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French Maginot line

1940 Maginot line forts and bunkers implementation sector by sector (exception for Sarre sector still incomplete).
All names are in French.
Updated: 08.24.06
Updated: 08.03.06
Updated: 20.04.06
Updated: 22.08.06
Updated: 05.09.06
Updated: 12.10.06 This is a fully reorganized file to allow permanent external update without reloading the KMZ each time.
Updated: 20.10.06 Well… this update is the last one, just to include the glossary and welcome page as external link.

All placemarks or text will now be permanently updated with no need for users to reload the file as far as the job will grow up.
Enjoy it.

Flandres, Escaut Maubeuge, Ardennes, Montmedy and Crusnes sector are complete with exception of Marville sub-sector.

Work is still going on for others sectors. Some bunkers in Ardennes and Montmedy sectors are not overlayed for location informations about them were missing or too uncertain.

Update 02.03.07: Due to new documents and maps found, it has been possible to generate the missing file for Lille Fortified sector Of Lille region.

The new sector will be populated and automatically completed within a few weeks.

Update 05.11.07: Due to several problems in hosting and FTP, KML and photos have moved to a new site.
Update: 12.04.09
Update: 24.11.11