Where Does Jennifer Aniston Live? (Explored)

Jennifer Aniston, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, has captivated audiences worldwide with her charisma, talent, and timeless beauty.

While she’s best known for her iconic role as Rachel Green on the hit TV show “Friends,” Aniston’s success extends far beyond Central Perk.

Jennifer Aniston’s House

With a career filled with blockbuster movies, prestigious awards, and endorsements with top brands, she has amassed both fame and fortune.

Naturally, fans are curious about the glamorous life she leads off-screen, especially when it comes to her luxurious homes. So, where does Jennifer Aniston live?

In this in-depth exploration, we’ll uncover the lavish residences of Hollywood’s sweetheart.

Exploring Jennifer Aniston’s Bel-Air Mansion

The front side of Jennifer Aniston’s House

A Glimpse Inside Her $21 Million Oasis

Jennifer Aniston’s primary residence is a breathtaking $21 million mansion nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Bel-Air, Los Angeles. Let’s take a closer look inside this stunning oasis.

A Hollywood Star’s Retreat

Upon entering her Bel-Air mansion, you’re immediately greeted by opulence and elegance. Originally built in 1965, the property has undergone significant renovations, transforming it into a modern masterpiece.

Size and Luxury

Spanning a generous 8,500 square feet, the mansion boasts four bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Each room is meticulously designed to offer comfort and sophistication.

The Living Space

The living room is a prime example of Aniston’s impeccable taste. With a combination of black leather and beige walls, it exudes a sense of warmth and style. The space features a cozy fireplace, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Culinary Delights

Aniston’s modern kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, making it a chef’s dream. It’s the ideal setting for her to whip up delectable dishes, perhaps even her famous creamy desserts.

Master Bedroom Retreat

The master bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation. It boasts a luxurious bathroom that opens up to a garden, providing a tranquil atmosphere to unwind.

Outdoor Paradise

The outdoor area of Aniston’s mansion resembles a five-star resort. It includes a terrace with al fresco dining areas, a sparkling swimming pool, and lush green spaces adorned with various plants and trees.

Google Earth View

A zoomed-out view of Jennifer Aniston’s House

If you want to view Jennifer Aniston’s Los Angeles, California (CA) Mansion in 2D or 3D view just click on the address below it will take you to the Google Earth View of her house where you can view it in 2D or 3D view as you desire.

Address: Jennifer Aniston’s House

The Finer Details: Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Estate

A Piece of History

Before settling in her Bel-Air mansion, Jennifer Aniston resided in a historic Beverly Hills estate. This property holds significance as it was the former marital home she shared with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Lavish and Luxurious

The Beverly Hills estate, which was eventually sold in 2011, was nothing short of extravagant. It was valued at a staggering $35 million, a testament to the couple’s taste for luxury.

Beyond Los Angeles: Jennifer Aniston’s New York City Abodes

An Expansive Portfolio

Jennifer Aniston’s real estate portfolio extends beyond the sunny skies of Los Angeles. She also owns several properties in the bustling city of New York.

Manhattan Luxury

One of her notable New York properties is a 2,873-square-foot apartment in Manhattan. It offers a glimpse into her urban lifestyle, blending sophistication with the energy of the city.

Property InformationDetails
Property LocationBel-Air, Los Angeles – This upscale neighborhood offers privacy and luxury, making it a celebrity favorite.
Purchase Year2011 – Jennifer Aniston acquired this remarkable property to establish her residence in Los Angeles.
Purchase Price$21 million – Aniston’s investment in this mansion reflects her commitment to comfortable and elegant living.
Property Size8,500 square feet – The spacious layout provides ample room for luxurious amenities and relaxation.
Number of Bedrooms4 – The mansion boasts four beautifully designed bedrooms, each with its unique charm and style.
Number of Bathrooms7 – With seven bathrooms, convenience and comfort are paramount in this stunning estate.
Notable Interior Features– A Comfortable Living Room: The house features a welcoming living room that exudes warmth and sophistication.
– Modern Kitchen: Equipped with top-quality appliances, the modern kitchen is perfect for culinary enthusiasts.
– Luxurious Master Bedroom: The master bedroom offers an elegant escape with garden views and an en-suite bathroom.
Notable Exterior Features– Outdoor Terrace: The property boasts an expansive terrace for al fresco dining and entertaining.
– Swimming Pool: Aniston’s mansion includes a pristine swimming pool, perfect for relaxation and exercise.
– Lush Greenery: The outdoor spaces are adorned with various plants, trees, and landscaped lawns, creating a resort-like atmosphere.
Previous OwnerN/A – The mansion’s history prior to Jennifer Aniston’s ownership remains undisclosed.
Renovation HistorySeveral Renovations Since 1965 – The property has undergone multiple renovations to maintain its modern appeal.
Current Owner’s Net WorthApproximately $320 million – Jennifer Aniston’s substantial net worth reflects her successful career and investments.
Jennifer Aniston’s property


Where does Jennifer Aniston currently live?

Jennifer Aniston currently resides in her lavish Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Did Jennifer Aniston sell her Beverly Hills estate?

Yes, Jennifer Aniston sold her Beverly Hills estate in 2011 for a staggering $35 million.

Does Jennifer Aniston own properties in New York City?

Yes, Jennifer Aniston owns several properties in New York City, including a spacious apartment in Manhattan.

What is the size of Jennifer Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion?

Jennifer Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion spans approximately 8,500 square feet of living space.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms does Jennifer Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion have?

Her Bel-Air mansion boasts four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, offering both luxury and comfort.

What is Jennifer Aniston’s net worth?

Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is estimated to be around $320 million, thanks to her successful acting career and lucrative endorsements.

Inside Jennifer’s house


  • Jennifer Aniston’s Bel-Air mansion, valued at $21 million, became her residence in 2011, showcasing her commitment to a life of luxury in Los Angeles.
  • The property, originally constructed in 1965, has seen multiple renovations over the years, ensuring its modern appeal and comfort.
  • With a spacious 8,500 square feet of living space, the mansion provides ample room for elegant furnishings and relaxation.
  • The mansion’s four bedrooms offer both personal retreats and guest accommodations, making it ideal for hosting friends and family.
  • Convenience and privacy are paramount with seven bathrooms in the mansion, ensuring everyone’s needs are met.
  • The living room in Jennifer Aniston’s mansion boasts a captivating design, featuring black leather accents against beige walls, creating a cozy yet elegant ambiance.
  • The expansive dining area provides an exquisite setting for hosting gatherings, special occasions, and memorable dinners.
  • Aniston’s modern kitchen is a culinary enthusiast’s dream, equipped with top-quality appliances that simplify cooking and meal preparation.
  • The master bedroom is a luxurious escape within the mansion, complete with a breathtaking bathroom overlooking the garden.
  • The outdoor area of the mansion is reminiscent of a high-end resort, featuring a spacious terrace, al fresco dining areas, a pristine swimming pool, and meticulously landscaped green spaces.
  • Jennifer Aniston’s return to television in “The Morning Show” solidified her status as one of Hollywood’s most prominent celebrities.
  • With an estimated net worth of around $320 million, Aniston’s financial success is a testament to her thriving acting career and numerous endorsement deals.
  • Apart from her Bel-Air mansion, Aniston and her former husband Brad Pitt owned a Beverly Hills estate, which they sold for an impressive $35 million in 2011.
  • In New York City, Jennifer Aniston holds several properties, including a spacious 2,873-square-foot apartment in the vibrant Manhattan neighborhood.

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