Where Does Devin Booker Live? [Google Map Location]

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the world of Devin Booker’s residences, lifestyle, and the luxurious abodes he calls home.

Devin Booker, the young NBA sensation, has not only made a name for himself on the basketball court but has also captured the hearts of fans with his impeccable style and personality.

Booker was born on October 30, 1996, in Michigan. His journey to stardom eventually brought him to Arizona, where he currently represents the Phoenix Suns with great pride.

While his journey to becoming an NBA All-Star is well-documented, his taste for opulent living has also piqued the curiosity of fans and admirers alike.

Paradise Valley MansionParadise Valley, AZDevin Booker’s Paradise Valley mansion boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a luxurious master suite with a spa-style bath, a ProChef kitchen, a home theater, a swimming pool, and a spacious covered patio.Devin Booker’s $4.4 million Paradise Valley mansion, acquired in 2018, combines luxurious amenities and modern design, making it a welcoming space for hosting NBA teammates and friends
Information About The Property Of Devin Booker

Where Does Devin Booker Live?

Devin Booker’s journey through the world of real estate is nothing short of fascinating. From his early days in the NBA to his current status as a celebrated athlete, his choice of residence reflects his evolving taste and status.

Let’s take a closer look at the homes that have housed this remarkable talent.

The Paradise Valley Mansion

Devin Booker’s real estate journey in Arizona began with the purchase of a magnificent mansion nestled in the upscale Paradise Valley neighborhood.

Devin Booker's Residence
Devin Booker’s Residence

In 2018, he invested $4.4 million to acquire a 6,330-square-foot mansion that exudes opulence and style.

This sprawling estate boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, including a master suite designed for ultimate relaxation.

The mansion’s ProChef kitchen and home theater amplify its allure, making it a perfect oasis for Booker to unwind after intense games.

Modern Desert Oasis

Continuing his love affair with luxurious living, Devin Booker’s acquisition of a modern desert oasis in 2019 showcased his penchant for contemporary design and desert aesthetics.

This single-story home, located in the Indian Bend neighborhood of Paradise Valley, embraces indoor-outdoor living with stunning views of Camelback Mountain.

The fluidity of the architecture seamlessly blends the interior with the outdoors, offering an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and entertainment.

Architectural Digest Feature

Architectural Digest took notice of Devin Booker’s affinity for elegant design. They created an impressive 10-minute video showcasing his residence in Paradise Valley.

The video showcases his home as an ideal location for both entertainment and relaxation. His living room is furnished with extra-long 12-foot sofas that can comfortably accommodate his exceptionally tall NBA friends.

He even has a dedicated poker table and a game room for their gaming sessions. Devin boasts an impressive wine collection, showcased on a towering wall.

Additionally, his property features a spacious swimming pool and a captivating light sculpture crafted by renowned artist James Turrell.

All of these elements enhance the overall appeal of his house, making it look even more impressive!

Google Earth View

If you want to view Devin Booker’s former house in 2D or 3D, just click on the address below, and it will take you to the Google Earth view of his house:

Upper View Of Devin Booker's House
Upper View Of Devin Booker’s House

Address: Devin Booker House (Former)

Side View Of Devin Booker's House
Side View Of Devin Booker’s House

Inside Devin Booker’s Home

Devin Booker’s residences are not just luxurious properties; they are a reflection of his lifestyle, passions, and preferences. Let’s dive into the details that make his homes unique.

Hosting NBA Teammates

One striking feature of Booker’s homes is their ability to accommodate his fellow NBA teammates. As a gracious host, he has designed his living spaces to cater to the needs of his towering colleagues.

His massive sectional couch and custom poker table are tailored to create an inviting atmosphere for camaraderie, ensuring that his teammates feel at home both on and off the court.

Artistic Inspirations

Devin Booker’s artistic sensibilities are on full display with the addition of an LED wall sculpture by renowned artist James Turrell.

Inspired by a road trip to the Roden Crater in northern Arizona with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Booker’s dining room now houses this captivating piece of art.

The sculpture’s interplay of light and space creates an ethereal ambiance that enhances the dining experience and showcases his affinity for artistic expression.

Bedroom Retreats

While his active lifestyle keeps him on his toes, Booker values his moments of rest and relaxation. His carefully curated bedrooms exude comfort and style, offering a retreat from the demands of his professional career.

The custom-made bed in his master suite, designed to accommodate his 6-foot-5 frame, reflects his dedication to both aesthetics and functionality.

Classic Car Collection

Devin Booker’s fascination with classic cars is a testament to his unique tastes. His collection features a variety of vehicles, each with its own story and significance.

Among his prized possessions is the 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible known as “Pretty Penny,” a car that holds sentimental value as his first purchase.

Booker’s garage is a shrine to his passion for classic automobiles, reflecting his deep connection to both history and craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Homes Does Devin Booker Own?

Devin Booker owns multiple properties in Arizona, including a luxurious mansion in the Paradise Valley neighborhood. While specific details about his other properties may be private, his choice of residences reflects his affinity for upscale living.

Does Devin Booker Live in Paradise Valley?

Yes, Devin Booker resides in Paradise Valley, an affluent neighborhood in Arizona. His luxurious mansion in this neighborhood offers stunning views, opulent amenities, and a serene escape from his demanding NBA schedule.

What Is the Architectural Style of Devin Booker’s Homes?

Devin Booker’s homes showcase a blend of contemporary and modern architectural styles. His residences seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a harmonious connection with the surrounding landscape.

How Does Devin Booker’s Art Collection Reflect His Personality?

Devin Booker’s appreciation for art is evident in his choice of residences and the inclusion of an LED wall sculpture by James Turrell. This artistic element adds depth and character to his space, reflecting his sophisticated and creative personality.

Inside NBA Star Devin Booker’s Stylish Desert Oasis | Open Door | Architectural Digest


  • Devin Booker, who was born in 1996 in Michigan and plays for the Phoenix Suns, is a superstar in the NBA. He is known not only for his basketball skills but also for his great style and attitude.
  • In 2018, he bought a 6,330-square-foot house in Paradise Valley for $4.4 million. It had a spa-style master suite, a ProChef kitchen, a home theatre, a swimming pool, and a covered patio. This was the start of his real estate career in Arizona.
  • In 2019, he bought a modern desert oasis in the Indian Bend neighbourhood of Paradise Valley. It was a mix of modern design and desert themes, and it had seamless indoor-outdoor living and beautiful views of Camelback Mountain.
  • Architectural Digest did a 10-minute video tour of his Paradise Valley home, showing how it can be used for both entertainment and relaxation. It showed things like extra-long sofas, a poker table, a game room, an impressive wine collection, a swimming pool, and a fascinating light sculpture by artist James Turrell.
  • His NBA friends can stay in his homes, which have comfortable living areas and custom furniture.
  • Devin Booker likes art a lot. In his dining room, he has a piece by James Turrell that is made of LED lights.
  • His bedrooms are stylish and comfortable, giving him a place to relax after a long day at work.
  • Booker loves old cars and has a collection, one of which is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible called “Pretty Penny.” His garage shows how much he cares about car history and workmanship.

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