Where Is Garcelle Beauvais’ House? (All to Know)

Do you ever think of having a house in a beautiful place where you can access everything, like schools for your kids, hospitals for an immediate health checkup, and a park for morning walks?

Imagine, you get this all! And nearby beaches, which perfectly adds to the list of benefits. You can get all this in the Los Angeles, California, Northridge neighborhood. Probably, this is what Garcelle Beauvais thought when she bought her primary residence in Northridge. Who wouldn’t want their house near beaches?!

Her beautiful house, comprising of a main suite, glam room, loft area, upper deck, and so many other interesting things, is a desirable place to live. If you want to know more about her house, get ready for us as we take this virtual Google Earth tour.

House DescriptionGarcelle Beauvais’ two-story Los Angeles residence features a charming white and pink exterior, surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene ambiance. The interior includes a transformed studio, a glam room for Housewives filming prep, and designated spaces like a loft and a sophisticated living room.
Cost of the HouseThe spacious two-story, 2,700-square-foot home is valued at approximately $4.9 million. Its vibrant neighborhood offers a variety of activities, including seafood restaurants, fresh produce stands, bike paths, antique shops, outlet malls, and exciting annual events.
Nearby AmenitiesDignity Health Northridge Hospital: Vital healthcare hub providing quality medical care and services, ensuring accessible healthcare for the community.
Porter Ranch Community: Located 0.24 miles away, offering a family-friendly environment with potential access to schools, parks, and events.
Moonshine Canyon Park: Situated at a distance of 0.82 miles away.
Nearby AttractionsUniversal Studios Hollywood: Offers thrilling adventures and movie magic.
The Getty: A cultural treasure for art enthusiasts with impressive collections.
Malibu: Provides a coastal escape, for a relaxing day by the ocean.
Chic But Not Fussy – Welcome to the House of Garcelle Beauvais!

About Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais, a talented actress from Haiti, started her journey in Miami at 16, dreaming of becoming a model. Beauvais has graced the covers of top magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Essence, showcasing her fashion influence.

From her debut in “Coming to America” at 19 to roles in “Models Inc.” and “White House Down,” she’s shone on the big screen too.

Embracing digital platforms, she appeared in web series like “Tell Me a Story” and “Merry Happy Whatever.” Making history as the first black member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she’s breaking barriers.

Co-hosting talk shows like “Hollywood Today Live” and “The Real,” Beauvais continues to inspire with her talent and resilience. Recently reprising her role in “Coming 2 America,” she remains a cultural force, leaving an unforgettable mark in entertainment.

Garcelle Beauvais is famous for her roles in “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “NYPD Blue.” A talented Haitian-American actress, she’s also a fashion icon, gracing magazine covers. Breaking barriers on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she’s celebrated for her versatility and influence.

Garcelle Beauvais' House
Haitian-American actress Garcelle Beauvais, model turned icon, breaks barriers on screens and magazines.

Where Is Garcelle Beauvais’ House?

Garcelle Beauvais resides in Los Angeles, California, approximately 0.82 miles from Moonshine Canyon Park. Her location is also nearby, around 0.24 miles, to Porter Ranch Community School. Located in the heart of Los Angeles.

This places her in a vibrant community with access to outdoor spaces like Moonshine Canyon Park and educational facilities like Porter Ranch Community School.

The coordinates show her exact location, ensuring the proximity of her residence to these significant landmarks in the city of Los Angeles; the coordinates of her residence are 34°17’23″N latitude and 118°34’57″W longitude.

Garcelle Beauvais’ House

Garcelle Beauvais’s Los Angeles residence is a delightful place that isn’t only functional and aesthetic. This two-story house, characterized by a charming white and pink exterior, is surrounded by a lush green area, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The house features a spare bedroom cleverly transformed into a studio, where Beauvais records her podcast. A custom glam room with pink banana leaf print wallpaper and a green couch serves as her preparation space for Housewives filming.

Designated spaces like the loft area for her boys and a sophisticated living room add to the home’s thoughtful layout.

