Where Does Matthew Stafford Live? (Google Earth Location)

In the intersection where touchdowns and real estate converge, Matthew Stafford stands out as a prominent figure.

His influence extends beyond the football field, as he has strategically ventured into the world of California real estate.

As the star quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, Stafford’s journey unfolds like a captivating narrative, intertwining touchdowns, triumphs, and a remarkable fondness for luxurious residences.

Let’s take a trip into Matthew Stafford’s private world, where gridiron and luxury meet.

Here, we’ll explore the opulent landscapes that characterize his Californian oasis, a world where his accomplishments on the field meet his prowess in the realm of real estate.

The Strategic Move to The West Coast

Matthew Stafford’s journey to the West Coast wasn’t just about football. It was a strategic move, not only on the field but also in the real estate arena.

The question lingers: What prompted this quarterback maestro to set his sights on the sun-soaked shores of California?

A Closer Look of The $20 Million Mansion at Hidden Hills

Located in the prestigious Hidden Hills, Stafford’s $20 million mansion enjoys the exclusivity that the neighborhood offers.

Tucked away from the bustling city, it provides a serene escape for high-profile individuals. Crafted by the renowned 64North architectural firm, this modern farmhouse redefines luxury.

Its L-shaped design, sprawling over 15,000 square feet, combines elegance with contemporary aesthetics.

Aerial View of Matthew’s Hidden Hills Mansion

Opulent Interiors

While the interiors remain a well-guarded secret, the mansion boasts features like floor-to-ceiling windows, a neutral color palette, and spacious rooms.

With six bedrooms and nine bathrooms, it caters to both luxury and comfort.

Wellness Suite and Outdoor Extravaganza

The mansion’s wellness suite is a testament to Stafford’s commitment to a balanced lifestyle. Equipped with a fitness center, home theater, and a massage room with a steam shower, it’s a sanctuary within.

Back View Showing Sports Court And Swimming Pool
Back View Showing Sports Court And Swimming Pool

The spacious backyard features a sports court, a covered area for shade, and a large swimming pool, all perfect for enjoying the California weather.

A Real Estate Triumph

In a real estate twist, Stafford sold this mansion within a year, turning a $1.4 million profit. This not only underscores the dynamic nature of the Californian real estate market but also showcases Stafford’s acumen in this high-stakes game.

Google Earth View

If you want to view Matthew Stafford’s residence in 2D or 3D, click on the address below; it will take you to the Google Earth view of his residence.

3D Front View Of The Mansion On Google Earth
3D Front View of The Mansion on Google Earth

Address: Hidden Hills

Matthew Stafford’s Swift Embrace of Los Angeles

In the blink of an eye, Matthew Stafford and his family have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of Los Angeles.

Just two months post the Rams’ triumphant Super Bowl victory, Stafford wasted no time in solidifying his roots in the City of Angels, news has it that he acquired not one but two homes from hip-hop luminary Drake.

The multimillion-dollar real estate transaction, hovering at a staggering $11 million, unveils Stafford’s intent to not merely reside in Los Angeles but to embed himself in the city’s celebrity-laden tapestry.

Stafford’s acquisitions boast a total of 6,000 square feet. One residence encompasses five bedrooms, a heated pool, an 800-square-foot guesthouse, and a pool house.

The second property features three bedrooms and a spacious antique brick fireplace in the living room.

A $10.5 Million Hidden Hills Gem

Matthew Stafford, quarterback for the Super Bowl LVI champion Los Angeles Rams, moved into a new home soon after the team’s 23-20 triumph over the Cincinnati Bengals.

In 2022, the Stafford duo, including his wife Kelly Stafford, quietly acquired a distinctive 1980s red-brick manor nestled in the exclusive Hidden Hills enclave.

The property, standing out with its unique red-brick façade and accompanying vineyard, adds a touch of rarity to the Hidden Hills landscape.

Renowned as one of the most extraordinary residences not only in Hidden Hills but also globally, this eight-bedroom mansion offers a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle Stafford has carved out for his family.

Reports highlight the mansion’s impressive features, including eight full baths, two powder rooms, and an expansive 11,000 square feet of living space.

Property NameLocationAcquisition YearFeaturesNoteworthy Details
Hidden Hills MansionHidden Hills202115,000 sq ft masterpiece designed by 64NorthSold for $21 million within a year, showcasing Stafford’s real estate acumen and resulting in a profitable turnaround.
Drake’s Neighboring HomesHidden Hills2023Two neighboring homes in Hidden HillsAcquired for $11 million from hip-hop star Drake. The property carries a unique touch of musical glamour from Drake’s previous ownership, totaling 6,000 square feet.
Red-Brick ManorHidden Hills20221980s red-brick manor with eight bedrooms and 11,000 sq ft – Adjacent vineyardAcquired after the Rams’ Super Bowl LVI victory to celebrate Stafford’s success. These opulent investments define his Califo
Opulent And Strategic Investments That Define His Californian Oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted Matthew Stafford to invest in Hidden Hills?

The allure of Hidden Hills lies in its exclusivity and celebrity appeal, offering a serene escape for high-profile individuals like Stafford.

How did the acquisition from Drake shape Stafford’s real estate portfolio?

Acquiring two homes from Drake not only added a touch of musical glamour but also showcased Stafford’s willingness to invest in unique and luxurious properties.

Why did Stafford sell his Hidden Hills mansion after just one year?

The decision to sell the mansion within a year could be attributed to various factors, including evolving lifestyle preferences, investment strategies, or even the dynamic nature of the real estate market.

What sets Stafford’s residences apart in terms of architectural design?

Stafford’s residences, especially the Hidden Hills mansion designed by 64North, stand out with their modern farmhouse aesthetics blended with contemporary elements, offering a unique visual appeal.

How does Stafford’s real estate portfolio reflect his lifestyle choices?

The inclusion of features like a wellness suite, home theater, and outdoor entertainment areas reflects Stafford’s commitment to a luxurious and balanced lifestyle.

Matthew Stafford Hidden Hills residence


  • Matthew Stafford, the star quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, has made significant strategic moves in both football and real estate in California.
  • Stafford’s real estate journey includes the acquisition of both opulent and unique properties in prestigious California neighborhoods, demonstrating his flair for exclusive residences.
  • His ability to navigate the dynamic Californian real estate market and make profitable real estate transactions reflects his acumen and success in the world of football and beyond.
  • Stafford’s $20 million mansion in Hidden Hills, crafted by the architectural firm 64North, boasts a modern farmhouse design and luxurious features.
  • The mansion includes six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, opulent interiors, a wellness suite, and an expansive outdoor space with a sports court and swimming pool.
  • Stafford sold this mansion within a year, turning a $1.4 million profit, showcasing his real estate acumen and the dynamic nature of the Californian real estate market.
  • He swiftly embraced Los Angeles with the acquisition of two homes from Drake, demonstrating his intent to embed himself in the city’s celebrity scene.
  • Stafford and his wife acquired a distinctive 1980s red-brick manor in Hidden Hills, offering eight bedrooms and 11,000 square feet of living space.
  • His real estate investments reflect his success on and off the football field, providing a glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle he has carved out for his family.

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