband Erik Stocklin, embarked on a new chapter by acquiring a Santa Barbara estate worth a staggering $6.2 million.

Front Side Of Colleen Ballinger's House
Front Side Of Colleen Ballinger’s House

This enchanting Spanish-style villa, built in 1919, sits on a sprawling acre of land and boasts lush gardens that mirror Colleen’s profound love for nature.

Colleen Ballinger's House
Colleen Ballinger’s House

Accommodation for a Growing Family

The decision to relocate to Santa Barbara was not merely a change of scenery but a thoughtful step to provide a more spacious and comfortable environment for their growing family. With three children, including twins, the need for ample space became paramount.

Santa Barbara, with its tranquility, natural beauty, and serene environment, emerged as the ideal setting for Colleen and her family.

This move marked the beginning of a new adventure, one that combines luxury, nature, and family life in perfect harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Colleen Ballinger Live Currently?

Colleen Ballinger currently resides in her Santa Barbara estate, a stunning Spanish-style villa on a one-acre property.

Has Colleen Owned Multiple Homes?

Yes, before her Santa Barbara estate, Colleen owned a house in Encino, California.

What Inspired Colleen’s Move to Santa Barbara?

Colleen and her family moved to Santa Barbara to provide a spacious and tranquil environment for their growing family.

Is Colleen’s Santa Barbara Estate Her Primary Residence?

Yes, her Santa Barbara estate serves as her primary residence.

How Did Colleen’s Early Home Influence Her Creativity?

Colleen’s early apartment served as the incubator of her creativity, where she crafted the iconic character Miranda Sings.

Why Did Colleen Choose Encino for Her Second Home?

Encino offered a comfortable suburban lifestyle while maintaining proximity to the entertainment industry.



  • Colleen Ballinger, famous for her Miranda Sings character, is an internet sensation known for her creativity and humour.
  • Her journey began with lip-sync videos and evolved into the creation of Miranda Sings, which propelled her to fame.
  • Colleen was born on November 21, 1986, in Santa Barbara, California.
  • She started her creative journey in a modest, undisclosed apartment, where she introduced the world to Miranda Sings.
  • Colleen transitioned to a more upscale lifestyle when she moved to Encino, California, in a cosy three-bedroom house.
  • Encino offered suburban comfort while maintaining proximity to the entertainment industry.
  • Colleen’s home office is a space where her fans’ art and gifts adorn the walls, inspiring her creativity.
  • Her fans, fondly referred to as “Mirfandas,” play a significant role in her growth as an entertainer.
  • In November 2022, Colleen, along with her husband Erik Stocklin, purchased a Santa Barbara estate for $6.2 million.
  • The estate is a Spanish-style villa on a one-acre property with lush gardens.
  • This move aimed to provide a spacious and comfortable environment for their growing family, which includes twins.
  • Santa Barbara offers tranquility, natural beauty, and a serene environment.
  • Colleen’s dedication to entertaining, inspiring, and connecting with her fans has remained constant throughout her journey.

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