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Where Does Emma Stone Live? (Explore!)

Where Does Emma Stone Live? (Explore!)

Emma Stone, the renowned Hollywood actress, has charmed audiences with her exceptional talent and captivating performances on the silver screen.

However, beyond her cinematic achievements, Emma Stone’s intriguing real estate portfolio has also piqued the curiosity of fans and enthusiasts alike.

In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the various residences that Emma Stone calls home, from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of Texas.

Property LocationDescriptionKey FeaturesEstimated Price
Hollywood Hills, Los AngelesModern sanctuary with city viewsBreathtaking views, contemporary designUnknown (Likely multi-million)
Beverly Hills, Los AngelesElegant estate with lush gardensPristine pool, tranquil surroundingsUnknown (Likely multi-million)
Westwood, Los AngelesSpanish-style cottage near Beverly HillsHardwood flooring, wood-beamed ceilings$2.3 million
Malibu, CaliforniaCliffside ranch-style homeA blend of modern amenities and heritage$3.25 million
West Village, NYCUrban retreat in the West VillageCozy living, prime Manhattan location$2.4 million
Financial District, NYCHistoric charm in the Financial DistrictBlend of modern amenities and heritage$3.6 million
Austin, TexasSerene escape in the heart of TexasA blend of modern amenities and heritage$4 million at purchase
Emma Stone’s Notable Residences

The Enigmatic Allure of Emma Stone’s Homes

Hollywood Hills Retreat

Emma Stone’s journey into real estate began in the heart of the entertainment industry itself, the iconic Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

Her initial residence in the Hollywood Hills was a modern sanctuary characterized by clean lines and breathtaking views of the city below.

This property epitomized the fusion of contemporary elegance and classic Hollywood glamour.

Beverly Hills Abode

Beverly Hills, synonymous with opulence, became the setting for Emma Stone’s second Los Angeles property.

This luxurious mansion has a beautiful landscape design, a sparkling pool, and roomy common rooms. It provided a haven of peace in the middle of the excitement of Hollywood.

New York City Elegance

The West Village Gem

Beyond the West Coast, Emma Stone embraced the vibrant energy of New York City. Her residence in the West Village is a testament to her love for urban living.

This property, acquired in 2016 for $2.4 million, provides a cozy yet stylish haven in the heart of Manhattan.

Financial District Retreat

In addition to her West Village gem, Emma Stone expanded her footprint in New York City by purchasing a $3.6 million apartment in the Financial District.

This historic neighborhood, steeped in the city’s rich heritage, provided the actress with a unique blend of modern amenities and a connection to New York’s past.

Emma Stone’s Texas Escape: Austin, Texas

Emma Stone’s most recent real estate acquisition in Austin, Texas, has ignited considerable curiosity. Privacy is paramount for celebrities, and her Austin property is discreetly nestled in a location that affords her the tranquility she desires while remaining within reach of the city’s cultural offerings.

Aerial view of Emma Stone's Austin, Texas, House
Aerial view of Emma Stone’s Austin, Texas, House

Emma Stone’s Austin property is expected to harmonize with the distinctive Texan architectural style. The architecture is likely to fuse modern design elements with nods to Texas’s rich cultural heritage.

Given Emma Stone’s preference for comfortable living, her Austin home likely features spacious interiors.

Anticipate a well-appointed kitchen, a relaxing lounge, and cozy bedrooms for relaxing and hosting guests.

The layout is functional, fostering an easy flow between rooms for both daily living and entertainment.

Top of the Emma Stone's Texas House
Top of the Emma Stone’s Texas House

Pristine Pool and Landscaped Gardens:

Austin’s pleasant climate encourages outdoor living, and Emma Stone’s property undoubtedly incorporates an outdoor oasis.

This includes a pristine pool for cooling off during Texan summers, landscaped gardens for strolls, or a serene patio where she can soak in the warm Texan sun or entertain guests under the starry Austin sky.

Why Did Emma Stone Choose Texas?

Austin’s Vibrant Cultural Scene

Austin, known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” exudes an undeniable allure. Its vibrant cultural scene, thriving arts community, and dynamic atmosphere have undoubtedly drawn Emma Stone to this Texan city.

The city of Austin is a haven for creative types who need a break from the pressures of the film and music industries.

Celebrity Neighbors

Since settling in Austin, Emma Stone has joined some pretty impressive companies. In addition to Sandra Bullock, Joe Rogan, Matthew McConaughey, and Elijah Wood, her neighbors are a who’s who of Hollywood’s A-list.

The allure of Austin extends beyond its culture and landscapes, as it offers a sense of community and shared appreciation for the city’s unique charm.

Google Earth View

If you want to view Emma Stone’s residence in 2D or 3D, click on the address below; it will take you to the Google Earth view of her residence.

Google Earth View Of The Front Side, Austin Texas House
Google Earth View Of The Front Side, Austin Texas House

Address: Austin Texas

Emma Stone’s Multifaceted Real Estate Portfolio

A Life of Luxury and Privacy

One common thread that runs through Emma Stone’s real estate choices is her penchant for luxury and privacy.

Her homes provide her with a cocoon of comfort amidst the chaos and demands of her profession. Each property is meticulously chosen to reflect her unique tastes and preferences, creating a haven where she can be herself, away from the spotlight.

Family and Motherhood

In addition to her flourishing career and extensive real estate portfolio, Emma Stone celebrated a secret wedding to comedian and Saturday Night Live writer Dave Mc Cary in 2020.

The couple welcomed their first child, Louise Jean Mc Cary, in March 2021. This new phase of Emma Stone’s life, characterized by family and motherhood, gives her already illustrious journey a deeper dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the estimated value of Emma Stone’s Austin, Texas property?

While the exact value is undisclosed, estimates place the value of her Austin property in the range of $7 million to $8 million.

Who are some of Emma Stone’s celebrity neighbors in Austin?

Emma Stone’s celebrity neighbors in Austin include Sandra Bullock, Joe Rogan, Matthew McConaughey, and Elijah Wood, among others.

How did Emma Stone meet her husband, Dave Mc Cary?

Emma Stone met her husband, Dave Mc Cary when she hosted Saturday Night Live in December 2016. Dave Mc Cary is a writer and comedian associated with the show.

What are some of Emma Stone’s upcoming projects?

Emma Stone is set to appear in projects such as “Cruella 2” and “Poor Things.” She also has an upcoming TV series titled “The Curse.”

What is Emma Stone’s estimated net worth?

Emma Stone’s estimated net worth is around $40 million, thanks to her successful acting career and endorsement deals.

Emma Stone LA house tour


  • Emma Stone’s real estate portfolio includes properties in Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills in Los Angeles; West Village and the Financial District in New York City; and Austin, Texas.
  • Her Hollywood Hills home offers breathtaking views and contemporary design.
  • The Beverly Hills property is a luxurious mansion with a pool and tranquil surroundings.
  • Her New York City residences in West Village and the Financial District reflect urban living with style.
  • In Austin, Texas, her property harmonizes modern design with Texan architectural elements.
  • Expect spacious interiors, a well-appointed kitchen, and functional layouts in her homes.
  • Austin’s vibrant cultural scene and a sense of community have drawn Emma Stone to the city.
  • Her real estate choices prioritize luxury, comfort, and privacy.
  • Emma Stone celebrated a secret wedding and the birth of her first child, adding a new chapter to her life.
  • Emma Stone’s journey is a testament to her versatile career, growing family, and multifaceted real estate portfolio.

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