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Where Is Bosch House? (Locate)

Where Is Bosch House? (Locate)

Step into the fascinating world of Hollywood as we embark on a captivating journey to uncover the hidden gems that make up the enigmatic life of acclaimed Detective Harry, played by Titus Welliver.

From the iconic cantilevered house perched on the Hollywood Hills, where his character Detective Harry Bosch resides, to the serene retreat tucked away in Connecticut’s picturesque Litchfield County, we’ll reveal the secrets behind his two contrasting abodes.

Delve into the allure of Los Angeles, the glitz of Hollywood, and the tranquility of a star’s private sanctuary.

Join us as we unravel the mystery and explore the captivating homes that define Titus Welliver’s extraordinary life.

Titus Welliver in CharacterFrom the glamor of Hollywood to the serenity of his private sanctuaries in Hollywood Hills and Connecticut, delve into the world of acclaimed actor Titus Welliver. Uncover the allure of Detective Harry Bosch’s character and his contrasting abodes, promising to unveil the secrets behind his extraordinary life.
Titus Welliver’s Hollywood Hills HideawayThe floating house on Woodrow Wilson Drive that Detective Harry Bosch lives in during the events of Michael Connelly’s books in the “Bosch” series is based on the actual mansion of Titus Welliver, which can be found at 1870 Blue Heights Drive in the Hollywood Hills. The intriguing contrast between fantasy and reality, as well as Connelly’s insights into the character’s introspection through the back deck, add to the novel’s appeal.
Titus Welliver’s Connecticut RetreatConnecticut’s Litchfield County is portrayed as Titus Welliver’s tranquil escape from the bright lights of Hollywood. This section highlights his adept balance between professional commitments in Los Angeles and the tranquility of his Connecticut home, emphasizing the seamless fusion of career success and personal contentment in his life.
Overview Of The Article

Titus Welliver’s Hollywood Hills Hideaway

Discovering the Cantilevered House on Woodrow Wilson Drive

One of the most revered locations in the “Bosch” series is the hilltop house where Detective Harry Bosch resides.

As described in Michael Connelly’s books, it’s a wood-framed, cantilevered gem, perched on stilts, daringly hanging over the edge of the Hollywood Hills. But where is this iconic house in real life?

The Real Bosch House: 1870 Blue Heights Drive

1870 Blue Heights Drive Upside View
1870 Blue Heights Drive Upside View

In the Hollywood Hills, an intriguing tale unfolds as reality and imagination converge. Author Michael Connelly gave a fictional address to a real house for his TV series, adding mystery to the narrative.

The house at 1870 Blue Heights Drive belongs to Harry Bosch and is a stunning architectural wonder with glass walls and breathtaking views of L.A.

According to Connelly’s plan, Harry Bosch would sit on the back deck and think about the city. The Hollywood Hills were more than just a setting; they took on a silent role alongside the mansion.

In a DVD feature, Connelly explains his creative process, granting us a backstage pass to witness the birth of Bosch’s dwelling.

It’s a magical blend of fiction and reality, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Connelly’s literary prowess.

1870 Blue Heights Front View
1870 Blue Heights Front View

The Hollywood Hills become the perfect canvas for stories that explore self-discovery, reflection, and adventure. The fusion of reality and imagination creates a fascinating dance in these captivating tales.

The Real and Fictional Address

While the breathtaking house is indeed real, Michael Connelly gave it a fictional address in the “Bosch” series.

Such attention to detail adds an air of intrigue to the show, keeping fans guessing about the actual location.

Titus Welliver’s Connecticut Retreat

Litchfield County: A Tranquil Haven

Titus Welliver escapes the flash and glamour of Hollywood for the peaceful serenity of Litchfield County, Connecticut, where he finds peace and tranquility.

The renowned actor can find solace in this picture-perfect location, which is tucked away from the limelight and offers a getaway from the public eye.

The Split Life: L.A. and Litchfield

Titus Welliver deftly balances his acting commitments in Los Angeles with the tranquility of his Connecticut home. It’s the perfect blend of professional achievement and personal contentment.

Google Earth Location

Ready for a virtual adventure? Here’s something cool for you! Ever wondered where Bosch’s Hollywood Hills hideaway is on Google Earth?

Well, wonder no more! Click on the address below, and you’ll be whisked away to a 3D world that’s gonna blow your mind!

Side View of 1870 Blue Heights
Side View of 1870 Blue Heights

Address: 1870 Blue Heights

Once you’re on Google Earth, get ready for a treat. You can navigate around just like you’re using some fancy modeling software zoom in, zoom out, tilt, rotate, and explore every nook and cranny of the Hollywood Hills like a pro! It’s like being your very own director of this virtual tour.

You’ll be standing right where Welliver’s architectural marvel cantilevers over the city, offering jaw-dropping views of the Sunset Strip, downtown L.A., and more.

Imagine soaking in the stunning panorama, just like Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly’s books. You’ll feel like a character in a thrilling novel, contemplating the city and your place in it.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on that address and embark on your exciting journey through the Hollywood Hills.

It’s a trip that blends reality with the magic of imagination, all from the comfort of your screen. Enjoy the ride, and let your imagination run wild in this captivating virtual world! Happy exploring!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Titus Welliver visit his home in Connecticut?

While the exact frequency of his visits remains private, Titus Welliver cherishes his time in Connecticut and frequently returns to unwind and recharge.

What are the architectural marvels of Titus Welliver’s homes?

In Los Angeles, his Hollywood Hills home features a cantilevered design, while in Connecticut, the charm lies in the tranquil and picturesque surroundings.

Has Titus Welliver ever talked about his homes in interviews?

While Titus Welliver values his privacy, he has occasionally discussed his homes in interviews, expressing his love for both the vibrant energy of L.A. and the peaceful retreat in Connecticut.

Detective Harry Bosch’s House


  • Titus Welliver, the acclaimed actor, has two contrasting homes that define his fascinating life: the cantilevered house on the Hollywood Hills and the tranquil retreat in Connecticut’s Litchfield County.
  • Detective Harry Bosch, Welliver’s character in the “Bosch” series, resides in the iconic Hollywood Hills house, a wood-framed gem daringly hanging over the edge of the Hollywood Hills.
  • The real location of Titus Welliver’s Hollywood Hills hideaway is 1870 Blue Heights Drive, offering breathtaking jetliner views of the city.
  • Author Michael Connelly envisioned Bosch’s residence as a place for introspection, perfectly captured on the back deck of the house at 1870 Blue Heights Drive.
  • Litchfield County in Connecticut serves as a peaceful haven for Titus Welliver, away from the glitz of Hollywood, where he balances his professional commitments with personal contentment.
  • Welliver cherishes his time in Connecticut and frequently returns to unwind and recharge.
  • Both of Welliver’s homes boast unique architectural marvels, with the Hollywood Hills house featuring a cantilevered design and the Connecticut retreat surrounded by tranquil surroundings.
  • While Welliver values his privacy, he has occasionally discussed his homes in interviews, expressing his love for both the vibrant energy of L.A. and the peaceful retreat in Connecticut.
  • Titus Welliver’s captivating journey showcases the allure of Hollywood and the tranquility of a star’s private sanctuary, giving fans and admirers a deeper understanding of the man behind the characters.

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