The main suite shows luxury with a lush gold color scheme and a bathroom with a soaking tub. However, the true treat is the upstairs deck, where Beauvais enjoys morning coffee and more, savoring the privilege of calling this stylish and comfortable place her home.

Garcelle Beauvais's LA home
Garcelle Beauvais’s LA home is stylish, and functional, with a glam room and podcast studio.

Cost of the House

Garcelle Beauvais’s lovely home is a big two-story place covering 2,700 square feet. It’s full of cool stuff and is worth about $4.9 million now.

In the area around her house, there are lots of fun things to do. They have awesome seafood restaurants, fresh produce stands from local farmers, and even bike paths.

If you like antiques or shopping, there are cool antique shops and outlet malls, too. The neighborhood hosts exciting events like the annual strawberry festivals and the spectacular Harbor Parade of Lights at Christmastime.

So, not only does Garcelle have a beautiful home, but she’s also in a lively neighborhood where there’s always something interesting happening.

Nearby Amenities

Following are some nearby amenities which add to the value of the house:

Dignity Health Northridge Hospital

Dignity Health Northridge Hospital, a vital healthcare hub near Garcelle Beauvais’ residence, plays a crucial role in the community’s well-being. Known for providing good quality medical care and services, it is a reassuring presence for locals.

With a commitment to health and healing, this hospital likely offers essential medical facilities, making it a valuable asset for Garcelle and her community, ensuring accessible and reliable healthcare for nearby residents.

Dignity Health Northridge near  Beauvais' residence
Dignity Health Northridge provides an essential healthcare hub near Garcelle Beauvais’ residence, providing quality medical care for locals.

Porter Ranch Community

Porter Ranch Community, situated a mere 0.24 miles measured from the measure tool from Garcelle Beauvais’ residence, emerges as a nearby amenity offering a perfect setting, especially for families with children.

Its nearness implies convenient access to community resources, potentially including schools, parks, and family-friendly events.

With such proximity, it becomes an ideal spot for Garcelle and her family, providing a convenient and family-oriented environment to enhance their overall living experience.

Moonshine Canyon Park

Moonshine Canyon Park is close to Garcelle Beauvais’ home, just 0.82 miles away. It’s like a nature treat with beautiful views and outdoor fun.

You can go for relaxing walks, have picnics, and enjoy nature there. It’s a cool place for Garcelle and her family to hang out and take a break in the greenery and outdoor goodness.

Nearby Attractions

Garcelle Beauvais’ home is conveniently surrounded by exciting attractions, adding a touch of adventure to her neighborhood.

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood (16.75 Miles): Just a short drive of 16.75 miles away, Universal Studios Hollywood welcomes the people with thrilling adventures and the enchantment of movie magic. A perfect destination for family fun and entertainment, it adds an energy of excitement to the vicinity.
  2. The Getty (15.28 Miles): For art enthusiasts, The Getty is a cultural treasure located 15.28 miles away. Its impressive collections and captivating exhibits offer a rich and engaging experience for those seeking to explore the world of art and culture.
  3. Malibu (14.48 Miles): If beautiful beaches and coastal vibes are on the agenda, Malibu is a mere 14.48 miles away. This destination provides a perfect escape, whether it’s a relaxing day by the ocean or exploring the charm of this coastal site.

Moreover, you can check out the video below inside the tour!

Chic But Not Fussy – Welcome to the House of Garcelle Beauvais!


  • Garcelle Beauvais began her career at 16, dreaming of being a model. She got famous for TV shows like “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “NYPD Blue.”
  • She appeared on magazine covers like Harper’s Bazaar, showing she’s a big deal in fashion. Garcelle also acted in online series like “Tell Me a Story” and became the first black member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”
  • She hosted talk shows like “Hollywood Today Live” and “The Real,” proving she’s good at lots of things in showbiz.
  • Garcelle’s house in Los Angeles is two stories and worth about $4.9 million. It has special rooms like a studio and a glam room.
  • There are hospitals, schools, parks, and fun places like Universal Studios Hollywood and Malibu near her house.

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